Christmas Sex parties, swingers parties

The time is always right for a sex party, but sometimes some people need to find a reason for partying. Being horny is a good enough reason for me, but if you one of those people, than Christmas and the Holiday Season is a pretty good reason to turn to be wild…

Of course you can celebrate Christmas with family or you can celebrate it in a swingers club, or even better you can host your own party.

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New Years Eve Sex Party Ads

If you are like me, you can celebrate it in a swingers club with family.  My family is small, just my husband and I. Our family tradition is,  we spend Christmas Eve  with our parents, New Years Eve with our  friends, preferable naked.

There is nothing better list not for us, than a really good  sex party at New Years Eve, I wont call it Swingers Sex party, because at New Years Eve a lot of non swingers into sex partying. I am not sure what make the different for them… for me a sex party is a sex party,  does not matter if it is New Years Eve or Holiday Season, or just a party with sex friends, the target is orgasm, preferable multiple orgasm, with more than one sex partner…

adult datingKinky woman looking for erotic Christmas fun

Anyways, those non swingers want to have nsa sex at New Years Eve, but after that they portent, like hey are very religioues   and they never had casual sex with anyone, that is against their religion…

I wont call myslef swinger or our self swinger couple, (we been there done that) swinging is more than just have nsa sex, but I can tell we are open minded and we love each other and we love sex and not just with each other…

But this is not swinging, even though list once a month we  visit swingers club, it doe not mean we  have penetrative sex  with strange people or front of  strange people, no we go there, we have some “social” life (way better then social life via Facebook) meet some friends and after the party is over we might go somewhere privet  and have our very own party…

But New Years Eve is different.  A New Years Eve Sex party usually a really big sex party… It is fact we are ready for it…

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Mom with Santa under the Christmas tree

Horny woman need a nice size educated cock for X-mass.

Boyfriend and I looking for guys for leisure sex

My longtime  boyfriend and I looking for guys for leisure sex. Actually mfm threesome is in our mind and it was my idea. So far we are not lucky at all, because we did not find any compatible man for sex partner.

curious  cplCurious couple looking for men for leisure sex.

casual sexwercorious2

Compatible…? In fact we did not find any willing man. It is bothering full… So people suggested  here on this forum or blog or what ever it is, to go to a swingers club and there will be willing men…

I am (embarrassed to say it), but I am naive. I do not like the word swingers, it sounds like a bunch of old fashioned older men from the 1960’s.

I wanna know what exactly I could be getting us into since this was my idea, after all. For instance, I never knew there was more than one swinging style. Anyone willing to help me find out everything I need to find out first? Continue reading...


casual sex1canuck

I used some points to check your profile out. I have to tell you, you are a very attractive woman and probably you and your boyfriend  know this too.

Beautiful photos. Who made them? A photo artist? And that video… it made me wonder why can’t you find a willing man… and I think I figured it out… The problem is your boyfriend, he does not want to share you with anyone. Probably he said, lets do it, just because he scares, if he say no, than you will make that threesome happen with out him. Am I right? Continue reading...

threesomeMy First MFM Threesome

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Join the SwingersCouple’s swinging group. They are anxious to help
a woman like you out…

Their video chat rooms are awesome! And they can do more than just chat… Continue reading...


no string attached sexhornyqueen

Communicate and evaluate. Both must be done constantly. And you are right about the word “Swingers”.

It is an old word, some people call it lifestyle… but I never heard anyone to go to a lifestyle club. It sound like a gym… Swingers club is a swingers club, no any better way to say it…  Continue reading...


NSA sexVickie_Jo

There are no real set rules for “How to Begin” as everyone has there own wants & needs. But I would offer this suggestion. There are clubs or groups most everywhere.

There are some in your city too. I know, I been there… Check out their websites. Do a little
research. Going to a club does NOT obligate you to participate or get involved in anything.

Experienced swingers know that new people are usually wary & uncertain. You can mingle and watch things and see the ebb & flow. You may get some requests to party, but if you’re not ready yet, all that is required is a polite “no thank you”.

Should someone or another couple & situation appeal you can always jump in if and when it feels right. But the main benefit is that you get to go at your own pace, you can meet
like minded people and make connections that can bloom either at the the time or perhaps later.

As Uncle Merle always says, “If you want to be a successful fisherman….it’s best to go where the fish gather”. Continue reading...

swingers sexVickie_Jo

swingers nsa sexwannaplay

Your profile states it a couple looking for a woman… That is not swinging, that is just a fmf threesome

Plus you are talking about find a man here… on your profile you are looking for women… Maybe your boyfriend changed your profile with out your knowledge…

So the first step would be, update your profile and talk with your boyfriend. Maybe his needs and your fantasy does not match… Continue reading...

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Casual sex tips for couples & singles who want to have nsa sex

NSA Sex Dating
Would you like to become a swinger for have nsa sex? Did you say yes? Have you done anything about it? Apparently lately some people have problem with the word swing, swinging, swingers. You can call how ever you want, the name doesn’t count.

These names comes from their erotic actions, and what they do about their sexual fantasies. They try to make their fantasies reality.  Not to long ago in regular everyday life, sex used to be something between two people who were in love. (I wrote regular everyday life – prostitution does not count into the category regular).

In our today’s modern society most of the people can tell the difference between sex and love. Love is something very personal – between two people. We do make love with our partner who we are in love with all our hearts. Love making – with out love is sex only.  Sex can be something leisure.

kinky coupleNo String Attached Leisure Sex Dating

Leisure – having a great time, leisure sex. To having a great time you do not need to love your partner. You just need to find something sexy in your partner, something that turn you on. Swingers say need to have chemistry.

