Anal Sex on the First Date

Everyone has their  own idea about  first date and how they first date should end. Our idea is nsa sex, preferable with mfm threesome that might turn into anal sex. But we have some problem to find willing couples lately.

double penetration

No String Attached Sex Dating Ads

anal sex lover anal-lover

We are on an erotic adult dating website, one would think people comes here to find sex partner and or nsa sex, so they do not looking for the old fashioned romantic dating stuff  here, they want sex on the first date.

We too, not time to wait until the third date and if we find our dating partner attractive enough, she doesn’t mind anal sex. However we do have trouble to find similar couples and “quality” single men.

So our question is:  How long it takes a woman (who is into anal sex) to let a man enter in the back door?   Seriously,  what is the shortest amount of time from meeting a man to having anal sex with him? Continue Reading…

anal sex

anal playan_unlikely_pair

More than 100 years… We are into anal play, with sex friend. Anal sex need trust, how can you trust someone just after few hours of meet? Also anal sex needs preparation. If I’m going to invest that kind of commitment (fasting, cleansing, etc.) I going to do it for our sex friend, not before a first date, for someone who we did not even meet yet. Thanks but not tanks. Continue Reading…


casual sexanalfetishcpl

We’ve done anal play on a first “date” or a one night stand…  I don’t do much prep. No fasting for me, I just make sure I clean back there too.

If someone want  to stick his cock up my ass, then he can get what he want, I’ve had not a single complaint about it, but it have to be okay for hubby too. Continue Reading…



According to our experience,  Middle Eastern women prefer to do anal sex before vaginal sex. I suppose  because there is no risk of pregnancy and in their home country anal sex is very popular sexual activity.

Other women prefer to get comfortable with vaginal sex prior to opening the back door, so it depends on, what the actual lady like or don’t. Continue Reading…


anal sex2trythis

This website groups’ section have “anal lovers club“. The club is categorized by areas, try to find club members from your city or close to your city and your problem is solved. Continue Reading…

anal three wayWomen Who Love Anal Sex



Anal Sex During Pregnancy

Anal vaginal double penetration is my long time erotic fantasy

More info on anal sex on first date

Spontaneous mfm threesome

Threesome pictures, can be like  an erotic story, something like: The night when two guys shared a sex partner.

Two guys who weren’t even swingers. So how did  they do it?

It happened the same way with a lot of others’ first threesomes, threesome in the heat of the moment.

On that Friday, because it happened  at Friday, they went out, like many others do at Friday night. They have found a porn magazine in he bar. Of course they checked it out and the pictures turned them on.

fmf threesome

Casual Sex  Dating Ads

The night past by fast, the bar closed and their waitress asked them to leave.  They were about to leave, and gave her the magazine. She took a  quick look at the magazine and said: This is my magazine, where did you get it from?

I found it on that bar chair, one of them answered her.

Which one? She asked. That one,  said one of the guy. The one that looks like the chair from the magazine. We were wondering, is it the same chair?

No its not, but… and she sat on the chair and  slightly opened her legs.

The two guy looked each other, and then asked her. Can we invite you for a drink? Read more story like this…

Yes you can, but I drink slow and it will take a long time. Do you want to go there?

We are not in any kind of rush came the answer and they did not leave; in fact they stayed there for several hour.

Take a look at the next photos and you will see why did they stay…

In fact their three-way worked out so good, they decided to take her home to have some more fun… Continue reading….


Romantic dinner at Valentines Day with threesome for dessert

Older woman – younger men threesome. True based story

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is in it over the limit?

We are a married couple and love sex more than work out… and we work out 4 times a week. Anyways sex is fun and NSA sex more fun, however I wasn’t always into nsa, but once I finally came around to it, I found out that no string attached sex is one of the most dynamic and erotic sexual experiences that a woman can have.

fun cplfun_cpl

At first the idea of knowing or even worst… watching my hubby have sex with other women, turned me off, but I never minded the idea to having XXX fun with other men.

My husband, his name is Frank, really wanted to have sex with other women and he was honest about it. He helped me to see that his love for me was true, and our relationship and our well balanced, but sometimes boring sex life would improve by sharing ourselves with others.

