Swingers Women Gang Bang Fantasy at Halloween

For certain type of men, women, and couples casual sex is the best way to satisfy their erotic fantasy. Summer is over, there are limited activities available outside. Then comes Halloween, after Halloween the Holiday season isn’t to far and parties being organized all over.

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So those certain type of people start to fantasize about sex, many of them connect sex to variety. Women never talked about erotic fantasy 50 year ago. Their kept it themselves, but since the Internet boom, everything has changed, include women and their sexuality. They can talk and they can do something about their erotic fantasy.

For example an open minded married couple get an invitation to a Halloween party. The party wasn’t planned to be a sex party, it just supposed to be Halloween party. However there was a couple on the guest list who visited swingers club before. Party goes on, people drink, maybe they had more drink that they should have, maybe they puffed some dope too, include our married couple. Alcohol and drug isn’t a good combination, so their guard goes down.

They started to talk about their erotic fantasy, with the couple who isn’t strange to swinging, than they end up dancing and  touching each other, so they decided to go to the swingers club together. Continue Reading…

What will happen at that swingers club?

I assume they meet with swingers. Swingers are open minded people, majority of them married or live together with long term partner. Some of them naturally free of jealousy, others learned how to deal with emotion, in order to live their life as erotic as they want. The word swinging is not that cool anymore. Lately people use lifestyle, no string attached sex, casual sex, recreational sex, socialize… People go to the sex club to socialize…? I don’t get it, I think they go there to have no string attached, no commitment sex. Younger people does not swing this days, they sexting, than hook up…

What ever we name it… they are looking for no string attached sex (NSA SEX) another word for it: friendship with erotic benefits.

If you are thinking about get into this lifestyle, if you would like to find casual sex partners, by join a swingers club, you should know that new couples and single women are always welcome. You will find the club members eager to share their experiences, how they started and how they handled their own sex related relationship issues. They are more then happy to talk about, what they have done to overcome their inhibitions and insecurities and other, NSA casual sex related details.  Continue Reading…

It is a little harder for single men, but there is always a way. Single men best chance is with married couples. A lot of couples looking for extra men to their sex play, special around Halloween. A lot of woman erotic fantasy to get gang banged at Halloween, by a bunch of monsters…

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Casual sex and swinging is often powered by a woman’s bi sexuality or exhibitionism. Most swingers women are bi or bi curious. Their husband, spouse, want them to be happy while they have fun too…

Some couples have gone to the limit of what sexual experimentation they can do with each other, including sharing fantasies. They want to share more then fantasies, they want to share their partner too.

As often as swinging, swingers clubs and swingers parties provide opportunities for a woman to find pussy for herself and dance naked in a crowd if she is into exhibitionism or voyeurism. Continue Reading…

It also offers a loving wife the chance to fulfill not just her own, but her husband erotic fantasy too. There are not to many men on this world, who never dreamed about sex with two women. In this lifestyle, dream like this can be reality very easily.

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Swingers Sex Party Photos with Adult Dating Ads


Girls guide to one night stand

Threesome at Eastern Weekend. Good or bad idea?

threesome Swingers Sex Dating Ads

We are a married, Catholic  couple. We got married in the local Catholic’s church, but just because we are catholic, it does not mean we do not like sex and nsa sex…

nsa sex datingnsalovers

Our problem is, our long time fantasy (mainly my, the wife’s) is a mfm threesome. Finally we get invited to a house party tomorrow, which is Eastern Saturday. They did not say, that would be a sex party, but we know, the host couple into nsa sex.

I am sure we will have an oportunity to make our fantasy real, if we go to that party, but my hubby say, a  mfm threesome is not a good idea at Eastern time… I strongly disagree with him, but we decided to get advice from more experienced  people…

Ladies and gentlemen: Is it a good idea to try a mfm threesome or not at this weekend? Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

Celebrate Eastern with threesome.

I personally believe a mfm threesome is always a good idea… even for you. You try it, and if you do not like it, you wont do anymore, but if you wont try it, it always will be in your mind, something like you missed to opportunity…

If I were you I would go for it… Continue Reading…



We use to have threesome fantasy too and that is not just fantasy anymore… a well organized mfm is a lot of fun, but I have my sayin’.

