Erotic Sex Play With Her Boobs – Titty Sex

I got the next NSA sex (no string attached sex) tips from a single lady, who are actively practice casual sex. She does not plan to get married, because she loves different kind of lovers. She dos not think one man would be enough in the rest of her life to satisfy her erotic needs.

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She state it, one of the most sensational experience know to men by getting off via her tits.

How should you play your erotic games with her tits?  It is well know, a lot of women love their breasts stroked and touched lightly, in small circular motion…

But you want to more, the secret is go slow and make her want it… Begin by touching her breasts. Saving the nipples till later. Go around and around on their silky skin. This will fill her with a feeling of warmth and arousal. At this point most women will pointing their nipples in the direction of your mouth. You should not touch them yet. Let her really get hot before you move on.

Leave the nipples along, instead caress her breast with your hands. You can get a little rougher if you and if she likes it that way. Remember, the female breast is very sensitive. Keep fondling her, until she is moaning softly. At this point she may want you to penetrate her, but don’t. Even if her legs are spread to width open, don’t give it to her. Not yet…

nsa sex fantasyWomen’s No String Attached Sex Fantasizes

You just keep working on those tits, first on one, then on the other, then both at the same time. Move fast and slow down. By now her nips should be crying for attention. The minute you touch them, they will become more aroused and even harder.

Touch them gently at the very middle. They will harden into your hand. Touch at the same spot over and over again in a back and forth motion. She will love it. Play with her breasts a little and then return to the nipples. Play with them lovingly. They will be all up and tingly, she will be begging you to suck on them.

Continue to tease. Grab those breasts and squeeze them together, and try to touch lightly her nips whit one of your finger while the breasts are squeezed together. Do this until the nips are rock hard.

Right now time to contact them with your mouth. Play with them with your lips, mouth and tongue. She want you to suck of them. This is one of the titillating experience a women can have.

Don’t tease her anymore, suck those breast and nips, first gently then harder. Between sucking you may try to pull very gently the nipples. Be careful, not every women likes this move. From her reaction you will find out she likes it or doesn’t.

Your hand may dry off her titty and nipples, you should re-lubricate it with your tongue and mouth.

Now her nipples are swollen, red and distended. The tips are hard and and trembling. She doesn’t want you to stop ever sucking on them, but you have to go ahead.  You have several choice now.

If you like it and she likes it and if her breast is big enough to  squeeze them together and form a tunnel – you can tit-fuck her now.

some women swallowYou have to be sure your partner tits properly lubricated. Dry tit fuck maybe pain full for you. The saliva is the best natural lubricate and if you have sucked her tits a while, by now, should be enough saliva on them. If they are dry, you have to find a way lubricate them. If you like chemistry, use synthetic lubricate.

So slide your erect manhood between those beautiful lubricated breasts. Cradle them together and you formed her breast into a cunt. Hold them together around your penis and gently trust. The sensations are exiting for both of you. Keep her breast together and tickle in tweak her nipples. You should move your hot rod back and for faster and faster. Her bubs warm and sensitive.

You feel almost same as vaginal penetration, but the difference is you can size her breast channel. If you push those tits together harder, you feel like you performing anal sex in her tight anus. Keep stroking rhythmically. You will reach the point of no return. Some lady likes cum all over her body, you can spray your cum all over her breasts now…


If he cums in your mouth, do you swallow that sperm, spit it out or neither…

Couples who share sex life with others

Why couples share their sex life and their spouse with others? This is the nice way to ask it, but a lot of people wondering, why married couples like to have sex with others, at front of  their spouse?

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Swingers No String Attached Casual Sex Dating Ads

I have my idea, but there are others with even better idea. Let me explain it.

One lady wrote it on our sister’s website’s  erotic on-line dating magazine. “We are a married couple and we do have a couple of male friends to play with us, mainly with me… I enjoy to play with two men at once and my hubby enjoys watching, and or join in. We are looking for couples, females, and single men too. We are not bi sexual, but otherwise very open minded…” Continue reading…

Did you realized, what she said? “We do have a couple of male friends to play with us, mainly with me.” This is the only possibility to get single guy into this very erotic lifestyle, but this will an other page’s subject.

The problem in married couples sex life start to develop as they are getting older. As couples getting older they will not be the same person as they used to be. As we are getting older, we change. We want different challenges in our work, different friends and sometimes different kind of relationship.

