Female Male Female Threesome as a Halloween Role Play

Halloween is just around the corner and your wife and you decided to celebrate it on the way, you have never done before.  Maybe it wont be a celebration, but the idea is  your wife, you and an other woman in the bed.

Halloween fmf threesome Halloween Sex Party

A lot of couples make this happen via Halloween role play. Your wife dress up like a prostitute and you hire her for the night. Also I know more than one couple personally, who made this happen with prostitutes. They hired a prostitute for their first   fmf threesome.

fmf threesomehorny woman

Prostitute or not, it will be a female – female – male threesome. This is something that your bi wife always wanted, and finally she made up her mind and goes for it. Of course there are a lot of question in her head, question like what will happen if he finds her more sexier or better lover then me? So she got ride of her insecurities and she goes for it.

How can you make her threesome a good sexual experience? At first, you can ask her, in fact you should ask her, what should you do and what you allowed  to do.

For example, do you allowed to perform oral sex on both women? Or you might have to go down on both of them… Than what about penetrative sex? Vaginal penetration, whit who? Is any of the two lady into anal sex? Yes or know? Can you or are you allowed to do it?

Lets face it, you will be the sex toy of those two ladies and you as a man, you need to know the answers to the above questions to make her threesome a successful threesome.  The success never guarantied, but detailed preparation help. Plan and prepare everything. If you or your wife never been a sex scenario like this, than you should find an experienced woman for third. List somebody will know what to do.

There are other questions too; Will you have a diner? Where it would be? At home or you go out somewhere? After dinner or a meeting, where to will you go, to home or hotel. Take a temporary lovers to home is never a good idea. Hotel motel, much more better.

Either way you need to think about lighting, maybe candles, your preferred music CD, condoms, lubes, wet baby towels and maybe some drinks.

How to start… The first step into your fmf threesome.

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You will be nervous, and it’s okay. Have a drink, it should calm your nervousness down. If you run into the house with the door, you just make yourself more nervous. Take your time and go step by step. Start it while you are still dressed. There are tree bodies, two of them women. Women need more fore play then men, so you as a guy really have to take your time. You can kiss and hug and dance, or the two ladies can do some kind of sexy show for you,  you can sit back and watch. It can be a really good turn on. If the center of the party is the two ladies’ play, woman with woman dance, kiss and striptease is sure a hot start. You might got so hard, you will have enough hardness for both lady.

A little more details for the ladies.  One lady with a guy and the other lady.

One of the lady can sit in his lap and kissing and or playing with him, while the other entertains both of you with a striptease. When she is totally naked, the two lady exchange place. The naked one sit in his lap and the other do the striptease show. By the time both lady naked, you a man, should realized this is your turn to get naked. The best way to do this, dance with the ladies and it is 100% sure they will help you get naked.

Host Lady’s What To Do

If you invited experienced woman probably she already started take care of him. Probably she already gives him an oral service down there. You can make that oral service a “oral deluxe” by participate in. When is two hot pussies, six hand and a hard cock, you can do a lot of think. For example one of you giving him a blow job, the other sit on his face and getting pussy massage by his tongue. Or both lady can perform oral at the same time. They can take turns, few sucks for you, few for me. One can suck his shaft, the other his balls, or one can lick one site of his shaft, the other the other side.

horny Asian womenAsian Women Looking for Halloween’s Playmate

Some men are into anal and prostate play. This is the best time to do it. Lube his but up, put a rubber on you finger and give it to him… than might come the strap on dildo, of course only if he wants it.

The Penetration

When the actual intercourse starts, the third women can do a lot of thing. For example in spoon position, she has access to his important body parts and both of them’s sexual organs. She can suck his balls, she can suck her bobs, lick her clit, or kissing with any of the two.

In doggy style she can go behind him and take care of his balls, or go under them and lick her clit or if her head point to her head she can suck her boobs. She can even receive oral from the lady, who is being banged by the guy. Just have to stand front of her and push her vagina into her face.

