Older Men With Younger Wives

They might not enough for her and the bedroom so she lies… about her orgasm. Many women want to prove it for their man, he as their husband is a real powerful man – or in some other cases, they want to prove, he is still a man.

Why so? Maybe they married him for his money… and they prefer money over dick. They think they can find dick at any time, but money is not easy to find

For example older men with younger wives… Those younger wives often fake orgasms. No its not fake news, its fake orgasm…

Often men have thicker wallet, than dick and they married a woman who young enough to be their child… Some cases the old guy open minded and he looks out help,  then come threesome or cuckolding..

older men younger wife

Older men need help in the bedroom to satisfy their wife

I think every woman has faked an orgasm at one time or another time for one reason or another reason. If she faked it once probably she will fake it again, when and if she thinks it necessary to keep her sex partner happy.

Also women might fake orgasms for several other reasons. They might do it, because:

May not have ever had an orgasm before, so they have no idea how a woman look, during an orgasm. Now, this might sound a little weird but it does happen with women. I have known several women who have never had an orgasm. I always try to convince them, to keep trying with other men, because sooner or later there will be a man who can make them obtain – orgasm. Unfortunately men I never seem to score with these kind of ladies. Maybe women know this and this might be a reason, why they fake orgasm.

But there can be other reasons too, for example I been told… Some of the women pussy, gets sore really fast. This could be because of her body type or because she doesn’t produce enough lube. Some women have very thin and dry vaginal walls. Oral sex will lubricate her pussy, or at last personal lubrication much better than dry vagina…

Some ladies thinks make them reach the orgasm is important for men. They are willing to fake it for their man.

So if you are a man, and made love or had sex, maybe casual nsa sex with someone, don’t keep asking it… Did you cum? If she did not she will ask you for more or she will keep paying, so do your best and be a man… don’t force her to lie to you…


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Sex party at Easter with my hot wife

We are thinking about our own “Hot Wife” scenario sex party at Easter’s weekend. We had mfm threesomes with single men and also partied few times with couples oo. All of those was fun but non of them was perfect… Continue Reading

casual sex

horny wifehotplaycouple

In the couples cases, there is always an other couple invited too and they don’t know discretion’s definition… Plus we had some issues with the host’s couple’s rules.

Therefore we will use the opportunity and we will host a small sex party with 3 couples and one single man, at Eastern Saturday in a rented hotel suite.

The hot wife scenario will be… the women have to court and pick the guys up, like in real life, like the guys are strangers. They have to put some effort in… it wont be like free ride…

Both of us want it to be a safe, fun experience for all of our “guests”. We want to make it perfect… Anyone have any tips, advice, that we should watch or know, etc.? Continue Reading


casual sexexhibitionistchic

Easter is a very religious holiday, even though I am not religious at all, but I respect others religion, I don’t think to have a sex party at Easter time is right…

So your post made me wonder, what is the motivation having a sex party or threesome at Easter? Continue Reading



Tips for hosting a sex party. Practice makes perfect, you know the people you invite to your party, better then we know… so use your imagination. Continue Reading….

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys at a holiday sex party. Threesome as a Christmas present…

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Our website threesome page is just updated with threesome related information and with new detailed threesome sex position. Also few new threesome sex position photos added too.

For more threesome info, visit our erotic on-line forum – magazine erotic dating advice line.

Female – female – male threesomes. She can have dick and pussy too…

The female – female – male threesomes are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time, which mean dick and pussy at the same time.


horny wifehotplaycouple

We are religious, at Good Friday and Eastern Monday, not on Saturday. Saturday is not Easter. It just a Saturday.

Our motivation behind our hot wife scenario is… The woman in the attention 2 or maybe more men, and those two or more men focus on her pleasure her enjoyment, and her sexual sanctification. I know it sound like a threesome, but the hot wife scenario make it interesting, it will require much more fore play…

This can be a motivation in a fmf threesome also. Continue Reading

swingers sexSpice Up Your sex Life With Swingers Sex


I, the man from the couple, don’t like to be the centre of attention. I generally get more pleasure in assisting others and making them happy, that is why I love mfm threesomes. I am lucky because my wife loves it too…

However, if she ask me to participate in a fmf or ffm, because it would be fun for her I would do it for her. I think she had the same right in a threesome, I mean we are equal… so if hotplaycouple want hot wife scenario, they can have it. It will be their party, they organize it, and I think that hot wife scenario is a very good idea to make it more fun… Not just let’s have sex… first have to play a bit. Continue Reading


casual sexfoxeyatfifty

The reason is behind a sex party or a threesome is not the fact we want to be the centre of attention. Easter on not Easter, we wanna get fucked and fucked more and fucked hard.