Let me explain it please. Suppose you got married when you were 23 and you husband 27. The best age to get married and at the time both of you was perfectly compatible with each other. Both of you wanted the same kind of life and had similar ideas about future, sex and family. Both of you had goals of having family, kids and living a comfortable life.

Now 12 years later, you are 35 and you have changed. Your interest have shifted drastically from the simple home life to more social life. You are heading to a new direction…

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You are still young, but getting close to middle age. You are still very sexy, you know this because guys flirting with you all the time. You thing you are on your way to that hill…  and you will miss something.

You have tried to talk about this with your spouse, but he has no or little interest in your new area. He is happy and do not want to get into anything sexual.

Millions of couples are faced with this problem some time in their life.

The solution for may of them the same. Ignore the fact they going to different direction. They live and build their own social life, not necessarily erotic life.  Kind of sex less life.

In this time in a lot of cases ladies would begin involved with organizations, or with carrier projects, or church. Her husband go with her or would become more likely a part of her home and less part of her life.

Their love life become routine, boring weekend activity and no sparks will fly in the bedroom.  They will grow further and further a part.

And then one day, he or she meet someone who also shares his or her interest  and a new relationship just might begin.

The marriage will turn into a disaster. The partners going to different direction. Of course in unrealistic to expect your spouse to share all your interest. Sometimes differences are good in a relationship, but only you can decide you like it or don’t. If you don’t and you don’t do anything about it, your relationship will end in separation. If you check the divorce statistic, you will see that, most marriage ends up between 12 and 15 years partnership.

People usually realize, there is trouble in their marital life when sex became boring activity. Unfortunately a lot of guys ignores this. For one reason or some other, they think something wrong with their wife sex drive. After they will panic, when they and if they discover that, she is having an affair. If this is your situation, you have a big decision to make.

horny coupleThe above couple wrote it: “For lunch, her face pressed up against the wall, skirt around her waist, shirt open, tits out, legs spread open and I eat her out from behind. But we need more men power…” More erotic ads like this

You have three choices. The best solution is to seat down with your partner and talk honestly about what happening. Maybe there is a way to fix the relationship at this point, but you and your partner have to find a way to do it.

The second: Sometimes couples realize that, this is something like a middle age crisis and stay in the relationship.  Accept their spouse as is, with affairs, lifestyle etc. However this is hard.

The third solution is to end the relationship and this one is not easy either.

The final solution nsa casual sex or – swinging as a preventive action.

Swingers Couples

Swingers couples marital relationship never ends in divorce because of the above reasons. Swingers couples marital sex live never boring and swingers couples always talk about sex openly with their spouse and or  sex partners.

Also studies show that couples who practice casual no string attached sex together, they can increase their enjoyment and satisfaction in the relationship, because better understanding of themselves and their partners. It can also enhance greater intimacy between the partners and decreased in sex role playing and sexist expectations.

Couples who enter into swinging don’t do it because their relationship is not working out. All of the swinger couples live in strong loving relationship. They know each others needs, wants, and dislikes, they respect each others. In an erotic activity such, no string attached sex or swinging enables them to explore sexual and social feelings.

Swinging permits them to fulfill their erotic fantasy with out the ties to love. Swinging make them realize what is the difference between sex and love. Swingers couples rate themselves as significantly happier than the general population. Swingers are significantly more likely to experience life as exciting rather than dull or routine.  Swingers couples believe, swinging caused their general happiness to increase. Swingers couples do appear to lead happier and more exciting lives than non-swingers. Continue reading…

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Why some women, or couples prefer one night stand with stranger men?

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his freind

Cowgirl Anal Sex Position

Cowgirl because she rides him like the cowboy rides the cow on the rodeo. The cow replaced with him and what a ride…

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As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the most popular positions for anal sex is the Cowgirl. She is on the top and she is in control, but both of them enjoy the ride. She can take him as deep as she wants, she can go fast or slow, what ever she wishes.

reverse cow girlReverse Cow Girl Anal Sex Position

And than if they want to give it a twist, she can turn around, and it will be “reversed Cow girl”. In revers cow girl he can see everything, plus both of theme’s hands are free to to explore or grab each other.

