Professional Woman Looking for Sex Friend

I am not desperate, not yet, but very frustrated. Let me explain, I am a 28 years old, professional woman, with good carrier, but unfortunately my love live is zero.   I am out of an almost 7+ years long relationship, which is the only one that I can call serious relationship.  It started in my late teen age, and lasted true university.

looking for nsalookinf4sexfriend

I am very busy and have no time to romantic dinners and walk in the park, etc, but I need a man in my live few times a month, A man, a sex friend.

My carrier takes 16-18 hours a day, which is why I don’t have time for  romantic dating so I came to the conclusion that I really want to try this sex friend thing,  casual sex with a sex friend, nothing more, nothing less.

looking for  sex  friendlookinf4sexfriend

I am suddenly curious about going into a nightclub and meeting someone just for sex.  And than if we can make happy each other, than maybe develop a  nsa  sex friend relationship.

I have been to various nightclubs before,  with friends and colleagues, but I have never seen/noticed that strangers randomly meet.

Are there specific clubs I need to go to, where there are other men – women who are looking for the same thing?

Or should I keep trying on websites like this?

What should I do? Anyone have any recommendations? Continue Reading…


casual sex anonymous

I came here for pretty much  the same reason and I can tell you its not easy, but easier than in any nightclub.

In the club you meet someone, and end of the night take him somewhere privet and you have a one night stand.  According to your photos  you are an interactive woman, so it wont be to hard.

However, to have nsa, with a man you just met  few hours earlier is a bad idea. You don’t know he is a rapist or criminal or who really is.

Here you can contact men and you can ask anything before you meet, that you would not ask face to face during your first meeting. The problem is, a lot of fake profiles are here. You need to filter them out.

I am sure you  will find someone here, just be smart… Continue Reading…

casual sexWomen Looking For Sex Friends


casual sex career-woman

Looks like all professional women comes here including myself for nsa sex partner.

I am member here more than 2 years and I always find what I am looking for, what is more than just get than and have penetrative sex.

One would ask, you are still here? Because, sex friend or not after few ties or few months, it gets boring, routine sex, so need to change.

Find someone at first was hard, but at one pint I figured out how to use this website and from that point it is a piece of cake… Continue Reading…


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

The only place you can go and guarantee to find sex partner fast is a swingers  club or a erotic house party.

There is no guarantee you will find a nice man in any night club who will sleep with you after an hour of talking. If you are not picky in any bar you can find man for one night stand, but as it stated above, that is a big risk.

My advice is, browse this website local section, there is a lot of  casual sex related parties and get together listed. I am sure you will find swingers club, or erotic parties, that hosted in in your city. Continue Reading…

swingers sexMarried Couples Looking for Men for Ongoing Sex Relationship



Friendship or sex friendship

Married woman looking for friend with benefits (fuck buddy)

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is in it over the limit?

We are a married couple and love sex more than work out… and we work out 4 times a week. Anyways sex is fun and NSA sex more fun, however I wasn’t always into nsa, but once I finally came around to it, I found out that no string attached sex is one of the most dynamic and erotic sexual experiences that a woman can have.

fun cplfun_cpl

At first the idea of knowing or even worst… watching my hubby have sex with other women, turned me off, but I never minded the idea to having XXX fun with other men.

My husband, his name is Frank, really wanted to have sex with other women and he was honest about it. He helped me to see that his love for me was true, and our relationship and our well balanced, but sometimes boring sex life would improve by sharing ourselves with others.

I have to admit that, the thought of playing with another couple or men did sound like fun. I could imagine what four horny people can do together in the same bed.  At once Frank said he knew the perfect couple to do it with. He said his work buddy Andy is a really nice guy and his wife Tammy a pretty and very friendly lady. He said he and Andy been talking about sex a lot lately, that’s how the foursome idea came up. After that they realized that this is their fantasies, and they want to do it. All they had to do was convince the ladies.

