How To Find Compatible NSA Sex Partner

It is hard to find a compatible sex partner who enjoys casual sex and it’s even harder to find women. Women who are into leisure sex, they like to choose their own playmate, except if they are looking for a couple. Let’s check out the next ad. I copied it from our members section.

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swinger coupleplaycouple

“… We are a couple who are looking for a woman who would like to have sex with me, while my husband watches. If you have man in your life, You can bring him if he wants to watch too, however I wont have penetrative sex with your man…” Continue Reading…

Finding a lady who is interested in the above is like finding a gold mine. Every swinger enjoys having a sex partner without any strings attached and lately not only swingers enjoy no commitment sexual relationships. Nothing can get better than this. You dream about being able to do this, but you never get to. You have lost all hope haven’t you? Don’t lose hope. In this article, we will give you some idea how to find those partners for causal sex. Also there is always something that is good to know.

At first. If you are looking for a female for casual sex, the best way to go is to find a married lady. Whatever happens, happens, she will not talk about getting married, she is already married. Married women usually play with the presence of their husband only. You have to deal with this. If you want to have casual sex with someone else than your wife, then your wife has a same right to have casual sex with other men. If you can not get used to this – then it would be better to forget it or try to find a single woman. Continue Reading…

How To Find Single Girl or Man For Casual Sex

If you spend time and energy to look for a single nsa sex partner for leisure sex, sooner or later you will succeed. You can browse adult dating profiles for free, even in this website. Single ladies have sexual fantasies too. Some of them deny it, some others don’t. However, it is well know, a man need to put more time and more work into to develop casual sex relationship. Continue Reading…

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Single women, single men. The word single is a danger. They do not have a permanent partner, they can get very attached. This might cause lots of problems.

What you should do? You should act like you enjoyed the sex and her / his company, but don’t get overwhelmed about it. Even if you had a best sex in your life, don’t let her / him know about it.

Don’t buy a present. If your partner is female never bring over a bunch of roses. Roses smell like romance… and you are not looking for romance. If she is single and she has sex with you and you bring over a bunch of roses, she will think you want more than just sex. Don’t get fooled into this! Be nice, but when it comes to spending money, take out her a dinner or buy her a drink.

This is pretty much the same if your no commitment sex partner is a male. You should not buy him and should not accept a present from him. If your sexual rendezvous happens to be at a hotel set up with a male – the guys should share the hotel bill. But this should be made clear before the date. Continue Reading…


Woman looking for a single men for casual NSA sex

Do you like it, if your woman have nsa sex with others?

Anal Sex on the First Date

Everyone has their  own idea about  first date and how they first date should end. Our idea is nsa sex, preferable with mfm threesome that might turn into anal sex. But we have some problem to find willing couples lately.

double penetration

No String Attached Sex Dating Ads

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We are on an erotic adult dating website, one would think people comes here to find sex partner and or nsa sex, so they do not looking for the old fashioned romantic dating stuff  here, they want sex on the first date.

We too, not time to wait until the third date and if we find our dating partner attractive enough, she doesn’t mind anal sex. However we do have trouble to find similar couples and “quality” single men.

So our question is:  How long it takes a woman (who is into anal sex) to let a man enter in the back door?   Seriously,  what is the shortest amount of time from meeting a man to having anal sex with him? Continue Reading…

anal sex

anal playan_unlikely_pair

More than 100 years… We are into anal play, with sex friend. Anal sex need trust, how can you trust someone just after few hours of meet? Also anal sex needs preparation. If I’m going to invest that kind of commitment (fasting, cleansing, etc.) I going to do it for our sex friend, not before a first date, for someone who we did not even meet yet. Thanks but not tanks. Continue Reading…


casual sexanalfetishcpl

We’ve done anal play on a first “date” or a one night stand…  I don’t do much prep. No fasting for me, I just make sure I clean back there too.

If someone want  to stick his cock up my ass, then he can get what he want, I’ve had not a single complaint about it, but it have to be okay for hubby too. Continue Reading…



According to our experience,  Middle Eastern women prefer to do anal sex before vaginal sex. I suppose  because there is no risk of pregnancy and in their home country anal sex is very popular sexual activity.

Other women prefer to get comfortable with vaginal sex prior to opening the back door, so it depends on, what the actual lady like or don’t. Continue Reading…


anal sex2trythis

This website groups’ section have “anal lovers club“. The club is categorized by areas, try to find club members from your city or close to your city and your problem is solved. Continue Reading…

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Anal Sex During Pregnancy

Anal vaginal double penetration is my long time erotic fantasy

More info on anal sex on first date

Professional Woman Looking for Sex Friend

I am not desperate, not yet, but very frustrated. Let me explain, I am a 28 years old, professional woman, with good carrier, but unfortunately my love live is zero.   I am out of an almost 7+ years long relationship, which is the only one that I can call serious relationship.  It started in my late teen age, and lasted true university.

looking for nsalookinf4sexfriend

I am very busy and have no time to romantic dinners and walk in the park, etc, but I need a man in my live few times a month, A man, a sex friend.

