Mom with Santa under the Christmas tree

The next paragraph originated on our partner’s on-line adult dating magazine. It made me think about Holiday Spirit, Sex, Sex Parties and Swingers Party.

A member posted it:

sweet chicWhen I was five years old I saw Santa fucking Momma under the Christmas tree. That kind of took the holiday spirit out of me especially after I told poppa what I saw.

Poppa beat the hell out of me and then he beat momma. Needless to say I never again left cookies and milk out for Santa , and I doubt that momma did either. Continue Reading…


sexy santaMiss Santa Want to Play

Yes, when Thanks Giving past by, Christmas is just 3 weeks a way… Are you thinking about no commitment casual sex? This the best time of the year, to stop thinking and do something about it. The summer is over and the holiday party season is already on begun.

Instead of spend your time drinking with your bodies, you should organize a erotic X-mass or a New Years Eve party. Recreational Sex would be good for New Years eve celebration… Isn’t it? I think it sound good; Celebrate New Years Eve with recreational sex

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You can make your party a really kinky party. This is one of the easiest way and the best opportunity to get into the lifestyle without the added pressure of sex.

NSA sex is nice if it happens and if you organize your party on the proper way it might happen…

Well I do not want to talk anybody into NSA sex. It is your holiday, your life and it would be your erotic party.

If you do not have any ideas, what happen at a New Years Eve swingers party, read our sister website related erotic story. Story of a “New Years Eve Swingers Party”. You can read it here.

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By the way the story based on a true erotic party party and it has some erotic swingers party photos attached to it too.

If you liked that story, then go ahead and organize your own sex party. However an erotic party is not for everyone and to organize a successfully erotic party is not that simple.

You can not just call a bunch of buddies of yours with their lady friend. If you start like that, you never going to make that party an erotic party.

I think it would be much better get invited to somebody’s erotic party at first. Than you can get some first hand experience… about how and what to do.

No that hard to find a local erotic party. If you are not registered member yet, you just need to register for membership to our partner’s Erotic Swingers Dating Dating Website. Remember the registration is free.

One of their free service for registered member is the erotic on-line dating magazine. The magazine has a local section, whit a local adult establishment list, like swingers club, escorts, etc. Also that local section contains the local erotic party list. You just have to check out and contact the organizers.

If you already registered log in and check out who organize an erotic party in your neighborhood.

It can’t be any simpler to celebrate this Holiday season with casual sex. At here you can find some Erotic Holiday Party hosting tips.

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What our members think about Holiday Season and Sex

open minded womenI’ve some friends that just drop out of sight this time of year. When they re-emerge they say they just needed a break from everything…

Others friends seem to get way more active. They feel the extra playtime burns off the stress.

Do the holidays stress you out? Do you find that with all the hubbub and hoopla that the Thanksgiving and Christmas season can carry with it, that you need more physical attention? Continue Reading…


I need sexNot much stresses me. I enjoy sex about the same year round
– enormously.

Need more – nah, I need it all the time… Continue Reading…



nsa adult datingjuicyfunclublove

I can see it both ways. Holidays are family time. Thus the disappearance. Also some just need an outlet or an escape.

But it can also depend on status. If they’re married time to play can be constricted. Now singles tend to get lonely and depressed during the holiday season and go on a sexual rampage to fill the void. Continue Reading…

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Are you want to be wild at the coming Holiday Season?

I Am Addicted to Anal Sex

No any sex party a sex party without anal sex, special a Holiday sex party. I love anal sex, but not everyone is like me. Your preferences and my preferences might not be the same. Just because I love anal penetration (and yes I can obtain orgasm from anal sex only), it does not mean every men who I meet going to anal penetrate me. No, that is just for a selected few.

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However I can guaranty it for you, if you are a man and  if you try anal sex, with someone like me, you are going to enjoy it. As I stated at above, I can obtain mind blowing orgasms, anal orgasms via anal sex – via anal penetration. I can keep cumming, again and again, orgasm after the orgasm. There is nothing better for me than an anal orgasm.

A lot of man think that, anal sex is dirty, because anus was created for exit only. Yes its true, anus was created for exit only, but there are many other things that created for something and we use it for something else.

