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Swingers  is 12 years old, we got a lot of messages, comments, and questions in 12 years. A lot of those questions and comments are very rude and disrespectful.  We just deleted those and than some others are related to adult dating, and or swingers sex and we found them really interesting. We published some of those questions and our users responded.  Please read them at next.

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I am into men’s bellybutton and I don’t think I am a nut case.  Men’s bellybutton always turned me on, I cannot get enough of them. Touch, rub.. etc. It is so erotic. I have my greatest orgasm while naked on top of my husband’s bellybutton. I rub my pussy on his bellybutton from side to side back and fourth while he sucks my breast and OH MY GOD!!! My orgasm almost kills me, it is so intense!

Anyone ever heard of this form of sex? Or am I the only weirdo? But I love it. I can not get enough. Why? Anyone is her who know?  Continue Reading…


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You have nothing to worry about, you are not weirdo and you are not alone. A lot of people into bellybutton sex.

Belly button fetish is very common. It is typically sexual fetish where an individual is strongly attracted to the human navel, belly button. I am not sure why some people develop bellybutton fetishes, but as far as you have fun and your husband enjoy it too, I can’t see anything wrong with it.

Most navel fetishists can also exhibit varying levels of sexual stimulation in the brain just by hearing key words, “bellybutton” or “navel”. This is the explanation for your mind blowing orgasm.

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Sometimes my man gets nervous during sex and has trouble keeping it up. The worst part? If s a vicious cycle, when it happens once, he gets nervous that it will happen the next time, which of course makes it happen again. What does he want me to do when I notice him having trouble? Should I just ignore it? Continue Reading…


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You can’t ignore it. If you do, your guy will go insane worrying that you’re fantasizing about the boners of boyfriends past. So the next time he goes soft, lie beside him and say, “I can tell this really bothers you. Is there something stressing you out? Is there anything I can do differently?”

That will let him know you’re concerned about him, not disappointed in him. And it will signal that you think finding the solution can be a team effort. If he clams up, ask him to go down on you, so he’s focusing on something besides his penis.

Since you say it happens only sometimes, my guess is that ifs mental rather than physical. So think about whether those times coincide with other things going on in his life, like work stress or friction in your relation¬ship. Then, outside the bedroom, bring up the topic you suspect is troubling him and see if you and he can begin to talk it through. Knowing you’ve got his back will help him keep up his confidence during sex

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My girlfriend and I use each other for for awhile now… My problem is, I have strong and big erection when she is on top, or in anal sex, but when I get on top I feel it for a bit then I loose my erection.

I am not sure why? Her vagina is not “loose” it is a normal, flexible vagina and my penis is an average size penis, not extra large and she complains after vaginal penetration, she say I hurt her. She says I am big but really I think I am average (7 inches). Why does she hurt and how come I cant feel it that much when I’m on top? Continue Reading…


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If she hurt during vaginal penetration, than something is wrong. She should visit her doctor. Maybe it is just a mind game, maybe she just want to make you believe  your penis is to big for her, or she worries about her vagina size…

I think you loose your erection because you think you are going to hurt her, but if your  penis is  big, than anal sex should hurt and you said there is no problem in anal… I would not take a 7 inches penis in my anus… Best bet, make her see a  doctor.


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To see a doctor never is a  bad idea, also you can try different sex positions.

There are sex positions that works well with big dicks, or some others like   doggy style works even with micro penis, but if your penis is big, than don’t do her in doggy… I think she is just dry, that’s why she feel pain. Use personal lubricant, or women sex life  enhancer…  That stuff lubricates plus turns her on, makes her horny… Continue Reading…

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My hubby try to talk me into to go to a swingers club or a sex party. He said there is no commitment to do anything just go there and if we not comfortable with the happening around us, we leave.  I told him I am not sure its a good idea.

Than he said his best buddy and his wife goes there often. Than I remembered, once he stated he and his friends doesn’t really talk about sex, but then how he knows they go to swingers club…

If it is true, I think he wants to fuck his buddy’s wife that is why he try to talk me into… but now I can’t stop imagining what he’s said to his friends about our sex life. How can I find out whom he’s shared with and what he told them? Continue Reading…


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I doubt you can find that out, what he said or did he say anything about your sex life… But I think if his buddy and the wife go to the swingers club and if your husband want to have sex with his best friend’s wife and if its  okay for them, than sooner or later it will happen.

