69 Oral Sex Position

Is it true? Is 69 is the worst oral sex position?

A lot of people believe, 69 is the worst oral sex position. Maybe they are right, however it have one positive thing in. The partners do each other at the same time, so it might help to overcome on a do it or don’t hesitation (if one of them hesitate). 69 is a good oral sex position to learn to tolerate the receiving and the giving pleasure of oral sex.

Voyeurism loversWhat is 69 anyway?

69 is the oral sex position when a man does oral on a woman at the same time she perform oral sex on him. For example on our page header, the couple right at the middle of a traditional 69.They are performing cunnilingus and fellatio at the same time on each other.

Couples, who into nsa sex, usually enjoy oral sex, but not all of them big fun of 69. To reach orgasm in oral sex, the partners often have to concentrate on hard. It is very hard to concentrate on to receive and at the same time perform it on your partner.

However experienced couples love 69. They love the feeling of being sucked and suck in the same time. Practice make perfects.

On our page header is a basic 69 position. A man and a women perform oral sex, on each other at the same time. He is on his back, face up, she is laying on him face to his penis. Continue Reading…

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The basic 69 oral sex position

He lays flat on his back. She knees top of him with open legs – face to his legs. Between her legs is his head. She can adjust her body position – to lower – or higher with opening or closing her legs wider. If she is tall, probably he needs a pillow or pillows under his head to get easy access to her vagina and to make his position more comfortable. Continue Reading…


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Oral Sex Cunnilingus Fellatio

Before any misunderstanding, fellatio is not a weapon from the middle age, fellatio is oral sex performed upon a penis. Fellatio is a very popular foreplay activity, prior to vaginal or anal forms of intercourse, or it may be performed to take him to the no return point. In this case he will have orgasm and he will ejaculate semen.

oral sex positionsCunnilingus is the act of using the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the female genitals.

Other words: Eating her pussy. Both, fellatio and cunnilingus can be performed by same sex couples too. In fact it is same sex couples’ most popular sexual activity.

In our open sexed casual sex dating world, is impossible being a competitive and good sex partner with out performing oral sex. No string attached sex play and in oral sex, knowledge is something that you need to work on, if you would like to give and receive oral pleasure.

Oral sex is like any other sexual activity, you need to know what you do…

If you are a man and would like to make your no commitment female sex partner happy, don’t hesitate. Put your face between her legs and make her day. A freshly washed pussy is cleaner and contains less bacteria, then her mouth. So if you don’t mind to kiss her, than go down on her and apply your tongue on her vulva.

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Casual Sex & Oral Sex

On the other side, if you are a woman, the above apply to you too. The only difference is, you have to love men and you have to love their penises. If you do not love penis, than casual sex relationship  definitely not for you. Without penis, there is no man – woman relationship exist.

Casual sex relationship, swinging and oral sex is so close, almost like a must for both genders, when it comes to erotic plays. However the personal hygiene and in some cases protection is very important, not only for oral sex, but any type of no commitment sexual activity.

Who should go down on first?

It is very polite and usually ends up in great and a lot of penetrative sex if a man go down first on the lady. If he did you, I mean if he performed oral sex on you, if he “ate” your  pussy, you as a woman, should not hesitate. Return the favour and meet face to face with his penis.

Give him a blow job. He will really appreciate your effort. There are a lot of oral sex positions, the limit is only your fantasy.

Read more about oral sex…


Oral sex tips for him. How to eat her pussy.

Mind Blowing Leisure Sex with Ice & Hot Tongue

Can you please fuck my wife?

Our first foursome did not work out. List not on my part. My wife had a blast…

We have a new neighbour, they are a married couple like us and by the look they are close to our age.  They organized a house warm up party at Saturday evening and invited us and their other neighbour over.

For my big surprise they had a pretty good karaoke machine in the basement. They recognized my surprise and said, every Filipino own one or two karaoke machine. They said Canadians  crazy about ice hockey, Philippines crazy about karaoke.

I am not blind. I could see she is an oriental lady, in fact she is very attractive, but did not know she is Filipino. Her husband is a Canadian man. Continue Reading…

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My wife is a big karaoke singer and she really enjoyed herself. She head more than few drinks and she was singing all night. The other neighbour couple left early, they said they have to go somewhere early at tomorrow morning.

So we stayed, we drink and the two women song. Than in one of the quiet moment, the neighbour, lets call him Joe  told me, they are into casual sex with others and asked, do I want to play with his wife…

I told him my wife and I like to try new things and might be interested, but it’s something we would have to talk before we do it and when we are sober. He dropped the subject.