You wrote you are Catholic, hardcore Catholics do not have sex outside in their marriage, plus hard core Catholics go in the church at Eastern time, not to a party in a hope to find partner for threesome sex, so I assume, you are not that hard core Catholics.

Therefore why not? As it stated at above, if you never try, you never know you are  going to like it or not… Continue Reading…

threesome pussy eatingCouples Looking form Men for MFM Threesome Sex

horny womanchic

Threesomes are good at any times, if the players into the mood…

At above is; “hardcore catholics do not have sex outside in their marriage”. I agree with that sentence, so they are maybe… planning to keep that threesome in the family. Dad, mom and the oldest boy… What happens in the family, stays in the family… Continue Reading…



Thanks for you advice chic but no, we do not want to have that threesome with our child, our marriage is child less, but your post planted an idea in my mind… a mfm would be a lot of fun with a man who is young enough to be my son… Continue Reading…


threesome sesbackfmore

The wife and I really like threesomes and we are both very straight. We would not have any problem with three way sex at Eastern Saturday, it is like any other Saturday for us.

You never know if you don’t try… Continue Reading…


swingers sexitimebomb666

I’ve only participated in a couple of mfm’s and a few fmf’s threesome.

Apart from the 1st mfm was a bit awkward at the start (it was with a freind of mine and a girl we both new and I always thought it would be with a stranger couple). However it turned to be real good when we passed that few uncomfortable minutes.

All the other three ways were fantastic and I cant wait for next one. You should go for it. Continue Reading…

interracial sexInterracial Sex At Eastern Time

swingers sexsexseek

If all three parties involved are all on the same page and in agreement with the rules etc. then it should be all good, even at Eastern Saturday.

Your husband does not like the idea, so his not on the same page, so don’t do it or you risk your marriage. He might not ready for see you have sex with other men, or maybe he back off because of his religion.

Either way, I would back off too, but I would tell him, “You are right honey, we should not go to that Eastern Sex Party,  not even sure it will be a sex party, but I do not give up on my fantasy and I really want to get over with, so I will try to find a young guy and you and him can make my fantasy reality. I’ll wait a week or two, but no more.”



Threesome is just sex for fun and as long as it stays that way it’s fine, but both of you both have to want it to make it happen…


Threesome with your wife, or threesome with somebody’s wife? Let’s get kinky.

Other threesome related questions and answers from our members

Tips and ideas to organize an erotic party

Connection is key in NSA sex

There are a lot of man looking for the same things with me… Which is NSA sex. No string sex, no attachment, nothing inhuman… just clean pure NSA fun. So the site have a big selection of users and profiles to chose from. Continue Reading…

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NSA sexstaci301p

So… You see a profile its smart is funny there are no face pictures but that is OK.

You message the person they message you back. Time to exchange some photos, or maybe web-cam…

Than you open that attachment and the photo is not horrid but not attractive at all to you Your heart sinks… Whats your next move? Continue Reading…


no string sexno-string-fun

When you figure out the answer to that, please share. It happens to me all the time.

Usually I can use the excuse that we are looking for different things. I am sure men have perhaps have see my face and felt the same. Oh well, time to move on… Continue Reading…


swingers sexsexylegs1952

Good luck to find  Ken and Barbi here. I am looking for  intellect and humor… This things make people sexy.

In my own experience, “average” looking men, make better lovers than a man like Ken… Connection is key in NSA sex, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

Some people are not photogenic. Continue Reading…


erotic datingskylaanddean

Sexylegs I agree…

I never like my face picture. I always want them retaken thats why you will never see MY face in a photo on here. Continue Reading…


Women for sex66LUV

This is why I insist on a face shot (either in an email or in a profile) before I waste any of his or my time. I’m not just here to screw few penis, I want more.

I am absolutely not trying to be shallow… I just know that if either one of us is not attracted to the other, it wastes time and leads them on.