She can even jump up and down if she prefers, because she is in 100% control.

Anal Sex Position with Anal Sex Position Photos

Some people takes sex to seriously. Swingers treat sex like anything else, they do if for fun. They separate swinging sex from marital relationship and perform intercourse with others. Their primary partner do the same, for no other reason than personal satisfaction. For swingers sex is about enjoying themselves, and sometimes this sexual activity might includes anal sex too.

anal penetration

I do not want to talk about how can you get your wife or girlfriend to let you have anal sex with her, also I don’t want to talk about anal sex basics here, I did this at many times, but I would like to  explain few facts that might let you and your partner enjoy anal sex to the max.

How should You Approach Your Partner’s Anal Opening

How do you approach your partner’s anal opening or how your partner should approach yours? Do with respect and patience. Your partner must now, you wont do anything stupid, for example stick up an eight inches long dildo in her  butt hole with a fast move. That would mean a trip to the closest hospital emergency departments.  Your partner have to trust you and you have to earn her / his trust by being trustworthy and patient.

I assume you have collected a lot of anal sex info, you warmed your partner butt up with your finger and or anal plug. You use a lot of of water or thinner silicon based lubricant. I assume both of you know what you do and what will come, and  both of you want it badly. Also condom is a MUST, you should condomized even your small anal dildo…

Anal Sex Positions – The Missionary Position

Beginners best anal sex positions is the variation of the missionary position. The receiving partner lays on his or her back while the penetrating partner partner kneeling between the receiver’s partner legs. Lifts up the calves or shins of the receiver, exposing the anus. This can be an especially intimate position, with both partners facing each other. If the receiving partner is female, her clit is free for finger play.

Some women required vaginal stimulation to enjoy anal sex. It can be double penetration or in this position her pussy is available for finger fuck or to receive a small vibrator.

Spoon Anal Sex Position

anal sexAnother  good starting position is the spoons position.

Each partner laying on his or her side, one behind the other. This prevents the penetrating partner from going too fast, and allows complete control over penetration.

It also brings you closer to your partner, making it easier to judge his or her reactions to what you’re doing.

During anal penetration some women want to be on top to regulate how fast penetration occurs. Others like to lie on their stomachs, or crouch doggy-style. Some women enjoy being penetrated while lying on their sides. Doesn’t mutter what is her preferred position, you should take your time and use plenty of lubricant. If your partner complains that it is hurting, do not proceed until your partner is ready and comfortable.

The Best Anal Sex Position

The best positions for anal sex depends largely on what stage you and your partner are at in your experiences. Rear entry or the “doggie style” position is the position that most people associate with anal sex. However, rear entry allows a penis or anal toy to penetrate deeply, and may not be the best choice for the beginner.  Doggy style position allows the anal penetration to be the deepest, and permits the receiver to better open the anus for entry. Rear entry doesn’t offer the kind of intimacy or ease of communication that the other positions do, but for more advanced lovers, can offer the greatest amount of thrusting and penetration.

Doggy style anal sex position is poplar erotic parties position because more men and women can play together. Even four person can serve the receiver sexual need, just to be sure she / he going to have incredible orgasm.

Sitting Anal Sex Position

Sometime this position is called “cowgirl” or rider because she rides him like the cowboy rides the cow on the rodeo. She can even jump up and down if she prefers, because she is 100% in control.

cow girl anal sexCowgirl Anal Sex Position

If a naked man sit on a chair or on the sofa, and his erected cock is pointing up, the lap dance can have extremely erotic riding ending. While his partner facing a way, she can lower her anal opening on to his cock, while she support herself with her arms, hold on his legs.

She transfers some of her body weight to his legs from her butt. How much weight, is depends on how hard she likes the penetration into her butt hole. She is the receiver, but she controls everything, the deepness, the speed  and the angle too. He just have to sit there and enjoy the view… or he might lay down on his back and feel really comfortable, because he has nothing to do. She is going to bang him into an incredible anal orgasm.

There are many more positions and techniques to try. Many people discover new and exciting positions through experimentation, and most people find the one that best suits them. Good communication is the key to such discovery, and a manual, video or even a picture can help.