If I were you, I would tell him, okay we go, with your best friend and with his wife, but first call them over and lets talk about it, what will happen there? What for he wants to go there?  Continue Reading…

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Some Women Are Into Group Sex

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his friend

Story Of A Married Woman First MFM Threesome

The next story is explained by the wife. According to her, it really happened with them, but she twisted it a little. She changed the names and she changed the story’s line, in real life it didn’t happen that smooth, how she explained it in the story.

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With the words “did not happen that smooth” I mean they had some problems, with the third guy. He did not mind to have sex with her in his car (with out her husband knowledge), but he did not want to have sex with her – at front of and or together with her husband. He found  some excuses, but she thinks the real reason was, he had difficulties to perform in the presence of her husband. Think like this can happen and  happens very often with “new bies” mainly first timer men in threesome.

If you are a man and if you are thinking about threesome, you should read the next threesome sex tips for men, This web page going to make it easier for any man to participate in a threesome.

marred woman first threesomeStory of her first MFM threesome

Before you read the next story let me tell you, we were talking a lot with my hubby about swinging, swingers, threesomes, and swinger’s clubs. We even read erotic stories together and watched several really hot swingers party videos together, but somehow we never did anything more.

We just talked and fantasized about; how it would feel to have sex with more then one sex partner at the same time. We even talked about who could be a potential sex partner for a threesome, ( both of our fantasy was: male – female – male threesome) but either of us had the courage to say, okay lets  give it a try. Until recently…

My husband Tim is 40 years old, and I am 42. We have been married now for 15 years, and we have 2 children. We are both fit, attractive and healthy.  My husband workplace is unionized and the UNION organized a fundraising dinner party to collect money for their scholarship. We knew, few of our  friends (girls and guys from where Tim works) will be there.

The party was to be held at a local Restaurant. I had a new dress for the occasion, and according to Tim, I looked very sexy as we prepared to go out. I was really looking forward to the evening, as we had not been out for some time. At that time I did not even think about threesomes or anything that related to sex.

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We arrived at the restaurant and were quickly into the party mood of things as we mingled in the crowd. As the evening wore on, we had our dinner, that was great, the UNION made  their pitch for money, but I am not here to talk about pitches.

One guy at our table was Tim’s co-workers, Tony, a single guy of about 27. He quickly attached himself to me and entertained me in conversation, about some friends of ours whom we both hadn’t seen for a while. My hubby got tired of our conversation and took of to play billiard with some guys, whom I had not even see before.

Tony and I moved to the bar’s kept talking and drinking. I am not a big drinker and I had more rum and coke than I should have. Tony is a really nice guy and he was very charming. The alcohol, the romantic music plus the young guy and the subject of our talk turned me on. I became aware that I was sexually attracted to him, and I began flirt with him.

As we talked, Tony started to touch me, at first my arm, and because I did not resist at all, then he started touch my shoulder and neck. I responded by shifting in my seat and moved closer to him. It made me very excited having him so close as he was flirting hard. I let my dress slide up my legs to show the stockings I had worn.

nsa sex fantasyWomen Looking for Four & Threesomes

I knew that Tony could clearly see my upper legs. By the way I had a very nice long sexy legs. He responded to my play and placed his hand on my thigh and began to play with the tops of my stockings, he kept pulling it a way from my legs. At that point I  wasn’t sure what should I do, what would be the “proper” thing to do.

Things were getting out of control, I could smell the danger, but I did not want him to stop. I looked around, and it looked like nobody seemed to care about where Tony’s hand was. Also I could not see my husband anywhere. I was really enjoying Tony’s action. Which woman wouldn’t? A man who is 15 years younger then me, paying all this attention to me.

Than my hubby and his billiard partner showed up. Continue Reading…


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Why would you try a threesome?

Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story.

Wife get seduced into a foursome at a party

I am the wife and it was our first foursome

I have to tell you, the next story really happened with me, with us. I had to  twist the story a little bit, but those twists doesn’t change anything important… For example one of the twist is, the title of this page. It states; “Wife get seduced into a foursome at a party.”

couple ready for nsacouple ready for nsa

The party wasn’t a planed sex party and was not really a party, did not happen anything that we planned up front, but it was a foursome, my first foursome with three men. One of the man was my husband and he is still my husband. In fact our marriage is better and stronger than ever been before.