There HAS to be an attraction, even just a little, for a NSA relationship to occur. Continue Reading…



How to create good and catchy adult dating personal ad

Tips to attract women

Recreational respect of sexual pressure

NSA Sex – Swingers Sex. Swing or not to swing…?


swingers sexIwantMore

I don’t put much stock into the face picture. When I make mine available to the man I am about to meet, I always say something like, I won’t be offended if you want to pass.

What I am most interested in is a face photo that will allow me to identify him when he walks into the café I chose for the first meeting. If he gets there before me, I want to spot
him right away and walk up to him to say hello.

I don’t care all that much about looks or what other people think the right looks are. I want to know that the man is a good person and that I can feel comfortable with him.

I am not looking for arm candy.

On the off chance that a face picture was so unappealing I knew there was absolutely no hope for things to go anywhere. I would tell him I was thinking about everything we said
up until this point and I have changed my mind about meeting.

If he asks was it his picture, I would say that it was the whole package. I would phrase that slightly better though.

I don’t see any reason to insult someone just because you don’t like his looks. I can assure you that man is some woman’s angel child. Continue Reading…


NSA sexStolenNectar

Some people are not facially photogenic but have good personalities, they are funny, easy going, etc and things like this compensate for that in NSA sex relationship. Continue Reading…

casual sex

NSA sexSussy1828

When I find myself staring at someone who doesn’t cause a wee bit of a spark, I send him a response saying I didn’t feel the chemistry, or I don’t think we are a good match.

We’re supposed to be adults here, and all of us come here for some kind of sex… so if he can’t handle it…oh well, that is his problem. Continue Reading…


horny coupleteamplayer

To me, personality is more important than appearances,
and I agree with Sexylegs. Average looking men often make
better sex partners.

That said, it’s possible to find their appearance very unattractive. Then, I politely let them know that I’m not attracted to them. Keep in mind that it is also
possible that they might feel no attraction either.

It’s not realistic to expect everyone to like everyone else, or everyone to be attracted to everyone else. In fact, the world will be a very boring place. Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

Well I guess that depends on you value more, looks or personality. It’s no good being with the guy who has model good looks if he is a asshole! Continue Reading…


NSA sexqtpnkpssy66

I just had a couple tell me, what is going to happen when I play with them so her hubby and herself  could enjoy me…. They forget to read my, our  profile… We stated it, we do not play alone.

Unicorn hunters, stupid a-holes. Back to the question (sorry for the vent)…..Yep, the body and cock picture seldom match the face, sad but true.

My line is ‘sorry, but the interest is not mutual, sorry for the waste of your time’. Continue Reading…


NSA sexthebabygurl70

I have to disagree with everyone except for outtherelinda for a change.
To me, someone that can make me laugh is way sexier than a pretty face or a great body.

I mean, I ain’t nothin’ to brag about, why should I be concerned about his looks?

My only requirements are clean fingernails, good grooming and no rotten teeth. Continue Reading…


casual sexWeAreHere4NSA

We tried that “Looks aren’t as important as personality” line. Found some potential friends…. but without the spark of attraction it’s just dead air, even in no commitment sex.

A picture worth more than 1000 words, but a picture don’t always get that across, though.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – it’s some little thing like the shape of the eyes or the crook of a smile that gets you and photos might not necessarily show that. Continue Reading…

What do horny couples like doing the most with a single guys?

Remember,  NSA sex is, no committed or no string attached sex.  Basically it is like swinging, NSA sex,  swingers sex are recreational sex. There single men, women and couples who are into NSA, sex. Once again… NSA sex is like swinging

NSA sex dating ads

casual sexweRhere4NSA

Even though a lot of people, who are into NSA sex states it, NSA sex is not equal with swingers sex. They are right or don’t, either way both type of sexual activity is no commitment sex, just non-monogamy recreational  sex. Many couples go bowling for fun and recreation; People from this website and swingers have NSA sex for fun and recreation.

All of us know that, bi single women (unicorns) are very popular here. The second group of famous players are the couples to couples play… Both gender have their playmates. Than  the single people with friend with benefits, and or fuck buddies. At the end is the  couples and single guys.