In 69 position the two ladies can sandwich the guy. In 69 position the two ladies can keep him busy at “both end”.

Missionary position is good too. He is screwing one of the lady, the other lady can sit on her face and kissing with a guy, but this need some flexibility. Or she can sit on her face and pull back the lady lags, or knees, who is getting banged. This will give very good access to him and he will be able to perform deep penetration.

The main thing that you as a man should should know if you allowed to penetrate both woman. When sex play gets hot and the intercourse start, the man in a fmf threesome should penetrate the guest lady first, but his permanent partner should finish him of first. Changing condom from one pussy in to the other is recommended! It will slow down the play a bit, but it will help him lost longer.

If there some conflicts develop, deal with it on the spot. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow might be to late and your permanent partnership is more important then and other lady’s pleasure.

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MFM Threesome with a Couple at Halloween

Halloween’s Secret Erotic Fantasy

I am very excited about Halloween… My secret erotic fantasy always was and is, sex with multiply partners, sex with two or maybe three men at the same time, but I never made anything about it. I kind of was and I am shame about this fantasy… Continue Reading…

NSA sexNo String Attached Sex

naughty girlnaughtygirl

It made me feel dirty minded… Than at one day, I realized, what a heck… I am dirty minded or not, I live only once, and I have to live it until to the max… So during love making I talked about my erotic fantasy with my boyfriend, and he did not freak out…

Instead he just told me, we are going to go to a Erotic Halloween party, which is organized with his friends, who is in the lifestyle. What this mean, I am not sure, but he said, I might get my fantasy real… So I am not sure…

I really want that experience, and I find his friend attractive, and there will be few more nice guys too… But I am not sure about my boy friend. He kind of jumped into this idea very fast… Any advice? Continue Reading…


sex datingMySweetBloom

Well, this is not an advice, but related…

I was talking with a friend of mine today. She’s married, has a kid, is several years younger than I am. She know that I’m out here, she’s heard the stories and, in general, she is very open-minded.

However our conversation today took a turn towards multiple partner sex. She said that although she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t have a problem is she knew a woman went to sex parties or participated in orgies.

But she would have a problem with a woman who had a gang bang. She would think that woman is a nasty, gross, dirty slut, whore, etc…

So I thought I would ask it out here, in a forum where sex is freely discussed and there is a wide variety of people and experiences. Do you feel differently about a woman who
has sex with a group of men vs a mixed gender group? Continue Reading…

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MFM, (male – female – male) threesome advices, tips from our users. Continue Reading…

More info on threesome sex scenario. Continue Reading…

erotic datingouttherelinda

Personally what another woman does sex-wise is her business and it wouldn’t affect our friendship. The only thing about it that would affect it would be if she was messing around my permanent parter, with out me… Continue Reading…


horny coupleteamplayer

We love sex with multiple partners too and not just at Halloween. Sex with multiply partners always great. I make no judgments at all about someone else’s sexual desires. So my answer is no I do not feel differently about a women who has sex with more then one men or a sex with mixed gender group.

Most of the time, casual sex it is about pleasure. We all seek different ways to satisfy our needs and desires, and erotic fantasies. I do not want to be judged, so wisely, I make the decision not to judge others.

If you like it, want it, go for it… As you said, you live only once. Continue Reading…

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NSA Sex1Str8Man

You said your boyfriend jumped into the idea very fast… Halloween sex party or just Halloween casual sex, it can be a good sign or a very bad sign.

The bad sigh is, he is with you only for sex… The good sign might be… He might be like me. I love MFM threesome, I find them very erotic, so he might fantasized the same thing, just he wasn’t man enough to talk about his fantasy with you.

His lifestyle friend… If he is really in the “lifestyle”, than list someone knows how can two guys please a woman at the same time… Just don’t forget the condoms home… You might need more than few… Continue Reading…


nsa sexpetitandnaughty

Your friend is open minded enough to accept that having multiply sex partners is OK, but she can’t wrap her head around a gang-bang. I think it’s similar to how I fee , for example, about water-sports, etc…

It’s all in the mind, of course. Plus, she might equate a gangbang to gang-rape. Which isn’t the same because all of the participants are willing and there are rules.