Anal sex should not be dirty, of course the butt need to be washed and cleaned in details. Like you do not want to kissing with somebody who just had a pound of smoked stinky fish or garlic sausage. Even if they brushed their teeth, the garlic smell comes from the stomach, true the nose and sometimes even true on skins pores.

I know a man, he is like Dracula, if he smells garlic, his dick gets flaccid and he will ran a way…

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Anal sex is different with clean anus… No risk taken, of course condom is most. The anus is not flexible like a pussy, it can be damaged easily, therefore bleeding can happen, so condom is most not just because hygienic reason, but for protection from STD . Continue Reading…

My coworkers told me, her husband is fascinated with anal sex. Let me tell you, I invited them to my upcoming Christmas party, because I really enjoy anal sex and if the partners are right, I wont scare a way from anal – vaginal double penetration.

I believe no any sex party is perfect with out anal sex. I am not sure about you, but I think you are thinking about it too, otherwise you would not read about my anal sex addiction…

Just remember, anal sex is a sexual activity that human been performed on each other, before we even counted the years. The human race did not know what is a year or a month, but they did know where to put they erected dick… Even that time anal princess was treated with respect…

Isn’t it wonderful? I just carry the tradition… . Continue Reading…

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I love anal sex and his penis size would be perfect for anal sex but he says anal sex is gross

Is she into anal sex? If yes, for anal sex than do an anal vaginal double penetration with a dildo and your dick

I want a extra man for Christmas to have a mfm threesome with us.

My husband and I fantasize about MFM threesome a lot. Both of us want it happen very badly. Our Christmas party would be a good time to make it happen, but unable to find a suitable partner, other then his friend. Continue Reading…

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MFM threesomebradangilina

We did not ask him straightforward, but we talked about it and  from his comments, we think he would be happy to play with us.

We tried to find some other willing guys in a hope we will get used to each others, like have a sex friend relationship, that last longer than a Christmas sex party,  but everyone chickens out as soon they hear the husband will  be there,  or simple no show for the first meeting.

Is it possible to have a threesome with a friend? A threesome that we wont forget… He is my husband’s best friend, they are friend since their early childhood. If that threesome would not work: Would that come back to hurt our relationship  and or their friendship?

We are looking explore options for the best experience. Nothing else that I want from Santa, just my husband and an extra man.  Let us know your ideas please. Continue Reading…


adult datingsunburnt24

I’m your husbands other good friend Ben… Let’s make your fantasy reality. I am in…! I will show for sure… Continue Reading…

Does that mean you want to have some fun? I didn’t know he have a friend named Ben, friend or stranger it all sounds fun… I think a MFM 3some with a stranger is very nasty. What do you think?

Will you show up? Contact me only if you are serious.



erotic adult datingun4morethan1425

Having been in many threesomes in all kind of these situations, and many different scenario. I played as a single man and I was part of a couple too.

The couple things worked out great when we weren’t close friends. The closer you are you have to make sure you have a strong foundation and communication already in place.

If so, enjoy yourself. Life is about living! Have some fun for all of us. Continue Reading…


adult datingNamtuls

Find a stranger… A lot of guys are looking for couples to play with, and not all of them are looser…

Our threesome ruined a relationship we had with a good buddy. He fell in love and wanted to leave his wife and asked me to leave my husband.

He would get drunk and bang on our door. We had to get the police in the end to stop him from coming over. Not Good!

However it can happen with a stranger too, so never give your address out. Organize your tree way in a hotel or his home… Continue Reading…

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I agree with everyone who said do not do it with one of his friends!

I fantasize about fmf threesome with one of my girlfriend. I am sure my hubby would enjoy it, but I don’t want to destroy our friendship. It worth more then a kinky night… Continue Reading…



Threesome with Two Women. Threesomes & Marriages

We as a married couple actually quite enjoy having an extra man in our bed


sex datingIamAman

It will depends on, how you will handle that situation and how you will handle your husband’s buddy. I participated in threesome with friends, several times and it did not destroy anything.

We are still friend, but we do not have threesomes anymore.