The second twist, I did not really need to seduce into anything. I fantasize about foursome for a while… but those guys tried to seduce me really hard and I let them belie, they seduced me…

I think I should start at the point where this very erotic adventure started, which is our marriage. We are a happily married couple, we will celebrated our 10-th anniversary at July in this year (2017). That was a hell-off sex party. I hope we will celebrate the 20-th anniversary on the same way.

double penetrationMarried Women Looking for Intimate Affairs

In the first few years our marital sex life was marvelous. However to get into the bed with the same person for years and years, sooner or later will get routine and it might get boring.

Sex is very important part of our life, if sex is good we are happy. After around 6 years together, we had to find a solution to fix and spice up our own bedroom activity.

I love anal sex, my hubby love to perform anal penetration on me, so we decided to try anal vaginal double penetration. The hubby, a toy and I.  We rented some really erotic XXX DVD’s , and my sex toys,  than copied some of the sex scenarios form those DVDs. We used, penis shaped vibrator.

A vibe in my pussy and his cock in my anus. It was great for about two years, but after a while it turned to be routine too and once again our sex life have became boring.

Than my hubby suggested that we should get into some kind of no string attached sex or maybe role play with other couples. We did not have any idea how can we do that, so we decided, we will visit a swingers club or a sex club, and than nothing happened, even though the thought of getting it on in a form of hard core penetrative sex with another couple certainly did sound like fun.

Deep inside me I felt awkward about sharing my husband with another woman, and I did not push this swingers club thing at all, and he stopped to talk about it too. Usually when sex wasn’t great we started to talk about it again, than we talked about it for weeks, and then the subject just died, but it was like a ghost, it kept coming back.

no string attached sexHot  Wife Looking for Playmates

We talked about it again, have checked out few on-line swingers magazine, swingers sex ads and once again, we did not make the next step. Until one day. What did happen on that day? On that day I had more sex what I ever wished fore.

It was a foursome. When people talk about foursomes, many of us think two couple have sex in the same bed or same room, etc. They might or might not exchange partners, either way it is a foursome. My foursome was different. There was four person, three men and I. Did they seduced me at a party?

No they did not, I did not need to get seduced and wasn’t a sex party, but it was a foursome and like a good threesome it happened in the heat of the moment. Continue Reading…



Anal Sex on the First Date

Two 43 years old women with their boy toy

Married under-fucked woman wants more sex

Is kinky sex for you? Did you say yes?

You are not alone. A lot of people like you and me, love kinky sex.

On your first date you realized it, your date a woman, maybe a kinky married woman wear a tinny thong. You immediately think about to tie her up and spank her a little, until her snow white skin turns to be red on her buttocks…

You’re certainly not the only man, who are thinking this way. The trouble is, even in our open sexed modern world bringing up fetishes and kinky fun time on your first date may not be the best idea, but you never know until you do not try…

She might tell you that, she loves to be spanked and love pain and pleasure… Or she might think, you are a major pervert, sadistic weirdo creep, and you never see her again. Unfortunately if you live somewhere in a country where you can see sand as far as the eye can see, chances are you live in more of a conservative area, so be kinky over there wont consider as fun, plus that might against the law there…

However some women & some men like kinky sex almost at all part of the world. Even though some of them not open about it at all, some others have no problem to tell you: “Of course I love to be kinky.” Read more about kinky sex play…

Anyway with a little luck and a lot of passion, the most prudish and or the most conservative person can be convinced to participate in a kinky sex play. Woman fantasize about kinky sex and love to be kinky, more often than you think. A lot of them are actually deviant sex goddesses waiting to be released from their saint a like prisons. Even in those countries where are sand as far as the eye can see.

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The thing is to introduce your sex partner to new sex play is preparation; It have to run smooth and you have to look confident. Confidence is sexy. Your partner need to think, you really know how to enjoy sex to the max. Basically it means open communication, before you try to get into hard core action.  Read more about kinky sex play

Spanking – Biting – Hair Pulling

Spanking is used to be a punishment to correct out of control children behave. These bad child’s type of punishment can kink up good sex, if you in to pain and pleasure.

The good about these kinky sexual things, that you don’t need to buy expensive sex toys, you do not need to talk about it, you just need to do it, when the time is right. You can test the waters as you go along, you can try where at your partner’s limit, but always keep it light. Spanking, biting and hair pulling can cause a little pain and a little pain can exchange a lot of people pleasure level.