We were in bed, when Frank first brought it up. I never met Andy or Tammy, but he told me he is sure I will like them. Just imagine, he said: “You are lying on the bed, I am sucking your boobs, Andy is performing oral sex on you and at the same time he receive a blow job from his wife.” Continue reading...

fun couple

No String Attached Sex Dating

Erotic talk like that, took some times, but had me convinced. After 5 years of marriage and  5 years of missionary love making I guess I was ready for spice things up in my sex life.

He talked a lot at many times and  I was getting hotter and hornier. I could practically feel that other man between my legs, so I said ok, lets meet them.

Then we met at the weekend after this and we had our first sex play. It  was incredible…. Since that we had more than a few and we both ( I mean both couples) want more, so we  decided to organize a sex party in a close by city in a hotel suite. The husbands knows few good men… and women and they said they are willing to play. Don’t ask me how they know them. Continue reading...

no string attached dating

Our home town and sex party out of the question, because it is a small town and everybody knows everything what ever  happened or don’t happened, plus it is a really old fashioned catholic  town.

And here comes my problem. We are religious, and consider as “regular” in our church and so far we were able to separate our religion from our casual sex life. However the sex party… All of the people who might participate want it to make it happen at Easter Saturday. Continue reading...

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is it over the limit?


nsa sex pregy-buthorny

Casual sex… you are into it or not. If you are into does not matter it will  be Easter on not.

I just read in the news, in Italy priests made sex party in the church, so I guess you have nothing to worry about. Continue reading...


gang bang chichere2play

Easter or not, any day is a good day to have sex with multiply sex partners, but Saturday is the best day, because Sunday you have time recuperate…

If you are so religious, than you  already know  you will end up in the Hell, so what ever time you have left over here in our world,  enjoy to the max…

There is no hell in my religion, so I have nothing to worry about… Continue reading...


Threesome at Eastern Weekend. Good or bad idea?

No string attached sex cause complication in my life

I’ve had a sex friend I met here on Swingers Couple for some time now. I am not married, neither is he, sex is great our relationship is strictly no string attached sex relationship.  I don’t think we do and ever did anything that causes problem for anyone, until now…

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no string attached sexslut4cam

At now the problem is,   that he has found someone in his life who cares for him very much.

He claims not to be attached to her as much as she is to him.
She found out about me and wants him to end our nsa sex relationship. According to him, he has made no promise to her, they are not engaged, but dating and I think the romance (sex less romance) is right on….

I have fun with him, he is a great sex partner…. and he has fun with me. But I do not want long romantic relationship and I don’t want to be in the middle of a triangle, I don’t want to hurt anyone.

But I crave for sex with him…Please note…he’s not my boyfriend, he is my sex friend or fuck buddy… and nothing more.

Should I step back or what point do I have to step back? Continue Reading…


casual sexfreeforsome

You said he told you “She found out about me and wants him to end our nsa sex relationship.” So how she found it out?

There is only one way… someone told her, and if not you than most to be him.

Maybe he asked her to have sex or blackmailed her with you… Of course she wants to end it. Or he wants to end it, just he is not a man enough to admit it to you.

Either way, it is time to end it as soon as possible. When the no string attached sex cusses complication, that is the time when have to make changes. In your cases get rid of him and find someone else. I don’t think you will have difficulties to find a new fuck buddy. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexAnewWoman

Possibly against the flow here; I would continue seeing him until he asked for it to end.

And when the day comes, you need to accept it. That is what nsa, fb, and fwb are all about; Permission to leave the relationship when life changes. Continue Reading…

no string attached sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

erotic datingouttherelinda

When one or both of you decide it is no longer working. Since he is the one in another relationship besides the one he has with you it should be his decision.

He should be honest with both of you about his feelings and his desire so that both you and the other woman know exactly where he stands so all of you can make informed choices.

Either way, he told you, so he is thinking about to walk.. so if I were you, I would finish it right now. You do not want to make the no string sex a romantic drama… Continue Reading…


swingers nsa sexwannaplay

You can’t have everything your way. Life doesn’t work that way. I wouldn’t want a FWB situation with someone attached to someone else in anyway….

T me, a fuck-buddy is kind of a drama free interim before/if/when something a bit more substantial happens to develop relationship wise for each friend.

