Spontaneous mfm threesome

Threesome pictures, can be like  an erotic story, something like: The night when two guys shared a sex partner.

Two guys who weren’t even swingers. So how did  they do it?

It happened the same way with a lot of others’ first threesomes, threesome in the heat of the moment.

On that Friday, because it happened  at Friday, they went out, like many others do at Friday night. They have found a porn magazine in he bar. Of course they checked it out and the pictures turned them on.

fmf threesome

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The night past by fast, the bar closed and their waitress asked them to leave.  They were about to leave, and gave her the magazine. She took a  quick look at the magazine and said: This is my magazine, where did you get it from?

I found it on that bar chair, one of them answered her.

Which one? She asked. That one,  said one of the guy. The one that looks like the chair from the magazine. We were wondering, is it the same chair?

No its not, but… and she sat on the chair and  slightly opened her legs.

The two guy looked each other, and then asked her. Can we invite you for a drink? Read more story like this…

Yes you can, but I drink slow and it will take a long time. Do you want to go there?

We are not in any kind of rush came the answer and they did not leave; in fact they stayed there for several hour.

Take a look at the next photos and you will see why did they stay…

In fact their three-way worked out so good, they decided to take her home to have some more fun… Continue reading….


Romantic dinner at Valentines Day with threesome for dessert

Older woman – younger men threesome. True based story

My man love to be at the receiving end in anal play

I love  anal sex, my man loves it too, but I think he loves it to much… He asked me to penetrate his but with a strap on dildo once, I  did him. Since that time he  can’t get enough. He said this way he  can obtain prostate orgasm…

casual sexeverythingoes-cpl

My question is: Is it normal for a woman to penetrate a guy anus with a dildo/vibrator? Can anal sex cause piles in a guy/women? Is it wise for a guy with a small case of piles to be penetrated by a huge strap on dildo or vibrator?

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Everything and anything can be normal in sex, if the partners enjoy it. I don’t think you enjoy being at the receiver end, that is why you have concern about it. And yes there are a lot of women who loves to penetrate the guy’s real end. There are anal toys available over the Internet, developed for women, to use on men, to hit his prostate gland with. Continue reading...

couple for sexCouple for nsa  sex

If you an anal sex specialist, than you can make him climax, by penetrating his anus. If you know what to do, for example   can play with his erected penis and the same time massage his prostate gland with your finger or with an anal toy and he might have a mind blowing prostate orgasm.

If that dildo is the right size of dildo, than he can not get piles, but if you use that big and ugly thing, what is on your photo, well whit that you can make a lot of damage down there.

Bleeding down there can happen during anal sex, if you do not use enough lubrication, or if you penetrate him with a wrong size anal toy or wrong anal sex positions. Continue reading...


casual sexanalfetishcpl

If he already have piles, you should not let put anything into his anus, not even your finger. First he need to fix the problem.

The majority of piles (haemorrhoids) resolve spontaneously, but persistent symptoms, especially of bleeding, may need investigation as, rarely, they can mimic other more serious bowel disease such as cancer. Haemorrhoids are the most common cause of bleeding from the anus; the bleeding usually occurs after passing a bowel motion and will appear on the toilet paper.

The exact cause of haemorrhoids is still unclear. Many beliefs regarding the exact cause of haemorrhoids have been difficult to prove scientifically.

Generally accepted associations are that haemorrhoids occur more frequently in those who are constipated, strain excessively when passing a bowel motion, or spend a long time sitting (especially on the toilet seat). In some cases a genetic component for the formation of haemorrhoids may well be responsible. Treatment and prevention of haemorrhoids, can be a high-fibre diet, producing a soft bowel motion that is easy to pass without straining. Continue reading...

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Combined with this it is important to avoid sitting for prolonged periods or excessive wiping of the anus after passing a bowel motion. Anesthetic creams have been used to reduce the pain felt locally; however these may be irritating to the skin and should be considered secondary to other measures. If basic treatment fails, outpatient ‘banding’, injection, or freezing treatments can shrink the haemorrhoid.

Surgical treatment, is used less frequently now, as outpatient treatment is very effective. If I were you, I would visit my doctor for treatment.

And here at the end, you should know that anal sex is like everything else in the life. You have to know what you do, before you make some permanent damage in your real end. Continue reading...

anal  sexAnal Sex Love


Anal sex with the strap on dildo on her.

Erotic Valentines Day Fantasies. For her it was being done by a woman with a strap-on. For him it was sex with two women

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is in it over the limit?