I have to admit that, the thought of playing with another couple or men did sound like fun. I could imagine what four horny people can do together in the same bed.  At once Frank said he knew the perfect couple to do it with. He said his work buddy Andy is a really nice guy and his wife Tammy a pretty and very friendly lady. He said he and Andy been talking about sex a lot lately, that’s how the foursome idea came up. After that they realized that this is their fantasies, and they want to do it. All they had to do was convince the ladies.

We were in bed, when Frank first brought it up. I never met Andy or Tammy, but he told me he is sure I will like them. Just imagine, he said: “You are lying on the bed, I am sucking your boobs, Andy is performing oral sex on you and at the same time he receive a blow job from his wife.” Continue reading...

fun couple

No String Attached Sex Dating

Erotic talk like that, took some times, but had me convinced. After 5 years of marriage and  5 years of missionary love making I guess I was ready for spice things up in my sex life.

He talked a lot at many times and  I was getting hotter and hornier. I could practically feel that other man between my legs, so I said ok, lets meet them.

Then we met at the weekend after this and we had our first sex play. It  was incredible…. Since that we had more than a few and we both ( I mean both couples) want more, so we  decided to organize a sex party in a close by city in a hotel suite. The husbands knows few good men… and women and they said they are willing to play. Don’t ask me how they know them. Continue reading...

no string attached dating

Our home town and sex party out of the question, because it is a small town and everybody knows everything what ever  happened or don’t happened, plus it is a really old fashioned catholic  town.

And here comes my problem. We are religious, and consider as “regular” in our church and so far we were able to separate our religion from our casual sex life. However the sex party… All of the people who might participate want it to make it happen at Easter Saturday. Continue reading...

Casual Sex Party at Easter Saturday? Is it over the limit?


nsa sex pregy-buthorny

Casual sex… you are into it or not. If you are into does not matter it will  be Easter on not.

I just read in the news, in Italy priests made sex party in the church, so I guess you have nothing to worry about. Continue reading...


gang bang chichere2play

Easter or not, any day is a good day to have sex with multiply sex partners, but Saturday is the best day, because Sunday you have time recuperate…

If you are so religious, than you  already know  you will end up in the Hell, so what ever time you have left over here in our world,  enjoy to the max…

There is no hell in my religion, so I have nothing to worry about… Continue reading...


Threesome at Eastern Weekend. Good or bad idea?

No string attached sex cause complication in my life

I’ve had a sex friend I met here on Swingers Couple for some time now. I am not married, neither is he, sex is great our relationship is strictly no string attached sex relationship.  I don’t think we do and ever did anything that causes problem for anyone, until now…

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexslut4cam

At now the problem is,   that he has found someone in his life who cares for him very much.

He claims not to be attached to her as much as she is to him.
She found out about me and wants him to end our nsa sex relationship. According to him, he has made no promise to her, they are not engaged, but dating and I think the romance (sex less romance) is right on….

I have fun with him, he is a great sex partner…. and he has fun with me. But I do not want long romantic relationship and I don’t want to be in the middle of a triangle, I don’t want to hurt anyone.

But I crave for sex with him…Please note…he’s not my boyfriend, he is my sex friend or fuck buddy… and nothing more.

Should I step back or what point do I have to step back? Continue Reading…


casual sexfreeforsome

You said he told you “She found out about me and wants him to end our nsa sex relationship.” So how she found it out?

There is only one way… someone told her, and if not you than most to be him.

Maybe he asked her to have sex or blackmailed her with you… Of course she wants to end it. Or he wants to end it, just he is not a man enough to admit it to you.

Either way, it is time to end it as soon as possible. When the no string attached sex cusses complication, that is the time when have to make changes. In your cases get rid of him and find someone else. I don’t think you will have difficulties to find a new fuck buddy. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexAnewWoman

Possibly against the flow here; I would continue seeing him until he asked for it to end.

And when the day comes, you need to accept it. That is what nsa, fb, and fwb are all about; Permission to leave the relationship when life changes. Continue Reading…

no string attached sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

erotic datingouttherelinda

When one or both of you decide it is no longer working. Since he is the one in another relationship besides the one he has with you it should be his decision.