It makes me wonder; what do horny couples like doing the most with a single guys? What a  single guy can do and a man from the other couple can’t? Continue reading


NSA Sex1Str8Man

Well… I can analyze it single men NSA sex and couples scenario a little further…. That single guy can be strait like I, or bi sexual like many others here.

If he is strait the couple can have MFM threesome and everyone will play, no one will watch. They can have a threesome with an other couple too, in fact they can have FMF threesome too, but 1 person will watch, and there are a lot of people who do not like to be watched. I guess this is one reason, why couples choose single guys to play with… but there are a lot of others… Continue reading


swingers sexnew-cpl

What do couples like doing the most with a single guy? In our case, my husband is bi, therefore we play with bi single guys only. This way he can have and I can have my share of fun too.

If we play with an other bi couple, there would be an other women and the guys would be “wear down” very fast.

Plus it is extremely erotic… when my husband penetrate me and he is getting penetrated in the same time whit a large cock… Continue reading



The taste of my pussy juices turns me on even more! I enjoy the taste of my lover’s cock after he has had it inside of me.

Our website  threesome page is just updated with threesome related information and with new detailed threesome sex position. Also few new threesome sex position photos added too.

For more threesome info, visit our erotic on-line  forum – magazine – erotic dating advice line.

Female – female – male threesomes. She can have dick and pussy too…

The female – female – male threesomes are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time, which mean dick and pussy at the same time.

Swingers Sex


NSA SexIWantItGood999XX

Oh I’m sure that’s going to vary greatly for each
couple!  It depends on the participating single guy and the couples sexuality…

Some will want the guys fuck the female while her husband just watches.  Some will want both males playing and fucking the female either at the same time and/or separately or after each otehr.

Some want one or both males sucking one another and one male might fuck the other male!!!

I’m sure, there are  all sorts of various scenarios! Continue reading


NSA sexqtpnkpssy66

Hmmmm… Couple and single guy is a perfect scenario for double penetration! Yummy!!!

Take turns pounding the hell out me, than both penetrates me (anal, vaginal double) YES I ma in a big time! Male – male play, hell no! Just my take… Continue reading


double penetration badlilginger

For me the ultimate goal of a mfm threesome, hubby, and I with the single guy. It will turn into a double penetration… If only it was
as easy to perform for the guys  as porn movies portrays it to be. Continue reading

swingers sex adsSwingers Recreational Sex Dating Ads

NSA sexdoubledeeplover

I picture worth more than 1000 words. Check  our photos out and you will see what we like to do with a single guy…

However married couples usually have non-reproductive sexual activity  with single men with single individuals, to create monogamous lovers scenario, have multiple orgasm of any kind of  sex (bi or strait). This is why we are here.  Continue reading


adult datinglove4some

With all due respect to all single male… and for single females too…  If you
only bringing your own meat, please be willing to enjoy all meat that is there to enjoy.

Or if you only bring your own “beaver” then be willing to receive and enjoy all of our meat…   Just our opinion. Continue reading


swingers sexJohnboy236

I think you have asked a  big load of questions with that two questions… Before a single person plays with a couple, first have to find out the couple’s ground rules. We have a few very specific rules… one of them is no anal sex with the extra guy.

Then what part the husband or the male from the host couple will play, some watch and then join in, some are looking for joint action so it is different with each couple.

horny couples

The single guy must also realize that being a three some, even in MFM  it will be close to other guys junk, so there must likely will be some touching….

I am sure you know what MMF stand for, so if they looking for MMF, than be ready to give and receive too.

That is unless the husband or boyfriend is only going to watch and chock his chicken.

We find that in a threesome, single guys, if  they are are not bi, making the woman the focal point is best bet, pleasing her and doing as she requests will make things go easy.

So your answer is it could be anything and everything but in most cases you will have fun. Continue reading


Casual sexOralTagTeam

What do couples want from Single guys…?

Since we are married we play only together, but  I have a great expedience from before we got married.