You are a woman with two men… You have to make it clear, it happens for your and your hubby enjoyment… not for the extra guy’s entertainment. Make it clear with your action… he will be  there for the “leftover”…

Your hubby is the number one, and the buddy just there to fulfill your fantasy. If you will do this way, then will be no danger…

But if you make the buddy the number one, then your hubby might will have some problems… Continue Reading…


erotic datingJones4urCock

Be honest and open with one another about it. Make sure that your husband realizes that your marriage comes first.

Be sure his friend understands and respects that. Make sure that when you play, you play together.

And make sure that everyone knows that if things do get out of hand, it’s done. This means that if the buddy doesn’t get the hint, your husband may have to make a hard decision to finish the friendship with him. Continue Reading…


adult datingUnduplicated1

If I were you, I wouldn’t try to have a MFM threesome with one of your husband’s buddies. Find a stranger.

Your husband might become jealous, and this could destroy their friendship. I think, it’s so much easier to find men for threesomes, than women, even thought you have difficulties to find the right guy…

I’m confident you’ll come up with someone else who isn’t close to your husband. Continue Reading…

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Erotic Adult Dating Personal Ads

erotic datingCaKe_06

All depends on how you will manage it…

If the guy thinks he can fuck you whenever hubby isn’t around then it will cause issues. But if you make him completely understand, it happens only in a 3some setting then all should be fine. Continue Reading…


erotic datingflyswatter987

Keep friendship separate from your sex life.

Playing with people you associate can be very risky. It can create jealousy and hard feelings. Even though it is hard to find the perfect sex partner… Would be much better if you find someone here and  write a script for what you want him to do. Continue Reading…

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Masturbation Tips For Men And Women & Couples

Masturbation is one of the greatest stress relievers plus masturbation can be 100% safe if you do it alone. However masturbating alone is not much fun, its okay, but much better if you do it in a team setting.

woman masturbate two men

Masturbation & Swinging

There are a lot of swingers everywhere and there are a lot of way to swing. Every swinger swings for different reasons and do it on many different ways. Some of them practice soft swinging, some others swap spouse or sex partners. Some others swing to turn each other on, or to get their regular partners in the mood.

Masturbation is a easy sexual activity to reach this target. We hear a lot about safe sex and AIDS in our pen sexed world these days. Some swingers masturbate because they are afraid of contracting HIV.

The question is, how should a man woman couple masturbate? There can be more couple present than one. More is merrier in masturbation too, in fact a woman can perform masturbation very easily on two men at the same time.

How? Continue reading..

Set the mood as you set it for having sex. If everyone loves porno movies then watch them. Use soft music and soft lighting. Scent candles help too, some people smokes weed, they said it helps them to get into the mood, I am not fun of weed. I prefer to get high from sex, not from weed. I think porn movies help more than weed, everyone should get the “do it” attitude from the movie.

Than the play needs to start somehow. The easiest way to start with the men, They should undress nice and slowly. They can be nude, half nude, what ever they wish.

The ladies should wear minimal and very sexy clothing. If someone is still not into a masturbating mood, dance slow, dance half naked. It will work. You should explore your secret erotic fantasies while masturbating. You can fantasize about erotic encounters with anyone. Make love in your fantasy with a person you cannot have. For some women fantasizing about a romantic story while masturbating works very well. Continue reading..

swingers sex partySwingers Sex Parties

Most men fantasize about women’s erotic body parts, or anal vaginal double penetration while masturbating. Also lots of swingers fantasies are sexual activities, such as group sex, S&M, bondage or even rape. Sex therapists say, this kind of fantasy is harmless if they never become compulsive and obsessive. These fantasies have nothing to do with the crime of rape and should not even be called rape. If the couples love dirty erotic talk, than this is the best time to do it. Continue reading..

The goal is orgasm

For ladies to reach the goal sometimes is more difficult than for men. The masturbating women should know her own body very well. She should know where the pleasure points are and she should touch them softly until getting excited. Touch your breast, inner thighs and belly with arousing touches. For some women the clitoris simulation is enough to reach the orgasm.

masturbating womenMasturbating Women Looking For Real Man

However we are talking about couples masturbation and everyone should think about their partner too. Run your finger along the clitoris. Massage it lightly. Finger yourself,  if necessary use moisturizer or suck your finger. To see a masturbating women suck her finger is very erotic. Some women’s bodies are not shaped for their own finger penetration and some others arms are not long enough. If you can not finger yourself and need something inside you, use a vibrator. If you do not have one, you can use almost anything if it is properly cleaned.