We are a married couple and love sex more than work out… and we work out 4 times a week. Anyways sex is fun and NSA sex more fun, however I wasn’t always into nsa, but once I finally came around to it, I found out that no string attached sex is one of the most dynamic and erotic sexual experiences that a woman can have.

fun cplfun_cpl

At first the idea of knowing or even worst… watching my hubby have sex with other women, turned me off, but I never minded the idea to having XXX fun with other men.

My husband, his name is Frank, really wanted to have sex with other women and he was honest about it. He helped me to see that his love for me was true, and our relationship and our well balanced, but sometimes boring sex life would improve by sharing ourselves with others.

I have to admit that, the thought of playing with another couple or men did sound like fun. I could imagine what four horny people can do together in the same bed.  At once Frank said he knew the perfect couple to do it with. He said his work buddy Andy is a really nice guy and his wife Tammy a pretty and very friendly lady. He said he and Andy been talking about sex a lot lately, that’s how the foursome idea came up. After that they realized that this is their fantasies, and they want to do it. All they had to do was convince the ladies.

We were in bed, when Frank first brought it up. I never met Andy or Tammy, but he told me he is sure I will like them. Just imagine, he said: “You are lying on the bed, I am sucking your boobs, Andy is performing oral sex on you and at the same time he receive a blow job from his wife.” Continue reading...

fun couple

No String Attached Sex Dating

Erotic talk like that, took some times, but had me convinced. After 5 years of marriage and  5 years of missionary love making I guess I was ready for spice things up in my sex life.

He talked a lot at many times and  I was getting hotter and hornier. I could practically feel that other man between my legs, so I said ok, lets meet them.

Then we met at the weekend after this and we had our first sex play. It  was incredible…. Since that we had more than a few and we both ( I mean both couples) want more, so we  decided to organize a sex party in a close by city in a hotel suite. The husbands knows few good men… and women and they said they are willing to play. Don’t ask me how they know them. Continue reading...

no string attached dating

Our home town and sex party out of the question, because it is a small town and everybody knows everything what ever  happened or don’t happened, plus it is a really old fashioned catholic  town.

And here comes my problem. We are religious, and consider as “regular” in our church and so far we were able to separate our religion from our casual sex life. However the sex party… All of the people who might participate want it to make it happen at Easter Saturday. Continue reading...

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is it over the limit?


nsa sex pregy-buthorny

Casual sex… you are into it or not. If you are into does not matter it will  be Easter on not.

I just read in the news, in Italy priests made sex party in the church, so I guess you have nothing to worry about. Continue reading...


gang bang chichere2play

Easter or not, any day is a good day to have sex with multiply sex partners, but Saturday is the best day, because Sunday you have time recuperate…

If you are so religious, than you  already know  you will end up in the Hell, so what ever time you have left over here in our world,  enjoy to the max…

There is no hell in my religion, so I have nothing to worry about… Continue reading...


Threesome at Eastern Weekend. Good or bad idea?

She swallows, but I want to swallow too

I  am like a good wine getting better with the age… I am not a wine drinker, therefore I don’t know it is correct or not… However I am a big pussy eater, I love pussy and I think I am getting kinkier with the age… Continue Reading…

swingers sex

nsa sexweRnewtothis

Yes, its right, I am getting kinkier, because… I have been thinking of lick my own cum out from my wife’s pussy, but when it comes down to do it, I don’t…

She doesn’t know my idea, she doesn’t know what I want to do and not sure what would she think l if I did… I know she does not like bi guys and gays and she might think this is kind of gay-ish, even though I am not bi sexual at all.

She doesn’t have any problem to swallow via blow job… but I am not sure what would she do, if I try to swallow…

Is here anyone else who want to do this or am I just a freak? Continue Reading…


sex dating 92220Couple

Nothing wrong with it. My husband had eaten his own cream pie out of my pussy plenty of times. It really turns me on.

Another fun one is to cum in my mouth, I do not swallow, but instead kiss him and give his cum him back… You can ask to your wife to do this for start… Continue Reading…


swingers sexTrapper69

If you really want to do it just dive in as soon as you fill her pussy with cum…

A lot of women loves it! Continue Reading…


swingers sexcupl4fun56

I love it when hubby does this to me. It’s hot when I have been fucked by another guy and he eats me….. yummie! Continue Reading…


kinky sexjawags4242

My man would say… Why not, what is wrong with you?