He should be honest with both of you about his feelings and his desire so that both you and the other woman know exactly where he stands so all of you can make informed choices.

Either way, he told you, so he is thinking about to walk.. so if I were you, I would finish it right now. You do not want to make the no string sex a romantic drama… Continue Reading…


swingers nsa sexwannaplay

You can’t have everything your way. Life doesn’t work that way. I wouldn’t want a FWB situation with someone attached to someone else in anyway….

T me, a fuck-buddy is kind of a drama free interim before/if/when something a bit more substantial happens to develop relationship wise for each friend.

Time to put your big girl panties on and move along. Often in life we have to do things that we do not like to do. Otherwise we would all be locked up for one thing or another… Continue Reading…



swingers sexsexslave59

As long as he and you are comfortable with what you do to each other I would continue seeing him. If the relationship between him and the other girl becomes more intensive I would reconsider and tell him that it is over.

But, as you say you have a craving to have nsa sex with him, I would think it over and make your decision. Good luck! Continue Reading…

threeway sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads


He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Hard to find a good man for threesome

We have very hard time find a good male match for mfm threesome. A strait man to have sex with us. No man to man play, just I will be at the middle of the men’s attention.

couple looking for men for mfm threesome

Couple Looking for Playful Single Men

threeesomes crystal4uplzr

I don’t see why this needs to be this difficult, I am and we are
not stuck up! We are not fake… So many have implied this?

Just because you wont take the time to communicate and get to know us? Just because we are here doesn’t mean we are going to enter your bed! I get so many e-mail “what’s up”, or I can go over and fuck you hard. My husband can fuck me hard too, so that is not why we are here. We are here for a threesome…

How does that work in real life? We seek a handsome fit man to help me with my desires…. in order to do so we need to connect on some level…

This should be so simple, lets go out to a great diner, dancing and try to seduce
me at the present of my husband for gods sake!

Every time I see a Man of particular interest they are too about themselves. Coomon guys you aren’t paying my bills or having my baby. Nor we will call and bug you.  Continue Reading…


casual sex1canuck

You have a free standard membership, so you can not contact anyone here, that is why you have a hard time to find a nice  guy…

Upgrade your membership and  than you can select and contact users. This way just paid members can contact you. Continue Reading…


casual datingWeRreal2

I would expect that it wouldn’t be that difficult.  We do not have any problem to find the right play mate here.

Apparently it has been a frustrating experience for you. Maybe you haven’t run into the right one that wants to dive in and enjoy the ride.

I know for fact, a lot of willing guys are here… there must be one that crosses your path eventually.  Continue Reading…


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Threesome tips & Threesome sex positions


swingers sexTrapper69

I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for…. You just have to pick through a lot of what you’re not interested in to find your perfect match!

Who knows, he may be in the grocery store or here on SwingersCouple! Continue Reading…


swingers sexislamilf

It shouldn’t be that hard for you to find what you’re looking for. I see you haven’t been on the site very long, it took me longer than a day to find what I was looking for.

You have a nice profile, sexy photos and there’s plenty of men on this site who have the attributes you’re looking for.

Be patient, continue to sift through the unwanted emails and don’t meet anyone until you find someone you want. It shouldn’t take you too long to find the right play mate(s).  Continue Reading…


threesome welovtofuck

I would like to know how many women on here like being fucked
by 2 men at the same time?

Please tell why you like it or dislike it. No this is not the male half wanting to know… Continue Reading…

swingers sex parties

NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Well, I have done it… Two duds can be a lot of fun, and If I attracted to both men, yes I would enjoy it.

Honestly when it comes down to playtime, some men chicken out as there homo-phobic attitude comes out, and bi play may not come into question, but yes male body parts may cross paths during a m.f.m. threesome.

So both men have to be very comfortable in their sexuality and only interested in satisfying the woman, not to concentrate on there male performance in comparison of
the other male performance.

I hope you can understand this. Continue Reading…


casual sexmaybebaby

mfm threesome is something I want to try… Its been the top of my bucket list for awhile.

I like the idea of two men make “love” with me at the same time. Two mouths, 4 hands, two cocks… Humm!

I’m not sure if i would do it more than once, first I have to try, it would be a very intense experience though. Continue Reading…