Time to put your big girl panties on and move along. Often in life we have to do things that we do not like to do. Otherwise we would all be locked up for one thing or another… Continue Reading…



swingers sexsexslave59

As long as he and you are comfortable with what you do to each other I would continue seeing him. If the relationship between him and the other girl becomes more intensive I would reconsider and tell him that it is over.

But, as you say you have a craving to have nsa sex with him, I would think it over and make your decision. Good luck! Continue Reading…

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He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Cpl need single man for playmate

I’m wondering where to go and why is it hard to meet single men for playmate with a couple? I am willing to meet on-line of off line too. Anyways, I’m a couple looking to meet a man for no strings attached sex play, with us at Valentine’s  Day weekend.

swingers sex adsSwingers Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexhotrides

Really, I am a couple. We’ve joined adult dating sites site after site. We are almost 30 years old, good looking, honest and fun.

Everyone seems to do the talk part and wont do the “walk” part. I don’t no why? Where is the place to go to meet on-line or where at to hang out to meet people with the same lifestyle in Washington or Washington’s area? Please someone let us no. Continue Reading…


casual sex1canuck

Really you are a couple? The yous should say we are a couple, or I am the man or the woman from a couple… I am not sure which one you are…

Plus you said, I am willing to meet off-line. If you are a couple than we are willing to meet. However how would you like to play with anyone, with out meet first?

And you do not make it clean… What kind of single man you are looking for. Bi, bi curious or straight? A lot of men do not want to play with bi couples, and they think if a couple looking for a single man, they looking for playmate for him and her…

The problem is in your profile. I like to play with couples, but I would not respond to your ad… You need to make it clean what you really looking for. Continue Reading…


nsa sexkantarii 42 T

Check your local groups on this site.

That is the best place to look. You can even try asking in the you area’s
chat room. Lots of nice helpful people, who are friendly chat in there. Guess that’s why I chat it there on occasion… Continue Reading…



You can find more threesome related information, if you visit our website  threesome page.  For example detailed threesome sex position with threesome sex position photos.

For more threesome info, visit our partner’s’s erotic on-line  forum – magazine – erotic dating advice line. Continue Reading…

sex datingnowandthan

I can say anything new… but I have to repeat one of the above answer, as a side note, to your question and I’m sure I won’t be the only one to pick up on this, you said “I’m a couple”. This is stings…

Makes one think something is up here. Just saying. Most people might view this as
just a single guy behind the profile posing as a couple, want to get a free hot ride. At first fix your profile, and I am sure there will willing men line up…. Continue Reading…


nsa sexWeRnewCpl

I’m wondering why there is only one thumbnail photo attached to youre profile.

Definitely raises my eyebrow to the fact that it maybe just a single guy with a secondary profile to scrape up views and get free gold status to view profiles, so he can go back and contact later with his other profile.

For shame if this is the case, isn’t this an overused trick on this site. For dishonest guys this thing wont work… Sooner or later you need to meet and then your wanna be partners finds out if you are being dishonest,. Honesty is your best policy here… Continue Reading…

members videosMembers Erotic Aduylt Videos

swingers sexhinj1

Try to get a “meet and greet” invitation from a swingers club. We are a couple and we did the same thing when we started to play…

According to your profile, you just signed up. No one is stupid here, your profile look like a single man’s  profile and other members thing you mar eked  couple because you are looking for the free gold membership.

Post your wife photos and make it crystal clean, you are looking for men for threesome. Basically you need to “marketing” her for the prize of a 3some. That ought to get some
replies. Continue Reading…


sex datingwannabefuncpl

I don’t think you have enough time to set up anything for Valentines Day. You are kind of late. To meet on-line takes time. You need to messages back and fore, than maybe webcam, than the first meeting than maybe play time… It will take few weeks, and you do not have few weeks.

Your best bet would be the local groups area. Join the groups, (free to join for members) and than you might find out where at will be Valentines Day’s erotic party. Women and couples usually very welcome to those kind of parties… Continue Reading…


horny couplehappilyhorny

We have had the same issue, than we figured out out profile language caused the problem.

They already said at above, your profile sound like a single man’s profile.  Fix it, and make sure anyone can see, that is a couple’s profile.