I’ve been contacted about some of everything… The greatest moment I’ve had on Swingers Couple’s website is being contacted for a dick sucking bet… Matter of fact, this was my first meet off  from Swingers Couple’s website.

horny womenThe couple was looking for well hung guys. I needed to prove my cock size with a cock photo next  to a ruler…

The husband had bet his wife that she couldn’t deep throat me. I met the wife, she take me home and  walks me to the bedroom, where she proceeds to try to take down to her throat for about an hour, without him there…

Then he comes in naked and I see why I’m there… She did not really want a deepthroat… She wanted a large cock, but did not want to say it to the hubby… because the hubby was extra small. I am bigger than an average, but not extra large.. around 8 inches.   But I’m about 3 times the size of her hubby’s dick… So as she still tried to deepthroat me, he starts fucking her from behind…

It was my first threesome, his small dick or not, but it was so erotic I bust my load all over her… and from the stage fever I could not get it up again… so she did not have the big cock at that time…

My worst is where the couple lied to get me there, and when I got there, they wanted me to fuck her husband, because she wanted to watch. I left with light’s speed, before I had a chance to say no… Continue reading


I really want to be gangbanged, and I can’t find willing men

I really want to arrange a gangbang with several local men and film it. I have had two men at once many times, but the thought of being the center of attention of five or more
men really turns me on. Continue Reading…

NSA Sex Ads

NSA sexStolenNectar

My problem is, whenever men here contact me and I tell them I would consider them as a gangbang participant if they’re interested, I never hear back from them.

Maybe they think I’m being sarcastic, I don’t know. Can you give me any suggestions as to how I can convince them that I really want to be gangbanged? Continue Reading…


Older womantakeme

I find a lot of guys have no problem offering their “services” to someone when it comes to a fantasy or whatever. I guess put it on your profile so they’ll see it ahead of time.

You can’t discuss everything with everyone. Not everyone is receptive. The ones who are will let you know. Continue Reading…

I like big man. Big cocks, I mean, big cocks on regular size men.

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.


NSA sexdoubledeeplover

We find as the above lady said, a lot of guys offering their service, one and one sex.

But when they find out, there will be other men and or camera, or thy have to play in a team setting, even in a MFM threesome, they just chicken out. I am not sure why so…. but they always find some excuse not to show up.., if more then one men is involved. Continue Reading…


swingers couplesNjoy_a_lil_tango

My man tried several times to arrange a gangbang with me the center. All those who jumped on and said “count me in” never said another word. It ended up being just me, him, and a lot of toys, and I gotta admit, it was fun as hell just playing with all the toys with him!!! We did not even talked about cameras…

Don’t hold your breath. Most guys are talk, especially when talking about more than one on one. That homophobic thing for sure.

Good luck getting what you’re craving! Continue Reading…


NSA sexcuckoldcpl

You just need the fight group of guys… A swingers club would be a good place to start to get gangbanged. If a woman wants a gang bang in a swingers club, it will happen. I saw this happen…but there is no camera allowed in any swingers club.

Personally I think gangbangs are gross…. But what ever is your fantasy, it is your fantasy. Continue Reading…

swingers sex ads

NSA sextickylicky

My hubby arranges most all of my gangbang encounters,  and he does not have any problem to find willing guys, but we do not use camera. We do not want to be porn stars…

I do get very excited when he tells me that his buddy’s are coming over and he starts setting up for the camera.  I know for sure I’m going to be fucked by a number of guys from the ages of 19 to 49 (so far).

So maybe get a naughty boyfriend to help you out!!! Continue Reading…


NSA sexalethalguy

Find a kinky boyfriend. Ask him to invite 5-7 guys over at same time. Have some drink and watch some porn movie and start play with each other at the front of the guys. Then invite them to join in.  Possible 1 0r two will leave and 3 would join in… and one would watch it and masturbate… However the camera could be a problem.  Continue Reading…


swingers sexjustdome

The easiest way would be to have a male friend who you totally trust set it up for you…

He can pre screen the men then you can select the ones you want.  If you want 5, get at least 10, because half of them won’t show up… and no camera.  Continue Reading…