If there are more men one limp cock can momentarily take over for the other. If you have one limp puppy and two horny pussies?? Nobody has fun or get fucked.

In one case a male friend of mine fantasized about that almost to obsession, sex all night long with two young bi sexual women. And he found that two young bi women, and when it happened, he could not get his penis erected, and the girls ended up playing with themselves and he just watched the show… I guess that was fun too, but he could have both women, in every possible holes and he had no tool…

He then got very mad and was disappointed as he thought they should be more interested in him. Well… no hard cock to play with, the girls found other things to keep themselves busy, so that is why MFM are more better. Continue Reading

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swingers sexxxx-cpl

I do have few advice to hotplaycouple to make the Easter Sex party a perfect sex party. Before you getting naked or you do anything sexual, you need a firm exit strategy.

No matter how good your play mate will be, single man or other couples, no matter how exciting is to share your lover with another and partake in erotic sex plays, like hot wife scenario, if you make them a full time partner, or a regular without thinking it through, you might find yourselves in relationship bottom-out.

My suggestion is to always treat each encounter as a one night stand. No one expects to have sex with your partner and you on an ongoing basis and if you tell them that you just had the urge to bring the person into your bed, it easy enough to say that it’s just a one time thing. I also suggest that unless you want a three way relationship to become complicated, you should hold your encounters with the same third person, or with the same couples to no more than three times.

And this rule would be a good excuse is to that couple, who you don’t like, of course only id they ask you why did not invite them…

After all, you’ve invited the person into your union just for the sexual excitement. If you repeat it too many times with the same three people it could get just as routine as any other sex. Continue Reading

no string attached sexOpen Minded Women Looking for Open Minded Men for NSA Sex

swinger coupleplaycouple

I’ve had a mfm 3some, yes I liked being the center of attention. Both men had equal time with me, being passed back and forth was very erotic. I would not have any problem to have on at Easter’s Saturday…

However I am thinking about more and more to have a fmf threesome with a nice lady. I want to put my husband as the centre of attention, after that I would love to put the other woman as the centre… I get great satisfaction pleasing others. Continue Reading

Spontaneous mfm threesome

Threesome pictures, can be like  an erotic story, something like: The night when two guys shared a sex partner.

Two guys who weren’t even swingers. So how did  they do it?

It happened the same way with a lot of others’ first threesomes, threesome in the heat of the moment.

On that Friday, because it happened  at Friday, they went out, like many others do at Friday night. They have found a porn magazine in he bar. Of course they checked it out and the pictures turned them on.

fmf threesome

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The night past by fast, the bar closed and their waitress asked them to leave.  They were about to leave, and gave her the magazine. She took a  quick look at the magazine and said: This is my magazine, where did you get it from?

I found it on that bar chair, one of them answered her.

Which one? She asked. That one,  said one of the guy. The one that looks like the chair from the magazine. We were wondering, is it the same chair?

No its not, but… and she sat on the chair and  slightly opened her legs.

The two guy looked each other, and then asked her. Can we invite you for a drink? Read more story like this…

Yes you can, but I drink slow and it will take a long time. Do you want to go there?

We are not in any kind of rush came the answer and they did not leave; in fact they stayed there for several hour.

Take a look at the next photos and you will see why did they stay…

In fact their three-way worked out so good, they decided to take her home to have some more fun… Continue reading….


Romantic dinner at Valentines Day with threesome for dessert

Older woman – younger men threesome. True based story

My man love to be at the receiving end in anal play

I love  anal sex, my man loves it too, but I think he loves it to much… He asked me to penetrate his but with a strap on dildo once, I  did him. Since that time he  can’t get enough. He said this way he  can obtain prostate orgasm…

casual sexeverythingoes-cpl

My question is: Is it normal for a woman to penetrate a guy anus with a dildo/vibrator? Can anal sex cause piles in a guy/women? Is it wise for a guy with a small case of piles to be penetrated by a huge strap on dildo or vibrator?

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Everything and anything can be normal in sex, if the partners enjoy it. I don’t think you enjoy being at the receiver end, that is why you have concern about it. And yes there are a lot of women who loves to penetrate the guy’s real end. There are anal toys available over the Internet, developed for women, to use on men, to hit his prostate gland with. Continue reading...

couple for sexCouple for nsa  sex

If you an anal sex specialist, than you can make him climax, by penetrating his anus. If you know what to do, for example   can play with his erected penis and the same time massage his prostate gland with your finger or with an anal toy and he might have a mind blowing prostate orgasm.

If that dildo is the right size of dildo, than he can not get piles, but if you use that big and ugly thing, what is on your photo, well whit that you can make a lot of damage down there.

