Eastern Warm Up Sex Party with Hotwife

I am a practicing Hotwife. Our marriage is open on my end. My husband has a fantasy of sharing me with other men and I date other men sexually in order to fulfill his fantasy which supercharges our own marriage and builds intimacy.

When I go home, after sex plays I explain him in details what the other man did with me and this turn him on. It makes me horny just to know he will get turned on by my action.

hotwifing CoupleHotwife Looking for Playmates

For example we were invited to a before Eastern party, which was planed to be a “get to know you” party so at Eastern time, the second party will run very smooth.  It wasn’t  sex party but (nsa sex was optional). Our friend couple hosted it in a hotel suite, but the main event at Eastern time will be held at their home, for selected few (who passed the “get to know you” party.

Its getting complicate, eh? It is not, let me explain. If someone was invited and acted like an adult at a erotic adult party, than that person might get invited to their home to partying again.  However if someone acted like “sex predator” then their party was over…

I really enjoyed myself and, I am sure some guys had a great time too, special two of them… There was two guys who really flirted with me. I told to my husband I think they would be happy to fuck me…. He said it sounds like fun, but you need t explain it to me after.

So I picked the guys up, yes both… Than the two guys and I went to their hotel room and I had sex with both. It was a disaster. Their love making technique sucked… they hit their orgasm, before I got halfway to rich my orgasm… and their cock was smaller then my 10 years old son’s.

horny married woman

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However at home I lied to my hubby, I told him they did me really good and really hard, I told him one of them had a so big and so fat cock at first I was sure I cold not take it, but somehow I did manage it, than he penetrated me so hard with his monster cock, I could not stop to cumming.

This small lie was a big turn on for my hubby. He always try to outperform my hotwifing sex partners, plus his cock is a decent size 7″ , but at this time he outperformed himself too.

He turned to be a sex magic for that night and for real, I could not stop to cumming. This is the beauty of hotwifing…

I hope that Eastern nsa sex party will be even better… Read more about adult parties…


Are You Thinking About Sex Party?

I wanna get gangbanged


The wife fantasy is a mfm threesome at Eastern weekend

threesome Swingers Sex Dating Ads

I am represent a married couple here. We got married in the local Catholic’s church, but just because we are catholic, it does not mean we do not like sex…

nsa sex datingnsalovers

Our problem is, our long time fantasy (it is mainly my, the wife’s) is a mfm threesome, and I hope it will be reality very soon, because  we get invited to a house party at  Eastern Saturday. The host couple did not say, it would be a sex party, but we know, they are into casual sex play and swinging.

I am sure we will have an opportunity to make our fantasy real, if we go to that party, but my hubby say, a mfm threesome is not a good idea at Eastern time… I strongly disagree with him, but we decided to get advice from more experienced people…

Ladies and gentlemen: Is it a good idea to try a mfm threesome or better not at Eastern Saturday Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

Celebrate Eastern with threesome.

For me Eastern Saturday is like any other Saturday, therefore I  personally believe a mfm threesome is always a good idea… even for you. You try it, and if you do not like it, you wont do anymore, but if you wont try it, it always will be in your mind, something like you missed to opportunity…

If I were you I would go for it… Continue Reading…



We use to have threesome fantasy too and that is not just fantasy anymore… a well organized mfm is a lot of fun, but I have my sayin’.

You wrote you are Catholic, hardcore Catholics do not have sex outside in their marriage, plus hard core Catholics go in the church at Eastern time, not to a party in a hope to find partner for threesome sex, so I assume, you are not that hard core Catholics.

Therefore why not? As it stated at above, if you never try, you never know you are going to like it or not… Continue Reading…

threesome pussy eatingCouples Looking form Men for MFM Threesome Sex

horny womanchic

Threesomes are good at any times, if the players into the mood…

At above is; “hardcore Catholics do not have sex outside in their marriage”. I agree with that sentence, so they are maybe… planning to keep that threesome in the family.

Dad, mom and the oldest boy… What happens in the family, stays in the family… Continue Reading…



Thanks for you advice chic but no, we do not want to have that threesome with our child, our marriage is child less, but your post planted an idea in my mind… a mfm would be a lot of fun with a man who is young enough to be my son… Continue Reading…


threesome sesbackfmore

The wife and I really like threesomes and we are both very straight. We would not have any problem with three way sex at Eastern Saturday, as it stated above, it is like any other Saturday for us.

You never know if you don’t try… Continue Reading…


swingers sexitimebomb666

I’ve only participated in a couple of mfm’s and a few fmf’s threesome.

Apart from the 1st mfm was a bit awkward at the start (it was with a friend of mine and a girl we both new and I always thought it would be with a stranger couple). However it turned to be real good when we passed that few uncomfortable minutes.

All the other three ways were fantastic and I cant wait for next one. You should go for it. Continue Reading…

interracial sexInterracial Sex At Eastern Time

swingers sexsexseek

If all three parties involved are all on the same page and in agreement with the rules etc. then it should be all good, even at Eastern Saturday.

