Nothing lost forever

I did not post anything for a while. Unfortunately my personal life run into a big trouble. Maybe it is not that big, however at this moment I just can’t see the way out from.

After 15 years of marriage, my wife walked out. Just like this. Of course as every marriage we had up and downs, and I was sure this was one of the up side.  Well I was wrong! I know she has an affair, it is not hard to figure it out, but she had affair before too, not even one or two. However affairs comes and goes. Affairs are something like the back up or the second line… However at this time the affair did not go. She did.

It hit me… the first few days was extremely hard. I missed her, her smell her voice, even my dog keep watching the door 24/7. But I think I going to climb out this hole. I must… to. I might have to use our own web site’s service and find competitive sex partner. Just because she found a guy who is younger then me, the world wont stop.

There are lot of women on the net looking for someone to play with….

Why does swinging lifestyle getting more popular?

What is in this lifestyle that makes a large number of couples want to join in? Why swingers are different? Are they?

I don’t think we are different, because we sometimes have sex with other then our spouse…. I think we see life different way and think about sex, moral, value different way. Also there is a difference is in our and every swingers’ action, that they do to get their sexual fantasies reality. Continue Reading…

NSA Sex Ads

Are swingers oversexed? Maybe, so what, since when is a crime?

Not too long ago in regular everyday life, sex used to be something between two people who were in love. (I wrote regular everyday life – prostitution does not count into the category regular). In our today’s modern society most of the people can tell the difference between sex and love. Love is something very personal – between two people. We do make love with our spouse or primary partner who we love with all our hearts. Continue Reading…

bi womenLove making – with out love is sex only. Sex can be something leisure. Leisure – having a great time. To having a great time you do not need to love your partner. You just need to find something sexy in your partner, something that turn you on. Swingers says need to have chemistry.

In our modern society for females and males have the same right to enjoy life. Women can join the army, women can be a policeman or firefighter. Around years 1960 it was impossible. Today men and women has the same rights in all aspect of the life. Before, nobody talked about women’s sexual related fantasies. And if some lady tried to make her fantasy reality everyone called her a slut. If a man did something about his sexual fantasies it was okay….

So today, she can live like a man, she can work like a man, she can support her family like a man had to support before years 1960 or so. But if she wants to have sex like a man she is a slut. Today most men and women are extremely busy. Work, family – kids, business, trainings. At the end of the day everyone tired. Couples marital sex lives are becoming weekend activity and sooner or later it will boring weekend activity. They are routinely banging each other, reaching orgasm, while thinking about one of their old boyfriend or girlfriend… who used to give them incredible orgasm. Continue Reading…

Local NSA Sex Dating

And here comes swinging, recreational sex that involving other then the primary partner and often more then one person or couple. Swinging is an erotic activity that make them feel like teenager again. Something that spices up the boring sex lives.  Continue Reading…

swingers sex adsThe swinging lifestyle is about sharing sexual fantasies with your partner.

This lifestyle can only work for committed couples that are secure in their relationships and have open and direct communication with each other.

And some people get into swinging, because fantasizing sex with multiply partners. There is no commitment involved, there is no explanation, why or why not. There are certain rules and take it or leave it…

I think this is the main reason why so many committed married couple search erotic swingers ads and even more get into the swingers lifestyle every day….

Are you a single man? How can you have a threesome?

Get Him – Her a Threesome

The bunny rabbit just around the corner. Some people goes in the church  Eastern Time and some others goes to the swingers club. Well I am prefer the second options.

So why do people go to the swingers club?

Well not because they are bad to the bone… in fact they don’t want to cheat on their spouse, so what ever they do there they do it together…  Celebrate Eastern with a threesome .  Get him – her a threesome.

Get her what she always wanted to get. A boy toy for a threesome. And what about him? When a healthy man looks at a sexy woman he is imagining her as a sex partner. If he doesn’t do so, than he is not a healthy man. Also women can have a sexual freedom that was unheard of only 40-years ago.

Now there is true equality between the sexes in the bedroom. Today a woman can be horny too and there are always males around willing to donate their time and energy to females….

So which one is better, go in the swingers club and have some fun together, or screw somebody’s husband or wife and hope nobody going to find it out…

How can you have a threesome?

The Horny Hungarians

Forget the hot Latino lovers.

According to condom maker Durex’s latest global sex survey the Hungarians are the horniest. An average Hungarian lover enjoy sex 152 times a year.  The French  fiercely proud of their sexual prowess manage only 144 performances a year.

“Bedtime in Budapest is the most passionate of all,” Durex said in its survey.

Have a lot of fun and play safe….