Should not use small things that might lost inside. Certain types of fruits or vegetables might do an excellent job. Insert and withdraw it several times. Then leave it in and squeeze your vaginal muscles. Feel that thing in your vagina. With one of your hands rub and massage your clitoris. With the other, play with your nipples. The more sexual simulation the better. Use your deepest erotic feelings. Fantasize with the world’s best looking man. Repeat and try to breathe deeply. I guarantee you, sooner or later you will reach your goal. Continue reading..

The right masturbating position for women is very important. She should choose a position, that lets her male partner see as much as possible. Remember men fantasize about women’s erotic body parts and men are visuals. If a man sees a masturbating woman he will reach his goal in no time… More masturbation info for women…

Partners can help each other. You can kiss, touch, hold or even masturbate each other. Everything is allowed that feels good and everyone is comfortable with.

women looking for playmate for nsaMasturbation Lovers Swingers Women

How should men masturbate?

99% of the men masturbate. The other 1% masturbate too, but they lie about it. According to this there are not to many men who do not know how to masturbate. If you are one of them, and never masturbated before we can give you some basic ideas.

Watch a masturbating woman is very erotic for a man. Because of this the man should use minimal pressure on his penis and should stop periodically to delay the erection. You do not want to shoot all your bullet immediately. The best way to do this. Sit on a chair or on the sofa with slightly open legs. Rub a small amount of saliva or lubricant, for example K-Y jelly into your palm and fingertips. Take your penis into your hand, stroke slowly up and down the shaft. Vary the pressure. Turn your fantasy on and keep your eyes on that masturbating lady. If you think your penis is not hard enough stroke up and down faster.

If it doesn’t work, than form a ring with your thumb and index finger of both hands. Place both rings on your penis as close to the base as close as you can. Hold one ring on the base and move the other up to the head of your penis and stretch your penis with the movement. Repeat it several times in a speedy rhythm until you are hard. It works for most men.

When your penis is erected you should start to play with your balls with your other hand. Massage them gently. If you like rough sex, you should try to pull the balls away from the body. If you think you will cum, slow down. You don’t want to reach the no return point. If you delay your orgasm several times the joy will be bigger and better when you reach it.

If you tight the muscles in your butt you will orgasm sooner, if you relax those muscles, it will delay your orgasm.  Men who masturbate often learns  how to delay their orgasm easily.

The same technique works to delay orgasm in intercourse, therefore frequent masturbation can make a man better sex partner.

horny older womenHorny For Two


More masturbation info for men….

Club for People Who Are Into Masturbation

How to play in threesomes

A lot of man would be surprised if they find out how many women fantasize about have sex with two guys at the same time. For some of those women fantasy stay fantasy in all of their life. However some others make it reality if she brave enough to stand front of her man and tell him; “Honey I want to have sex with two guys at the same time“. It have to be a very secured relationship. Just a secured man able to except the fact, her loved one want an other cock…

anal sexThe female –  female – male threesomes (see the photo at left) are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time.

Man – Man – Woman threesomes are different.  The men are bisexual, or list one of the man is bi. She wont get any pussy in mmf threesome, but she will have two hard cocks to play with. Also bi men plays  with each other, not just with her. There are a lot of question in her head before she finalize her decision.  This is normal, specially at the first time in a mmf three-way.

Question of: Man on man at an after hour party.

male female male threesomeThe male – female – male scenario at left on the photo when both guys there to please her. The biggest question is who will be the third guy in the tried. She needs to find that guy attractive  plus the two guys have to get along well too, because if they want to make it successful and pleasant sexual experience, they going to have to work as a team.

A good friend is the best choice, however, it is very hard for married couples, because  they don’t want to advertise their personal sex life for their friends and they don’t want to invite friend into their sex life. It is a bit easier for boyfriend – girlfriend couples.