Your husband does not like the idea, so his not on the same page, so don’t do it or you risk your marriage. He might not ready for see you have sex with other men, or maybe he back off because of his religion.

Either way, I would back off too, but I would tell him, “You are right honey, we should not go to that Eastern Sex Party, not even sure it will be a sex party, but I do not give up on my fantasy and I really want to get over with, so I will try to find a young guy and you and him can make my fantasy reality. I’ll wait a week or two, but no more.”



Threesome is just sex for fun and as long as it stays that way it’s fine, but both of you both have to want it to make it happen…


Threesome with your wife, or threesome with somebody’s wife? Let’s get kinky.

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Tips and ideas to organize an erotic party

Valentines Day NSA with my brother in law

Would you have casual sex with your brother in law? At the front of your husband?  I did it… It happened after our Valentines Day get together with co workers. All three of us (husband, his brother and I) work for the same company, and the party was organized by the UNION. Continue reading..

mfm threesomesLeisure Sex Dating Ads

It wasn’t a sex party, it was a regular Valentine’s Day party. We live in a small town, about half hour drive to the party’s location. We decided before the party we would have a couple of drink and we will stay over night in a hotel. The party was held in the hotel’s night club. Therefore we reserved a hotel room (with two beds) for us for the night.

At the party, there was some drink, some weeds too (in the parking lot) and a lot of sexy dance and touching. We are not swingers and we never had sex with anyone outside of out our marriage, but we were fantasize about it a lot…

one night standhotwife

Anyway, the party was over and three of us walked to the hotels elevator, and as I glanced down, I observed a noticeable bulge in my brother in law’s pants.

He walked behind me as we got into the elevator, and I knew he was staring at my legs under my short skirt. In the elevator, I stood between him and my husband. Continue reading..

My husband noticed his brother’s “package” in his pants too and he asked him: Are you getting an erection? His brother whispered, Yes. For my big surprise my husband asked his brother: Would you like to fuck her?

I could not believe what I just heard, however I was horny, and a little drunk and a bit high, and he was a nice guy, plus the bulge in his pants was really impressive… Also we fantasized this before.

threesome pussy eatingNo String Attached Sex Dating

So my husband looked at me and said, that would be fun and would stay in the family. What do you think? Are you in? It is up to you.

I did not know what to say so I said something like: Oh… really? It is… is it? Continue reading..

adult datinglickmebaby

As the elevator moved up my husband said to his brother, I can’t wait to watch you put that hard dick of yours inside my loving wife. I just smiled and remained silent until the elevator reached our room’s floor.

We got out and walked down the hall to our room, we get in and closed the door. Hubby took a seat in a chair facing the bed from the corner of the room. His brother peeled his shirt off as I watched, and then sat on the edge of the bed.

He told me to turn around, and to bend over to take my shoes off.

Hesitantly, I did as he asked. I felt my skirt rode up high on my thighs. I knew that was revealing the tops of my nylons and a portion of my bare skin.

I threw my shoes into a corner, and moved over to the edge of the bed right in front of him. I wanted him to take the lead in whatever we did. Continue reading..

threesomeCasual Sex Dating Ads

He grabbed my right leg at the knee, and placed my foot on the bed. Then he wrapped his hands around my calf, and in one long massaging stroke, he slide his hands up my leg past the top of my nylons… and up to the edge of my panties. I felt a mini-shutter course through me as this new pair of hands touched me that way. Then he slid his hand back and forth along the top of my thigh, and worked his hand under the edges of my panties. He touched my moist slit before pulling out. Continue reading..

By that point I had my eyes closed, and I had to catch my breath. I felt him sliding his hands back down my thigh, catching the top of my thigh-high as he went. He pulled it off of my leg.

The hubby told me later that I tossed my head back as his brother began to fondle my breasts with one hand while his other continued to caress my pussy. Slowly he removed my other nylon, and then he stood up and turned me to face to my husband as he positioned himself behind me.

swingers sex
I opened my eyes and maintained eye contact with my husband as his brother began slowly massaging my neck and shoulders. Then he lightly kissed my neck, as his hands moved down my arms. I felt his tongue licking my neck as he kissed me from my ears to my shoulders. I tilted my head to each side to allow him more access. His fingers then moved to my waist. He unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Continue reading..

His hands slid down over my ass and massaged it firmly. Almost as though I was on autopilot, my hands moved to his belt and started undoing the buckle. I got my clasp and zipper open and reached into his underwear. I grabbed on to his rock hard cock… and gave it a squeeze. Continue reading..

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first mfm


Erotic Valentine’s Day

Her saggy boobs or my perky boobs

Take a look at them and let me know what do you think.  I explain at next what I think.  You can agree or disagree, the choice is yours.

Women are sharing photos of their saggy boobs to make a very important point. Maybe I am behind, but I red it on Google’s news just now.

my perky boobsMy perky boobs – on line photo album

According to the news, Chidera Eggerue used her Instagram account to encourage women to appreciate their body, especially when it comes to their unique set of breasts. For the past few months, she’s been sharing photos of herself wearing fashion-forward outfits using the hashtag  #saggyboobsmatter.