His wife and my wife did not know anything about our short discussions and his wife, lets call her Janet, told to my wife, just from nowhere… how much she loves to suck cock. Both women was drunk a little, but this kind of subject get my wife attention from the karaoke machine. I know she is bi sexual, she had a bi sexual relationship for years in her student age  and she still attracted to some kind of women and I think Janet was one of her kind of woman. Continue Reading…

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So my wife  told to  Janet, she does not care about cock at this moment, she wants her and asked her to go upstairs.   Janet said it is more fun here and they started making out on the floor. Joe and I was watching it. Than one point Janet told Joe get naked, and he did.

My wife was kissing all over Janet, I got naked too and get under her and started to eat her out, and than for my big surprise just over my face, Joe condomized cock entered her. My wife adjusted her position to make easier for Joe to enter into her.

I was pretty excited before, but it made me lose my erection immediately. His cock was in my face and I did not really know what to do.

Than he asked me very polity. Can you please fuck my wife? She takes it in her ass to, so feel free to fill up her any holes…

Anal sex is one of my erotic fantasy and my wife does not take anything, not even my finger into her butt. Here was my big opportunity and my dick status was between limp and extremely limp. Continue Reading…

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Anyway, Janet and I moved over and started to play. She tried to give me a blow job, but I could not concentrate on us, I just looked Joe and my wife. He gave her really hard in doggies style and I could see on my wife body position she is just about to orgasm and she did, and did so Joe. I was kind of happy, I think it was over, but no it wasn’t.

I heard my wife voice. She said I am still horny  just keep fucking me and Joe did, many times and in all possible position.

Than Janet realized, I wont be able to fuck her and she joined them in. And I left home with my limp dick.

My wife came home at mid day next day, so I had a lot of time to thinking. Does she still love me? I wasn’t sure anymore.

We started to talk. I told her I was limp all night, she said she didn’t even realize Janet and I didn’t actually fuck. Then she told me I needed to fuck her now. I did her, but did not enjoy it… I heard her voice in my mind as she begged for Joe to keep fucking her.

Than I asked her, if I could handle it, sex with others is something that she would want to keep doing?  She  answered without hesitation, oh yes, it was a lot of fun. Continue Reading…

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I am not sure what will I do, but I know it now, I should not ask questions, if I can not face with the answer.

Really, what should I do now? Can someone help me? Continue Reading…


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My Wife’s First Penetrative Sex With Another Man

Early in our married life, before kids, we would attend a number of
parties. These were usually nothing more than just a bit of fun and
drunken behaviour.

Until one day. On that  day we were invited to a party by a couple that I had worked with. it wasn’t “advertise” as a erotic or sex party, but it pretty much turned to be a good everything goes sex party.

Lets just go step by step with thus story. The party host lived outside of the city. No one lived  close by therefore their home was the best party place that I ever been. Also their place was was multi-level house, with a big pool at the backyard.

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We went, bringing along the normal case of beer, wine and munchies. The early evening was still fairly warm and muggy from the heat of the day. The music was loud and we were doing a lot of drunken talk to other people. No one cared about noise, their next neighbour lived several km a way.

Around 11 pm, four girls (I think they had a littler more drink that days should have) shed their clothes and started skinny- dipping in the pool. A lot of laughter and splashing of water was taking place.

A little while later their partners stripped off and jumped in the pool. This created a lot more laughter. My wife and I just kept on talking and socializing with the rest of the guests, but I could not control my eyes to check out time to time whats going on in the pool.

sex partyHorny Couple

It was starting to get a little cooler, so people started moving inside the house, chatting and talking.

The couples that were in the pool ended up going inside and chatting with everyone else, with just their towels wrapped around them.

Look like the water and the cool air did the job because the girls did not look tipsy anymore.

One of the couple that had been in the pool began to kiss very passionately, in front of everyone. It almost seemed they didn’t care that everyone was around. Some of the guests were occasionally glancing over at them and watching them kiss. Other people in the room didn’t really seem to notice them. I am not sure if my wife noticed them. She
was engrossed in talking to someone about a erotic novels. I couldn’t help but notice the kissing couple.

Then I noticed that the couple started to feel each other up through their towels. It sort of happened at once, but both their towels fell to the ground. He was already very aroused (his cock was stiff and pointing out), and her hands were rubbing his cock up and down.

erotic datingeverything goes cpl

His hands were not idle either. They were fondling her breasts. The whole time they were doing that, they did not break their kiss. The towels falling to the floor were like a signal for others in the room.

Soon another couple from the pool were also kissing each other and fondling each other under their towels.

To my amazement, soon the second couple’s towels had dropped to the floor as well. The two pairs of couples were kissing and openly fondling in front of everyone. The attention and excitement these people were generating could not be ignored.

By this point, my wife had definitely noticed the on going exhibition. Everyone seemed to form a loose circle around them, with the two couples in the middle. It was a big party and quite a few people sat on the floor. Wife and I ended up sitting on the end of a large couch.