Today’s people (men – women) are extremely busy. Work, family – kids, business, trainings. Couples sex lives are becoming routine and boring. Then comes casual sex or swinging. Swinging is an erotic activity that can spices up the boring sex lives.

Swinging is not necessary mean intercourse with a bunch of horny people. There are many kind of swingers and swinger activity. The swinging lifestyle is about sharing sexual fantasies with your partner. This lifestyle can only work for committed couples that are secure in their relationships and have open and direct communication with each other.

hot horny women

It is fact some people get into swinging, because fantasizing sex with multiply partners. This is the only chance for selected singles to join in. So if you are one of those singles,  read our casual sex tips for new couples & singles who want to swing.

Read the article


Older woman looking for younger men for nsa sex

No String Attached Sex Lover Ladies

Cougars looking for young men

No String Attached Casual Sex Dating

So are you looking for casual sex partner in your neighborhoods? Actually we can call, casual sex, no commitment sex, swingers for sex relationship or just simple, one night stand. You can call how ever you want it, but the fact is fact is, If you are not looking for sex partner, you would not read this page now. Continue reading…

kinky coupleCasual Sex Dating Ads

But because you are here, you are looking for someone to have sex with. I don’t think you are need a person to get married with, but even if you do so, you might find that special person here.

People visiting this website for advice on sex and advise on how to find sex partner. Since the Internet is popular both of this very easy. Let’s talk about how to find casual sex partner.

At first you have to register and create a profile. This free, you do not have to pay anything for this. Your profile have to be a good one, because you want to get others attention. I have some easy profile making tips. Continue reading…

casual sex dating

First, get an appealing photo with your profile for the default pictures. The default picture is the most important one because it’s the first image people see of you in searches! Plus a picture worth more than thousand words. Continue reading…

mfm threesomeno string attached sex dating ads

Upload more than a photo, and preferable not just the photo of your genital area. You don’t have to post a face shot, but show a bit more than just your equipment. You have a nice body, perky boobs a sexy lip, show them off!

Add some color to your profile. By variating the colors and font styles will make your profile stand out. It’s like a sexy dress, every healthy person will take a look at it — and appearances count!

And if you are really want to have unlimited sex, you can put your sex partner search into overdrive. Create a Blog. A blog like this. It still wont cost you anything.

Create a blog that details your erotic fantasy and our sister website host it for you free. You can share your favorite fantasy with a larger audience and sooner or later some will share her/his fantasy with you. Continue reading…

For start log on, go to the main blog page, and click on the forums link: you’ll find tons of erotic and adult only topics including body piercings, polyamory, swinging role-play, dirty talking, BBW, genital shaving, sex position and more!

When you create a new blog, simply select your desired forum from the drop down menu, and you are done! There is no HTML knowledge needed. You’re well on your way to getting more exposure, and maybe even meeting with someone cute, sexy and very horny. Continue reading…


Older woman looking for younger men for nsa sex

No String Attached Sex Lover Ladies

Cougars looking for young men

Swingers Unicorn Women

I was looking at a couple’s profile and they stated that they felt that the  no string attached sex, or “lifestyle” was more about women being able to express and explore their bisexuality.

Swingers Sex Dating Ads

NSA sex temptationplus58

It also went on to express their desire to have the women play with each other while the men watched… Sometimes the men don’t have sex with other women.

This couple was also looking for a woman to join them and there would be no sexual – physical contact between the “unicorn” and the woman’s husband.

kinky sexnsasexfun

While I respect their choices… myself, I am not bi although I have experimented and in truth while I can appreciate women’s beauty from outside as well as the inside, I am just not sexually attracted to them.

My husband and I have a couple’s profile on this site…

We haven’t met a lot of people and I think it’s something to do with our age, the fact that 99% of the couples have a bi or bi-curious woman and quite often the profiles will state they want to meet couples with bi women…

Coupled with the fact that we prefer genuine friendships with people and not just a meet and see if we click then go fuck…

What is your theory? Continue Reading…


casual sex1seeking1

My theory is we all are here for different reason and have our preferences.

I also would prefer genuine friendship, but not all do. Continue Reading…


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How can you get into the lifestyle?

Swingers club – swingers sex party

Swingers Sex


casual sexJAsizzlers

While we agree that it seems like most women in the lifestyle and on this website do enjoy female – female  interaction and of course do most men like to watch it, the respective preferences and lifestyle choices as well as the reasons why people are in the lifestyle vary greatly…. Continue Reading…

horny womenSwingers Sex Dating Ads

horny wifehotplaycouple

Our  experience (limited though it may be) most of the women we’ve know who genuinely wish to play with other women, often called Unicorn tend to fly solo…

The women who’d like to add a third in the bedroom want to see two GUYS pleasure them simultaneously as much (if not more so) than adding another woman to the mix.

So it might be preferences, maybe some bi sexuality or simple curiousness…

Therefore,  lifestyle or not erotic dating website or not  can be a lot of different reason, why couples want tom play with women… Continue Reading…


ffm threesomef-f-m-threesomes

I just read your profile and you are looking for bi women also… As for couples looking for gang bangs? Would never happen in our experience as there is no desire to be subjected to that…

Great sex is mental and physical for me and I can’t imagine getting pleasure from being used like that…

I think you should re create your profile, make it more clean what you are really looking for  and then erotic things will roll… Continue Reading…


casual sex1canuck

A lot of  couples, actually men from couple using the women to get other women…

I know this from fact, because  I actually I asked a honest guy and hes said, of course… He said if no website like this, than he would be divorced a long time ago… Continue Reading…