Bleeding down there can happen during anal sex, if you do not use enough lubrication, or if you penetrate him with a wrong size anal toy or wrong anal sex positions. Continue reading...


casual sexanalfetishcpl

If he already have piles, you should not let put anything into his anus, not even your finger. First he need to fix the problem.

The majority of piles (haemorrhoids) resolve spontaneously, but persistent symptoms, especially of bleeding, may need investigation as, rarely, they can mimic other more serious bowel disease such as cancer. Haemorrhoids are the most common cause of bleeding from the anus; the bleeding usually occurs after passing a bowel motion and will appear on the toilet paper.

The exact cause of haemorrhoids is still unclear. Many beliefs regarding the exact cause of haemorrhoids have been difficult to prove scientifically.

Generally accepted associations are that haemorrhoids occur more frequently in those who are constipated, strain excessively when passing a bowel motion, or spend a long time sitting (especially on the toilet seat). In some cases a genetic component for the formation of haemorrhoids may well be responsible. Treatment and prevention of haemorrhoids, can be a high-fibre diet, producing a soft bowel motion that is easy to pass without straining. Continue reading...

anal lovers club

Combined with this it is important to avoid sitting for prolonged periods or excessive wiping of the anus after passing a bowel motion. Anesthetic creams have been used to reduce the pain felt locally; however these may be irritating to the skin and should be considered secondary to other measures. If basic treatment fails, outpatient ‘banding’, injection, or freezing treatments can shrink the haemorrhoid.

Surgical treatment, is used less frequently now, as outpatient treatment is very effective. If I were you, I would visit my doctor for treatment.

And here at the end, you should know that anal sex is like everything else in the life. You have to know what you do, before you make some permanent damage in your real end. Continue reading...

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Anal sex with the strap on dildo on her.

Erotic Valentines Day Fantasies. For her it was being done by a woman with a strap-on. For him it was sex with two women

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is in it over the limit?

We are a married couple and love sex more than work out… and we work out 4 times a week. Anyways sex is fun and NSA sex more fun, however I wasn’t always into nsa, but once I finally came around to it, I found out that no string attached sex is one of the most dynamic and erotic sexual experiences that a woman can have.

fun cplfun_cpl

At first the idea of knowing or even worst… watching my hubby have sex with other women, turned me off, but I never minded the idea to having XXX fun with other men.

My husband, his name is Frank, really wanted to have sex with other women and he was honest about it. He helped me to see that his love for me was true, and our relationship and our well balanced, but sometimes boring sex life would improve by sharing ourselves with others.

I have to admit that, the thought of playing with another couple or men did sound like fun. I could imagine what four horny people can do together in the same bed.  At once Frank said he knew the perfect couple to do it with. He said his work buddy Andy is a really nice guy and his wife Tammy a pretty and very friendly lady. He said he and Andy been talking about sex a lot lately, that’s how the foursome idea came up. After that they realized that this is their fantasies, and they want to do it. All they had to do was convince the ladies.

We were in bed, when Frank first brought it up. I never met Andy or Tammy, but he told me he is sure I will like them. Just imagine, he said: “You are lying on the bed, I am sucking your boobs, Andy is performing oral sex on you and at the same time he receive a blow job from his wife.” Continue reading...

fun couple

No String Attached Sex Dating

Erotic talk like that, took some times, but had me convinced. After 5 years of marriage and  5 years of missionary love making I guess I was ready for spice things up in my sex life.

He talked a lot at many times and  I was getting hotter and hornier. I could practically feel that other man between my legs, so I said ok, lets meet them.

Then we met at the weekend after this and we had our first sex play. It  was incredible…. Since that we had more than a few and we both ( I mean both couples) want more, so we  decided to organize a sex party in a close by city in a hotel suite. The husbands knows few good men… and women and they said they are willing to play. Don’t ask me how they know them. Continue reading...

no string attached dating

Our home town and sex party out of the question, because it is a small town and everybody knows everything what ever  happened or don’t happened, plus it is a really old fashioned catholic  town.

And here comes my problem. We are religious, and consider as “regular” in our church and so far we were able to separate our religion from our casual sex life. However the sex party… All of the people who might participate want it to make it happen at Easter Saturday. Continue reading...

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is it over the limit?


nsa sex pregy-buthorny

Casual sex… you are into it or not. If you are into does not matter it will  be Easter on not.

I just read in the news, in Italy priests made sex party in the church, so I guess you have nothing to worry about. Continue reading...


gang bang chichere2play

Easter or not, any day is a good day to have sex with multiply sex partners, but Saturday is the best day, because Sunday you have time recuperate…

If you are so religious, than you  already know  you will end up in the Hell, so what ever time you have left over here in our world,  enjoy to the max…

There is no hell in my religion, so I have nothing to worry about… Continue reading...


Threesome at Eastern Weekend. Good or bad idea?