Regardless of you and your partner sex, regardless of which position you  try, the important think is to use a plenty of lubricant, start slow, wait for the butt relax and accommodate. If you do it right, you and your partner going to feel sensations that you never felt before…

The thumbnails at left shows several different anal sex positions. The position are from the top to the button: At the top is is threesome combined with spoon based anal sex. She is the receiver and you can see how gentle is the anal performing male.

The second picture’s position is based on the sitting or riding anal position but on the picture he is laid down, but it wont stop her to ride on his hard male member.

The third thumbnails is missionary anal sex position in a threesome.  The next is female – female – male anal performance in spoon position. The fifth picture shows a deep anal penetration from behind, doggy style, and the last one is anal sex and team work  combination in sitting position.

anal sexAnal Sex in NSA Adult Dating


Holiday Season Anal Sex Fascination

Kinky nsa sex. How to be kinky…

Are you into kinky sex? You are not alone. A lot of people like you… They love kinky sex.

On your first date you realized it, your date (a lady) wear a tinny  thong when you met her. You immediately think about to  tie her up and spank her a little, until her snow white skin, turns to be red on her buttocks…

kinky datingKinky – Local NSA Sex Dating Ads

You’re certainly not the only man, who are thinking this way. The trouble is, even in our open sexed modern world bringing up fetishes and kinky fun time on your first date may not be the best idea, but you never know until you do not try…

She might tell you that, she loves to be spanked and love pain and pleasure… Or she might think, you are a major pervert, sadistic weirdo creep, and you never see her again. As I said before if you live somewhere in a country where you can see sand as far as the eye can see, chances are you live in more of a conservative area, so be kinky over there wont consider as fun, plus that might against the law there…

However some women  & some men like kinky sex almost at all part of the world

Some women not open about it at all, some others have no problem to tell you: “Of course I love to be kinky”.

Anyway with a little luck and a lot of passion, the most prudish and or the most conservative person can be convinced to participate in a kinky sex play. More often than you think, woman fantasize about kinky sex and being kinky. A lot of them are actually deviant sex goddesses waiting to be released from their saint a like prisons.

The thing is to introduce your sex partner to new sex play is preparation; It have to run smooth and you have to look confident. Confidence is sexy. Your partner need to think, you really know how to enjoy sex to the max.

Basically it means open communication, before you try to get into hard core action.

kinky nsa sexNo String Attached Kinky Sex

Spanking –  Biting – Hair Pulling

Spanking is used to be a punishment to correct out of control children behave.   These bad child’s type of punishment can kink up good sex, if you in to pain and pleasure.

The good about these kinky sexual things is, that you don need to buy expensive sex toys, you do not need to talk about it, you just need to do it, when the time is right. You can test the waters as you go along, you can try where at your partner’s limit, but always keep it light.   Spanking, biting and hair pulling can cause a little pain and a little pain can exchange a lot of people pleasure level.

How to start: These kinky and slightly painfully things would be the best to try to during a very passionate sexual encounter. Use your common sense and you head — tread deliberately and carefully. Small pain can build up pleasure, and you want to pleasure your sex partner, you do not want to make them suffer…

Spanking: The problem with spanking is it gets better the more you do it, and the first couple can hurt quite badly. Let your partner spank you back. Have a good spanking session, laugh your heads off and spank each other silly. The intercourse will come later. To turn your sex partner on, you have to increase the blood flow to the genital area. Spanking is an excellent sexual activity to make this happen, but do not overdo it… Don’t spank very often, unless requested.

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Biting: Painful Biting & Erotic Biting. The make the biting erotic depends on your timing, pressure and frequency. Keep it light, and do not leave bite marks. Bite with passion, and as anything in kinky sex, don’t do it often. If you overdo it, it will cause pain only, and you would like to build your partner’s pleasure on…

If you want your partner to bite you, instruct them to do so. However don’t ever bite her clitoris unless directly asked to.

Once again, leaving bite marks, anywhere on your partner’s body is unacceptable.

Hair pulling: If you want to pull her hair, do it gently. If you want her to pull yours, then just ask her nicely. There are loads of pressure points and nerves end in the scalp that makes hair pulling a sensuous, kinky sexual activity, but only when it’s when done properly.

However you need to realize, there is head attached to that hair, likely with brain too, so do not cause excruciating pain, otherwise your kinky fun will be over sooner than you wish…

The do not cause excruciating pain, does apply to all the above kinky sexual activity.

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