Your friend’s reaction might not seem logical but in her mind she draws the line. She could only tolerate and accept so much. Maybe she is not that open minded after all. I don’t know.

I, personally, never experienced a gang bang and it isn’t on my short ‘to do’ list either. Not because I have anything against it, I don’t. But because I find other things more appealing.

How do I feel about a woman who experienced it? Same as before she had her fun at a gang-bang.

Would it make any difference to me? Nope, none whatsoever. Continue Reading…

hot swingersCasual Sex Dating Ads

NSA sex adslolipopf

We are just talking cosmetic appearances here aren’t we?

Just makes sure the guys use condoms, otherwise things will get messy and a lot of sperm will running down on your legs… Continue Reading…


adult datingAnewWoman

What is lifestyle? It sounds pretty simple to me. The person has a life right now which they feel doesn’t have room for a committed relationship.

They don’t need sex on any regular schedule, but when they do, this lifestyle makes it easy for them to fill the need. Nothing difficult there.

Of course there are many different kind of sex in the “lifestyle”. Continue Reading…


NSA sexteamplayer

I don’t consider our self a “lifestyle” and those I knew who labelled themselves as such were much more in to the open swinging scene and open sex parties.

However we visit swingers club every now and then, and we love sex with multiply partners… So what ever you name it… It does not make any difference for us. Continue Reading…

Are You Thinking About Sex Party?

Casual sex party or swingers sex party is in your mind?

Halloween is coming and at Halloween time to stop thinking, time to do something about it. The summer is over and with Halloween the “inside” erotic party season has begun. Instead of  handing out sweet goodies for kids at Halloween, try to organize your erotic Halloween party. You can make your Halloween party to an erotic masquerade party.

Halloween Sex Party

Halloween gives the best opportunity to try something very erotic and very kinky, if you make your party a masquerade party, no face needed… People participate easier, if they can keep their privacy, at list at the begging.

Halloween gives the best opportunity to get into erotic partying without the added pressure of sex. Casual sex can be nice and very pleasurable if it happens, and if you organize your party the proper way it might happen…

Casual Sex – No Commitment Sex

To have casual – no commitment sex, even at or around Halloween everything has to be right. The right time, Halloween is the right time. The right location, the location is up to you, the best location is a motel or hotel suite. You don’t make your first sex party at home, that can cause a lot of trouble later on.

HalloweenHalloween Sex Party Ads

The most important thing to turn your Halloween party into  a Halloween sex party is to choose, invite the right people.  The participating people are the most important elements to make your party a really good nsa sex party.

These days swinging is very popular. Swingers clubs, erotic dating services, swinging related websites are everywhere. The Internet is easiest way to find open minded curious single or married people with sex partying experience. You just have to find them and invite them.

How To Select People To Invite Them For A Halloween Sex Party

Before you start to send those invitation out, you should know few things:  When you invite people, you shouldn’t invite supermodel materials only. There are not many of them will partying with strangers, they make their own party if they are into nsa sex.  Usually they are the ones who will turn you down and they are the one who think much more about themselves  than what they are.

Casual Sex AdsSwingers Casual Sex Personal Ads

Invite average every day people, mainly couples. Probably some of the couples who except your invitation actually have never been to an
event such as a sex party. They might think that only hardcore swingers attend  such parties and newbies or soft swingers are not welcome. Some think that they  must have sex with someone once they are at the party.

That is your job as a party organizer or as a host to make it clean to everyone, your party will be a  no-pressure events where being naked is not absolutely necessary. Everyone is  free to leave at anytime. If they want to only socialize and watch others – they are welcome to do so – if those others don’t mind that.

However if you invite people with sex partying experience, than at one point they will start to play. At that point who ever wants to play will stay and who don’t, they will leave your party.