But if two people really want something to happen, they will make it happen and will find the right guy. If you did not find yet check out our erotic sex personals and you will find a lot of willing man there.

double penetrationCasual Sex Dating Ads

Finally you found the right guy and you invited him to your home and or a hotel room. You have to be prepared if you want to make this scenario a great sexual experience.

Few tings would be handy, for example you favorite romantic music CD, some drink, maybe candles, maybe some erotic movies. Hopefully you going to need a lot of condom and lube, also you might need few wet baby wipes.

All three of you sit in the living room and your get together do not want to turn to be an erotic get together. Probably you already talked it trough why you guys are there, so all three of you know what should happen and either of you don’t know how to start and or all three of you scare to start.

You need to socialize a bit but not to much. You do not want to spend all night with chatting. You have more important things to do. So have few sip of drinks, it will clam the nerve down, talk a bit and go for it. She just should go to one of the guy and sit in his lap. According to the un-written no commitment swingers sex etiquette, it is very polite if she starts with guest guy. Just sit in his laps and start to touch and or kiss him. This first move will be the hardest, but from here everything should run nice and smooth.

nsa sex fantasy

How To Begin The Erotic Play In Male Female Male Threesome

After few minutes touching and kissing, the permanent partner, or husband 🙂 should  get involved in the play too. He just should go there and for example start to kiss her neck and he should start to undress her. From this point mother nature should take it over. If mother nature wont do it, she has to do.

She can perform erotic dance to both guys, get naked all the way, get them naked too and push some body parts into the guys face, like boobs and butt and pussy. This will do…

She will be extremely horny and the guys should be hard by now too. Remember this was her fantasy and it is getting reality. She have four hands and two mouths over her body. She can play with two eager hard cocks. She can be eaten out by one guy and she can perform oral sex on the other guy. There are millions of things that two guys and a woman can do. There is no foreplay long enough, but at one point the actual intercourse has to begin.

Male  Female Male Threesome Sex Positions

double penetrationDouble Penetration

The double penetration sex position on the picture at left, the lady need to be very flexible. However with that position the guys are in 100%  control. They control the speed and the deepness of the penetration.

The easiest threesome position is the doggy style. In doggy style she can have vaginal penetration with one guy and the other can perform oral sex on her, or he can suck her boobs or she can perform oral sex on the guy.

On the picture at next is a doggy style anal – vaginal double penetration. The extra guy under her, perform vaginal penetration. The guy behind her, moved forward, he is almost top of her and he perform deep anal penetration.

double penetrationRead more about double penetration…

In threesome safe sex is a most. It is okay to see unprotected sexual intercourse, but it is not okay to perform it.

Also if there is to be anal play, you have to be sure you use latex gloves and change condoms to avoid cross contamination.  If anal penetration is desired, once again the best position is doggy style, but you have to be very careful with the lube. You should not let the lube drip from her but on to her vagina, because that lube going to transfer all kind of nasty bacteria, and she might get a nasty vaginal infections.

If you guys really into the game, you can perform double vaginal penetration.  The easiest way to do it. One guy lies on his back, with wide open legs. She gets on top of him, face to the guy’s face. His cock in her pussy. She bends forward to on his chest as low as she can. He should support himself with his legs and lift up his own hip a little.

Because she is bending forward, and he lifted up her a bit, her but should point to upward, just like on the picture above. The second guy go behind her, and sleeps his penis into her vagina.

This need some practice, the highs really have to mach to make it work, but if the two guys get it right she will achieve an incredible fulfilling orgasm.  Also this position excellent to perform vaginal – anal  double penetration. In that case the guy behind her, have to penetrate her golden hole.

If that above double penetration to much for her, one of the guy can perform vaginal penetration and the other guy can play with any of her body part. And after a while, the guys should rotate.

As I stated above two guys and a woman together, able to do do millions of erotic things.

One more thing….

In our society women have the opportunity to decide between work, family or both. What about sex and orgasm? Do a woman have the same opportunity in sex as in work?

Even though a lot of woman today smart, sassy,  and not just career oriented, a lot of man would answer with a single NO.

Yet while we all imagine we’re having exciting sex lives like the cast of Sex and the City, how many of us actually are? How many woman have mind blowing orgasm frequently?

We have solution for her. Read more at next…


Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story

Happily married couple into threesome with young men