Than you should use words, like swingers, swingers sex, or  looking for single men to play with swinger couple. Even though you do not feel like a swinger, and you do not need to be a swinger couple, but these words are the words are what single guys looking for in an adult dating profile. Than they will know, you do not need anything committed for them. They will know, you are looking for men for no committed sex play. Continue Reading…


sex datingluv2watch

Short answer is; three letter missing from your profile, “mfm”. The longer answer is; male – female – male threesome/

This three letters and the tree words indicates it, you are looking for straight men for male female male (mfm) threesome. Continue Reading…

no string attached sex

Married women looking for nsa sex on the side

There is something I was thinking and still thinking about a lot. It is single women’s profile, who are not really single. They are married or live together with someone in committed long term romantic relationship, and they create a single woman profile here.

adult dating

dating for couplesBBCNJMAN

I hope you understand the meaning of this question… A married woman create a single woman’s profile here and in a lot of caress even post here pussy photos as she finger herself or play with herself, or just a play view of her shaved pussy.

My question is: Why would a married or attached lady make out a single woman profile? Why she try to find sex partner as a single looking for no string attached sex, when she is married or attached? Continue reading…


casual sex1canuck

This is simple and apparently you did not think hard enough, otherwise you would figure the answer out yourself.

Married women seek nsa sex because what ever reason they can’t get enough at home. Are they cheat on their husband? Maybe they do, but I am not here to fix or break anyone marriage, so I just mind mind own business.

Or maybe they do not cheat, maybe they live in open marriage and this is this their way to let the users know, they are married but they looking for no string attached sex, with out their spouse, so they play as a single person. Continue reading…


erotic adult datingboredwife

I am a married woman  too but I want to hang out, casual dating and have discreet  affairs with cool single guys. Casual sex relationship with married men is complicated…

That is why I prefer single men. If you are a well hung single guy and if you love blond women, just flirt me, and we will see where it will go. Continue reading…


sex partypartyanimal

This is a casual sex or no string attached sex dating website, originally was created for swingers, but anyone can join in and use the site.

So, here you can find casual sex partner if  you are, married or single or in a long term relationship. Or maybe you’re looking for something new, like a threesome 🙂 or someone new to spice sex up.

What ever is your reason and what ever is those married women’s reason to post single profiles, at the end they are looking for no string attached sex. Otherwise they would not be here.

They are married, therefore their sex partners no need to worry about longterm commitments… That is why they states they marital status. They are honest up front by let you know, they looking for sex only and nothing more… Right? Continue reading…



A lot of married women into NSA sex… and they are good at it. Married women are good fucks due to the fact that they are married.

Why Would Anyone Take a Third Person Into Their Marital Relationship.

A lot of women fantasize threesomes. Sex with two men.

Threesome sex tips.


free nsa datingwildcatr27

Plenty of men do the same thing, have a single male profile but then claim the wife is involved too, so why cant they make a couples profile also.

I think it is to show, they can play as a couple or they prefer play separately as single… The main reason is, they want to have more sex… Continue reading…


exhibitionist womanexhibitionist-chick

People came here for  many different reasons…

But to answer your question, is simple. Skip over the ones you don’t like
and contact with the ones that interest you.

Live isn’t perfect but you are making it a lot more complicated than it really is.

By the way I am married too and posted my profile as single woman… Just for your information, I play alone, but select my future sex partners together with my husband… Do you want to know why? I am not telling you… you are a big thinker so find it out yourself. Continue reading…

adult datingvalleycivilwarbu

I hear what you are saying. I am a married woman with a single profile because that is all they offer. There is no “married and looking for…” category.

I also leave it no doubt I am not looking for a man alone. I have it set for couples and other females so it is different than what you are saying.

I do think your process of if they want to meet they would meet through the couples profiles is flawed. Single men can be a pain. Many couples prefer to find their own singles
not reading from all the unsolicited “wanna fuck?” emails. Continue reading…


NSA datingmiseryluvsco68

I am not sure what is your problem with married women… It can be hard to find the right playmate. Just like looking for a truly single STRAIGHT man. A lot of men seem to be the unicorn these days. Continue reading…