All the above just give you some basic into on how to set up your own erotic Halloween party, there are many more things that you should know before you start to set up your own erotic Halloween party, you can read them at our sister’s website’s on-line swingers magazine.


Hunted Halloween Sex Party

Erotic Halloween Costume

She is into kinky penetrative sex. Is She?

An average erect penis size is for Caucasian (white) men is estimated to be around six inches in length. Average mean, some guys have bigger penis some other’s have smaller.  If you’re in latest group, than probably you worry about about your penis size in relation to your sexual performance.

kinky couple

Some women love bigger penis, but the width more important than the  length.  Ladies don’t  have a blast when their cervices rammed into, with an oversized, overly endowed hard cock. That is not fun, that is painfully. Painfully  intercourse, does not count for kinky sex…

In some cases smaller penis, better than an oversized. With the right combination of foreplay and erotic stimulation a man with small penis  can make a woman orgasm as well as a bigger penis, or maybe even better.

You just need to know how to use it…

Before Penetrate Her
Vaginal penetration is in my mind… Great sex is more than just penetration, and most men know how important a detailed foreplay. The man with a smaller penis should pay even more attention to foreplay. He should doing it until his partner asking him to penetrate him, or until his partner  is fully aroused. More she turned on before the actual penetration, easier it will be for her to climax, even with small penis man.

kinky sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

More Focus on Foreplay
Foreplay should include everything that feel good and that your lady enjoys. Kissing and caressing are not enough. You need to do more than that. If she is into kinky sex, you can get kinky now, biting her nipples, spanking her a little and you defiantly should go down on her… Oral sex and sex toys… turns on almost every women.

The idea is here to get her into a want to have sex mood. You have to keep doing it until she begging for penetrative sex.

The Clitoris – Her Love Button
Before the actual intercourse, you should spend as much time with the clitoris as she can handle. The clitoris is the only human organ whose sole function is sexual pleasure. The penis, besides sexual pleasure, has the tasks of urination and baby making… Therefore you have to pay a lot of attention on her pleasure – love button.

You can do this with via oral sex or with toys, or hand job, or the combination of the three… If you do it right, she will orgasm before the penetrative sex, but that is okay…

Now you can penetrate her. The secret of great penetrative sex with small penis is, the right sex position. You have to choose the position very carefully… Her orgasm depends on it…

Kinky Sex Position with Small Penis – Vaginal penetrative sex position for men with small penis.

Kinky Sex Position with Small Penis

A long time ago, before the time being, Manna was a magic food from Egypt. Today, manna is an unexpected piece of good fortune, a miraculous good happening via good luck.

In this sex position good thing will happen with her and with you, even if your penis is smaller than an average penis. Because for the man kneeling in this position, manna from heaven is the naked woman sitting on his lap!

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

You as the man, kneel on the bed with your legs completely bent so that your bottom is resting on the back of your calves. Have your female partner kneel in front of you, facing away from you, with her legs spread open wide.

Reach between her legs and insert a finger into her vagina, make sure she is very wet. Of course you do this after the proper and detailed foreplay… Hold your penis with one hand and with the other hand guide her hips over your penis and insert it into her vagina. Than she should lowering her hips down to your lap.

From this point it is her game.

Ladies, keep your legs spread open as wide as you can. Lean forward and put your hands on the bed in front of you. This makes the penetration really tight, and also gives you some leverage so you can move your hips up and down the shaft of your male partner’s hard penis. The entire length of his penis, from the tip to the base, should be inside your hot and wet vagina. Your clit should have contact with his penis

Each time you thrust, your man should feel your bottom pressing into his lap. When you are down all the way on his lap, you should move your hip up and down, not up on his penis, but physically to the up direction and down direction, while you keep your vagina all the way in his lap. Keep pushing your clit on his body, while do this movement. This will give an extra stimulation for your clit.

Than slide up again on his penis, ram down into his lap and do the short clitoris movement again. Let him experience your manna…

titty sexKinky Sex Dating Ads

In this sex position the is woman in control. He doesn’t have to do anything other than watch her ass as it slide up and down on his penis.

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