The couples in the middle of the room got closer to each other, but continued to play with each other whilst kissing. By that point they had the attention of the whole room. The couples broke from kissing each other, and the women started to give their partners blow jobs in front of everyone.

My wife and I exchanged glances, but we were watching very intently. Then the wife moved her hand up the front of my pants and found my hard cock. She whispered to me, “You must be enjoying the show. Relax and watch.”

My hands started to play with her breasts. She must have been turned on by the show too. I noticed that her breathing had quickened. The women in  the middle of the room were really putting on a quite a show, sucking their partners, letting the cocks plop out, then running their tongues up and down the cock’s shafts.

At about that point, to my surprise, I noticed that my wife was quietly undoing my zipper. She reached inside my pants and started quietly wanking  me inside my boxers.

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One of the males on the floor was lying on his back, whilst his partner was on all fours, giving him a good blowjob. The other couple broke off from each other. The second girl grabbed her mate’s cock and guided him around behind the girl who was on all fours. This second gal guided her mate’s cock up and down the first girl’s pussy, and then (to my surprise) pushed his cock into her.

The girl who was giving the blowjob gasped in surprise as the second guy entered her. The second girl then knelt next to the girl getting fucked from both ends, and reached under to play with the first girl’s pussy and breasts.

My wife must have really been on fire by that point. We love porn movies and this was a life porn show. I was still sitting  on the couch. She had taken my cock out of my pants, she had bent over  my lap, and was sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow.

Moments  later she suddenly stopped and whispered in my ear that someone was playing with her thighs. I whispered back, rather like she had earlier said to me, “Relax and enjoy yourself.”

I looked over in the low light and could see a man who we had earlier talked to. Indeed, he was playing with the top part of my wife’s thighs, probably to see how would we respond. I lowered my head to my wife’s earl and whispered to her to kneel between us. Without taking my cock from her  mouth, she knelt between this stranger and me.

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He must have taken this as a everything is possible signal, because my wife bottom pointed toward him. He lifted her dress up over her back and soon was playing with her bottom. I reached around and under her blouse and played with both of her breasts with my hands.

I think she was enjoying all the activities  whilst sucking my cock, and whilst watching the mini-orgy that was happening in front of us.

I looked over and watched the man behind her. He pulled her panties down, then bent down and started to lick her pussy up and down from behind. I could tell that it had an immediate effect on her. She started to move her hip back and fore on his mouth and kept continue to give me one of her best blow job.

The couples on the floor were into hard core sex by then. The girls were in a sixty nine embrace sucking on each others clit while the guys were fucking them. Every now and then the guys would swap places.

As I looked over to the stranger behind my wife again and  I noticed that he was  leaning back into the couch, trying to remove his pants. Once his pants  and shorts were removed, I could see that his cock was already hard.

He then started to finger her pussy. She was trying to push back like she was fucking his fingers. She was still sucking my cock, and watching the erotic scene in front of us. Whilst she was pushing back, he moved his condom-ized cock over behind her pussy. She easily slid back  onto it. As I watched, he rotated and started to fuck my wife. I nearly  came just watching it. I could feel her bucking whilst she was keep sucking  my cock.

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He started to fuck her very hard. She was no longer sucking on my cock, she was too busy moaning and groaning.

I pulled her up off my lap a little, toward my face, so that I could hold and kiss her whilst she was getting fucked. I reached down and started playing with her clit while our stranger playmate fucked her. We did this for longer than few minutes.

She was moaning and whispering to him that he should fuck her harder. He pounded into her, and then pushed in really deep. He seemed to go rigid. I could tell that he was coming. That triggered her off, and she started coming as well.

They paused for a second, and I started kissing her. She whispered to me that she had loved every minute of what had happened, and that she was still very horny.

The stranger pulled out his cock, and disappeared into the dark part of the room. My wife had no idea who had just fucked her. She remained kneeling on the couch with her dress bunched up, and her knickers down. She said she needed another really good hard fuck. I got up and slid my pants off all the way and went behind her.

Everywhere around the room there were people having sex. The two couples in the foursome on the floor were by then exhausted, and they lay gently caressing each other while looking at the rest of the room.

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I looked at my wife’s pussy. I could see, the man fucked her well, because her pussy was swollen, and I could see her pussy juice running down on her leg.  Normally she would try to tidy up, but probably due to the excitement  and drinks, she wanted more.

I easily slid my hard cock into her inviting pussy and started to penetrate her really hard. I pushed her down so  that she was almost lying on the couch. Her pussy was extra slippery. Later she told me she was almost out of her mind as I really pumped her from behind. At last I finally came. I squirted my juices deep inside her.

For a while, we stayed in that position while looking around the room. We finally got up and got a drink in another room. The activities in the room started to die down.