How to start: Kinky and slightly painfully sex play would be the best to try during a very passionate sexual encounter. Use your common sense and your head — tread deliberately and carefully. Small pain can build up pleasure, and you want to pleasure your sex partner, you do not want to make her / him suffer…

Spanking: The problem with spanking is it gets better the more you do it, and the first couple can hurt quite badly. Let your partner spank you back. Have a good spanking session, laugh your heads off and spank each other silly. The intercourse will come later. To turn your sex partner on, you have to increase the blood flow to the genital area. Spanking is an excellent sex play to make this happen, but do not overdo it… Don’t spank very often, unless requested.  Read more about kinky sex play

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Biting: Painful Biting & Erotic Biting. Turn a bite into erotic biting depends on your timing, pressure and frequency. Keep it light, and do not leave bite marks. Bite with passion, and as anything in kinky sex, don’t do it often. If you overdo it, it will cause pain only, and you would like to build your partner’s pleasure on…
If you want your partner to bite you, give instruction to do so. However don’t ever bite a woman”s clitoris unless directly asked to.

Once again, leaving bite marks, anywhere on your partner’s body is unacceptable.

Hair pulling: If you want to pull your partner hair, do it gently. If you want your partner to pull yours, then just ask nicely. There are loads of pressure points and nerves end in the scalp that makes hair pulling a sensuous, kinky sexual activity, but only when it’s when done properly.

However you need to realize, there is head attached to that hair, likely with brain too, so do not cause excruciating pain, otherwise your kinky fun will be over sooner than you wish…  Read more about kinky sex play

The main rule is: Do not cause excruciating pain! This rule apply to all of the above kinky sex plays and any other sexual activity. The goal in  a sex play is to give and receive pleasure and more pleasure, not to cause suffering from pain.  Sometimes for some people easier to rich pleasure via slight erotic pain, but you have to remember, do not cause excruciating pain!


Some Women Into Kinky Group Sex

Do you like to be watched while having sex? That is very kinky

Read more about kinky sex play

Spice Your Casual Sex Life Up With a Little Kink

It can be as simple as you, the man lie on your back, she jumps on you and do her erotic thing. Let her do what ever she wants to, and if she wants penetrative sex, well she still in the control, she controls  the penetration’s speed and the deepness. I guaranty it won’t be bad at all. Most men dream about a hot horny babe riding on top of them, even dying  men want to die like this.

Click here for more!

If  you like the above idea ask her to do it. Ask her to screw you hard, ask her to let you feel that you are not in control. Probably you going to have a really big orgasm, it might be the biggest that you ever had. You do not need to do anything, just let her run the scenario,  I am sure you are going to like it.

After few times and several orgasms, you will want her to always be in control, you want to lie on your back and have here on the top.

As the time goes by, you can put some kink into your sex play, let her punish you, let her dominate you. Sex can be good if you see what you do and can be great if you don’t see what other(s) do with you. You have to feel it. That is why blindfolds are so popular. Blindfolds are great to learn with, to let her be in control in the bedroom. Have her put them on you and you have nothing else to do.

Lie on your back and happens what ever happens, but you should not take those blindfolds off. There are millions of blindfolds on the market, but you can make your own.

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Use a man’s neck-tie or a silk stocking. Let her tie them around your head so you can’t see, and let your private erotic show begin. The show where you don’t need to see, you just have to feel. She can tell you what she is going to do in great details. She should tell you before she does it. She might give you alternatives: “Maybe I will put ice cube on you dick or Martini on your chest and I’ll lick it up. I might bite your nipples.

Are there any more stockings in the house? Use as a rope and let her tie you to the bed with it. Just be careful – if she can’t reach the orgasm, she might sit on your face, and you can not run away. She might even give you a prostate massage with her vibrator. Oh you like that? I wonder why?

There is one more thing that you need to know. Don’t do this too often. If you do it every second day, sooner or later it will be routine again. It is just an example how can you spice things up with some creativity. There are tons of ideas and stuff that you can get to help you out with this. You can buy a variety of masks costume and even whips. A whip to get real punished if you are being a bad boy. If you go this far, make sure that both of you are okay with it. It won’t be fun if one of you feel uncomfortable and the target is having fun, pleasure and orgasms.

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She is into kinky penetrative sex. Is She?

Kinky Sex Position with Small Penis