It is true, I cheeked her  Instagram account out, and there are more than few women share  photos of their saggy boobs.

The news states: “She started the campaign after realizing that there aren’t many pictures of “real” breasts in the media. ”

Media is a very big word, means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and  of course the Internet. Maybe she wanted to say Internet, or Instagram…

Either way,  I have to disagree with her above sentence.  There are a lot of pictures of real breast from real women on the Internet, even on our website and or twitter, etc. You can find saggy boobs and perky boobs and big boobs and small boobs, natural boobs and of course silicon filled boobs. Any kind of boobs, what ever you prefer. Seriously, saggy boobs, small boobs, big boobs, no boobs, different sized boobs, fake boobs and never being defined by whatever kind of boobs women have, you can find here all.

Also our members’ show and post more than their boobs’ photos. They show their saggy  butt or hard butt, even their pussy photos too. Like myslef on the next photo 🙂

casual datingAdult Dating Profiles with Photo Albums

She try to encouraging women to wear whatever they want, and don’t give  a shit  about what other people might think. I agree with her in this case, every women should be proud of her own body, shaggy or perky boobs, make no difference.

Also she created a tutorial or advice line how  women with shaggy boobs should dress.   My comment on her advice line, it applies to every women, what ever their  boobs shaggy or not they should  wear their outfit, proudly.

What is my point? My boobs are not shaggy, in fact they are in really good shape. I am not in my 20s anymore, but as you can see on my photos, I have a set of boobs, that not a lot of teenager girls  have.  What is my secret? I don’t have, I guess its genetic…  lucky me.

However doesn’t not matter how perky my boobs are, I still have hard time to find 2 men to entertain me at  Valentines Day. No string, no attachment just clean Valentines Day fun, of course chemistry is must and some rules apply. Is it to much to ask? Two willing men to serve me one night. Okay we can make it for a weekend long, if  we agree on…

What do  you prefer, looking at her saggy boobs or play with me and my perky boobs? If we can develop some chemistry, you can do much more with my boobs than just  look at them. Did you ever heard of boobs sex?

everything goesMembers Erotic Photo Albums


Valentines Day

Hotwife Role Play At Our Own Adult Party

Can’t find single men for Valentines Day sex party

The life does not get any easier here. I traditionally host a sex party for my own enjoyment at Valentines Day, however  I have difficulties to find willing single males at this time, and this is 2018, we are living supposedly in a open sexuality world.

group sex fantasyAdult Dating Ads

erotic fantasyhotfantasy

Why are guys so afraid of MFM threesome lately? I think it’s a lot better with a single woman with a couple… Plus I am fairly attractive. Check my profile out and you will see, I am not lying. Non of my photos older than one year.

I do not want couple, I just want two nice guy, who can be nice and we can get alone one night… Easy to find one man, but two? Looks like they just don”t want to share me… Isn’t it selfish a bit?

In MFM the guys do half the work, for half work they will get the same satisfaction (and or more) and the women get double satisfaction. In MFF or FMF the guy do double the work and get same satisfaction, plus in MFF very likely the guy have to share some action with with of the girl.

Basically every men fantasize sex with two girls, but what can one man do with two girls? Okay it is their fantasy, but let flip it… What can two guys do with me? Wanna try? Continue Reading…


swingers sexiam24

I have been in a few sex party and in few MFM 3some and I have to say I like being  in the attention of 2 men. Get satisfied by 2 men as well as giving satisfactory sexual experience for 2 men…  well I like it.

The only thing that bothers and its bothers a lot of guy too, men think they have to be bi to be in a MFM 3some. To us that is disgusting. Threesome with bi men is MMF, not MFM.

If the man we invite to join us isn’t straight he will not be invited.

The other thing, men who think their big dick make them sex god. If a man worried about the size of his cock he shouldn’t be  on this website. That man already negative, and being negative is failure in NSA sex

But penis size does count for me. Let’s face it, who want to have a threesome with a children’s size penis? Not any women, who I know, dream about small dick men. Continue reading..

adult dating ads

horny couplehappilihorny

We have had several very enjoyable MFM’S.

None of the guys were bi because my hobby is not bi at all. Men don’t have to be bi to enjoy an MFM. They do have to be sure of themselves, un-phased at being around another naked man and realize it’s all about the woman enjoyment. Continue Reading…


nsa sexsexfriendtonite

The original question was, how can she find perfect sex partners for a Valentines Day threesome threesome?

I don’t think that will happen by Valentines Day. There is not enough time to make it happen.

But you just have to search the members database via Sexual Orientation Search! Just log in and when you are inside your members page click “Search” at the top of your page. Halfway down the page, under Sexual Orientation, you can choose straight, bi-curious, bisexual, or gay/lesbian, according to how you want your fantasy threesome to play out…. But once again, you ran out ot time. It takes few weeks to set it up, and Valentines Day is just a few day a way. Continue reading..

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