I am loving it, when it is done for me… but hard to find any man who would do it, even after himself. Not women, but men thinks that is gayish… Continue Reading…

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Latino CplYLatinoCpl

Nothing better, my wife loves it. Says it make her keep cumming and I love it too. Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

You are asking for the wrong persons… We don’t know.

Ask her how she would feel about it. You won’t know for sure until you do or ask. Continue Reading…


NSA sexjust_say_hi

I personally have no desire to do it, but don’t consider those who do, freaks…

Like anything else, some like it some don’t. Regardless, I think it would be more beneficial to you to discuss it with your so rather than us since what you do or don’t do will matter far more to her than it does to a bunch of on line strangers.

Probably no one here really care, one way or the other, what you two do in your bedroom with your wife, until you invite them them over to do her… Continue Reading…


sex datingwildaspirations

She swallows… that is a good sign, I think you both will enjoy it. Please don’t try it after anal sex, from her anus. That is not my cup of tea… Continue Reading…


sex adswickedcat2006

Nothing is wrong with that, maybe a little freak, but I love freaks and a lot of women dying for freaks… Continue Reading…


erotic datingmakemecream

No one ever had it done on me, but think that I would be turned on me like there is no tomorrow…

Hopefully your wife will be down with having you test those waters… Continue Reading…


horny cplWeRopen4X

Just do it. I am sure she is going to like it… I am loving it when hubby goes down and cleans up his own mess what he made down there…

Or if you worry to much about being gayish… Than open up the communication, ans ask her… She may have things she wants to try on you too. Continue Reading…


Would You Eat a Double Creampie?

After Valentines Day Sex Party

I am the male part of a couple. We had a Valentines Day  party weekend, in fact at Saturday and  it was not a good party at all.

NSA sexErotic Adult Dating Ads

adult datingnot2shabie1

When we decided to go partying, to celebrate Valentines Day with sex , was not a chocolate eating competition in my mind… and that last weeks party wasn’t anything else. Continue Reading…

Anyways, I decided to make a Valentines Day after sex party and  just a a quick question. I am thinking about an all goes sex party or least a  MFM threesome… Should I say something to here?  Or should I as the organizer of our Valentines Day After Celebration surprise her with my Valentines Day present, which would be few open minded couples or just an other guy half way throughout our late Valentines Day celebration? Continue Reading…


NSA SexLibertine_Triad

No never surprise your partner with adding other persons to your sex play without talk about it first. You should make sure your partner is fully aware of your MFM threesome plan or what ever pan you have! You don’t want to screw your and her sex life with  a stupid mistake.

On the other hand if it’s something you do often…then surprises can be fun! In fact I love surprises… Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

I don’t know. Maybe you should apply some kind of caution and ask her prior to the get together how she would feel about that kind of sex play she does like… Continue Reading…



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Erotic datingdnafun11

Is this something you have talked about before? I mean there is a surprise and than there is a SURPRISE.

A surprise where she has a clue that at some random point in time you may surprise her with a third, preferably someone she already knows and is comfortable with.

That’s a wonderful surprise.

A SURPRISE where she has no clue and possibly no interest in adding a third guy to the party, and at middle of your penetration a naked stud walks in with a giant erected cock… That may not go over well at all.

This type of party surprise could even become a huge problem in your relationship.

Only you know the details that would give enough information of all involved to know the best answer.

But that you are here asking strangers what they think of the idea gives an answer already. You should ask her… Continue Reading…


sex datingbjwifeneeds2

That depends on how busy you and the other guy with you lady wanna be. Two cocks can keep her busy easily, special if she into anal.

If she not not an anal sex lover, then one cock in the mouth and one in the pussy will make the trick.. then rotate… It can be fun too…

As for me, thanks but no thanks – surprises are rarely ever a good thing.

My advice: Be respectful of her desires and limits, and politely ask her if she wants a MFM threesome for you Valentine’s Day celebration. Continue Reading…

hot swingersNSA Sex Personal Ads

NSA Sexmandkforfun87

I surprised my live in lady with a gang bang but only after I knew she was open to the idea. If you know yours well enough and what she wants then go for it. But don’t just spring it on her. Continue Reading…


adult datingKillarneygirl

You would want to know ahead of time both whether she’d be interested in such a surprise, and that the man you are surprising her with is one she’d be interested in.

In other words, you’d need to ASK her. If she said yes, then she might appreciate the surprise.

If she said no, or you didn’t ask first, you might be the one surprised by her getting up, walking out, and never wanting to be with you again. Continue Reading…