We were both feeling very horny, but left the party. On the way home, we stopped along a quiet country road and we fucked in the car like we are teenagers again.

This was our first sex party and it just happened on the heat of the moment… later on I found out from my workmate, they did not plan this party to be a sex party, but it wasn’t their  first  sex party, so they did not mind at all.

Since that first we had more than a few, however not all of them was great sex…


My First Hot Wife Experience

I did not have sex at my first sex party

No String Attached Temporary Relationship

If you are a student or single adult who work full time, there is one thing that you should know. There is no time for anything these days. It takes all you can do to make ends meet, let alone find a compatible  lover or NSA play mate.

nsa sexProfessional Women Looking for Playmates

The trend these days is to find a temporary NSA sex partner. Someone you can spend some of your free time with, but not feel like you have to dedicate your whole life to. I do not want to get very kinky here, but this is fact. This is part of our every day’s life.

This kind of nsa sex relationship becoming popular among professional women. They have needs, but not enough time to per sue a long term relationship. There can be many benefits of a no string attached sex relationship. Some people call it casual sex relationship. Yes, sex can produce great benefits. If both of you are comfortable with the idea of having sex, no commitment just sex only.  NSA relationship is basically all about quality sex. Continue Reading…

casual sexcareer woman

I know what you are thinking, “Its all about the sex”. That really isn’t true. I mean yes, sex is great with someone when there is no strings attached to it. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to please yourself and your partner without having to worry about her bitching about the trash that needs taken out afterwards. Everyone needs a companion.

Everyone needs someone to hug and maybe not only for hug. We all need to feel attractive and feel that we are worth something to someone. I like to think of this as a no committed relationship.

You are there when there is a need, if the other person needs someone to talk to, and to full fill both of your sexual needs. It is like being in a relationship without all the nagging and other responsibilities that you have. There is no need to worry about her bills or putting food on her table, or her having to worry about doing your laundry or taking care of the house. Continue Reading…

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There are potential dangers of nsa sex relationships like this though. Sometimes people may begin to mistake sex for love and sometimes they fell in love.

But when play time comes, things might changes.

For example during oral sex she could suck a golf ball through a straw. After awhile you begin to feel comfortable with her and you come to expect “blow job”. Then after awhile you fall in love with how her ass looks like a heart when she bends over, and it is all down hill from there.

casual sexanonymous woman want nsa

This is true with women as well. They begin to feel comfortable in bed with a partner and then they mistake lust for love. They enjoy the pleasure that you are able to give them, when your time comes to go down on her, they think it is love. They wrong, you just love to spend time down there, you love to eat her pussy and if this make her happy… Why not?

However the only thing you are thinking about after you have sex with her, how weird the sex position was, and how can you make it better next time. Continue Reading…

The problem starts when she starts to think about a house and work after sex. That smells like a long term romantic relationship.

Be careful, casual relationship often turns into long term relationships. Sex is good, you don’t want to ruin a good thing, right? Why would you turn a hot chic or a great guy down for a lonely time with you for your bottle of hand lotion or for your vibrator on a Saturday night?

These types of relationships are never good ones to per sue long term. They tend to end abruptly and cause a lot of pain. Every experienced men and women knows what I am talking about.

At once one of my friend was involved with a hot university student. She had the greatest ass in a city. The sex was great and they had a good time together. She was the best thing that ever happened with my friend. She did not need anything from him, he just had to bang her. Probably he was pretty good in the bed, because she fell in love with him. It was no longer just sex for her, but he was now her boyfriend. Continue Reading…

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That was news to him! He got tired of her and finished the relationship. All he wanted was some no string attached sex with a sex friend, and she wanted the same at the beginning. She told to him several times, she doesn’t want to get into long term relationship. She said  men and love doesn’t match with her carrier.

But things turned around big time. My friend banged her big time and she wanted him to be her husband. Her carrier wasn’t important anymore. She claimed ownership over his  dick and she just wanted to ride him all the time. She wanted him to take care of her while she sat on her ass all day doing nothing else just learning. That wasn’t my friend’s dream. Continue Reading…

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After it was all over she became a wreck and started stalking him. She told him how she loved him and how good they are together. She caused a lot of headache for my friend.

He loved her ass, her perky boobs and her shaved genital. There was nothing more to it than that. She spent years chasing him and making his life a living hell. She ruined his dating life. What woman wants to be with a man who has a crazy ex girlfriends who hunts him down and bothers him at all the time, when try to go out with someone.

Finally she finished the university, got a good job offer and moved a way.

Sex is great and nsa sex can greater, but even if it is the greatest ever you have to end it in a timely manner or you have to  face the consequences.

So don’t full around to long with the same person- only – if is absolutely necessary. Continue Reading…

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Casual penetrative sex with someone outside from your permanent partnership