My carrier takes 16-18 hours a day, which is why I don’t have time for  romantic dating so I came to the conclusion that I really want to try this sex friend thing,  casual sex with a sex friend, nothing more, nothing less.

looking for  sex  friendlookinf4sexfriend

I am suddenly curious about going into a nightclub and meeting someone just for sex.  And than if we can make happy each other, than maybe develop a  nsa  sex friend relationship.

I have been to various nightclubs before,  with friends and colleagues, but I have never seen/noticed that strangers randomly meet.

Are there specific clubs I need to go to, where there are other men – women who are looking for the same thing?

Or should I keep trying on websites like this?

What should I do? Anyone have any recommendations? Continue Reading…


casual sex anonymous

I came here for pretty much  the same reason and I can tell you its not easy, but easier than in any nightclub.

In the club you meet someone, and end of the night take him somewhere privet and you have a one night stand.  According to your photos  you are an interactive woman, so it wont be to hard.

However, to have nsa, with a man you just met  few hours earlier is a bad idea. You don’t know he is a rapist or criminal or who really is.

Here you can contact men and you can ask anything before you meet, that you would not ask face to face during your first meeting. The problem is, a lot of fake profiles are here. You need to filter them out.

I am sure you  will find someone here, just be smart… Continue Reading…

casual sexWomen Looking For Sex Friends


casual sex career-woman

Looks like all professional women comes here including myself for nsa sex partner.

I am member here more than 2 years and I always find what I am looking for, what is more than just get than and have penetrative sex.

One would ask, you are still here? Because, sex friend or not after few ties or few months, it gets boring, routine sex, so need to change.

Find someone at first was hard, but at one pint I figured out how to use this website and from that point it is a piece of cake… Continue Reading…


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

The only place you can go and guarantee to find sex partner fast is a swingers  club or a erotic house party.

There is no guarantee you will find a nice man in any night club who will sleep with you after an hour of talking. If you are not picky in any bar you can find man for one night stand, but as it stated above, that is a big risk.

My advice is, browse this website local section, there is a lot of  casual sex related parties and get together listed. I am sure you will find swingers club, or erotic parties, that hosted in in your city. Continue Reading…

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Friendship or sex friendship

Married woman looking for friend with benefits (fuck buddy)

Do you like it, if your woman have nsa sex with others?

My boyfriend and I used to got to the bars to pick up men, take them to a motel and have three or more some with them. Sometimes we did the same with couples.  We developed some kind of sex friendship with some of those couples.

horn brunettehorny brunette

However single men are more fun, the play with them always was a one night stand, so they could not get attached.

And than, some men, actually majority of men if they are with their partner, wife etc, can’t handle to see her to get satisfied by other man or men…

In my case it was easy, my boyfriend was pretty much on the same page with me, if the subject was casual sex.  More is merrier…

I said he was, but he is not anymore.  I tried to take our relationship to the next step one day, and he changed. He said he is not ready for long term commitment… If you see my photos, I am not a child anymore, and he is older than I, so if he is not ready now, than he wont be ready ever.

horny brunetteWomen looking for casual date

Than I found out, the problem is my sexual appetite, I always horny… and I like to play with different men. He wants me to be monogamous but he does not mind to screw  around with our sex friends.

I don’t think he is right… So my question is for men: Do you like being in a relationship with a woman who sleeps with other men with your participation, never without you? Or she just should have sex with you only?


Why Would Anyone Take a Third Person Into Their Marital Relationship

Spontaneous  threesomes with your friend and his wife. One women have sex with her husband and his friend.

Sex party at Eastern with my hot wife

I am a practicing Hotwife. Our marriage is open on my end. My husband has a fantasy of sharing me with other men and I date other men sexually in order to fulfill his fantasy which supercharges our own marriage and builds intimacy.

When I go home, after sex plays I  explain him in details what the other man did with me and this turn him on. It makes me horny just to know he will get turned on by my action.

hotwifing CoupleHotwife Looking for Playmates

For example we were invited to a Eastern party, it wasn’t s sex party but we made that Eastern Sex party in a hotel room, after the regular Eastern party.

Its getting complicate, eh? It is not, let me explain. At the party, there was two guys who really flirted with me. I told to my husband I think they would be happy to fuck me…. He said it sounds like fun, but you need t explain it to me  after.

So I picked the guys up, yes both… Than  the two guys and I went in a hotel room and I had sex with both. It was a disaster. Their  love making technique sucked… they hit their orgasm, before I  got halfway to rich my…   and their cock was smaller then my 10 years old son’s.

horny married woman

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However at home I lied to my hubby, I told him they did me really good and really hard, I told him one of them had a  so big and so fat cock at first I was sure I cold not take it,  but somehow I did manage it, than he penetrated me so hard with his monster cock, I could not stop to cumming.

This small lie was a big turn on for my hubby. He always try to outperform my hotwifing sex partners, plus his cock is a decent size 7″ , but at this time he outperformed himself too.

He was a sex magic and for real, I could not stop to cumming. This is the beauty of hotwifing…



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