Lets celebrate Valentines Day with NSA Sex

How do I organize a sex party? I want to throw a big sex party for Valentines Day, to celebrate Valentines Day with NSA Sex… But I’ve never attended or organized any sex party before.

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My man, a friend and I participated in few threesomes, so I am not a new bie and definitely not a virgin girl. I  craving for a good sex party and  I need more than a threesome at this Valentines Day… Continue Reading

NSA sex, sex with two or three men, and I would like to have my share of fun at Valentine’s Day

Therefore I could use some advice and help, even both… If you have any ideas that may prove helpful I would appreciate them. You can send them to me via this magazine or through my Swingers Couple page emails. Continue Reading


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If you have some regular friends from this site in your area just post a bulletin. State what you are wanting to do, date, time and location and see what responses you get.

I have a sex friend who parties quite often and he usually gets a hotel room or two. He has rules that everyone must abide by and once he gets all the confirmations that’s when he says the location and notifies everyone.

Sex party in hotel better than at your home, because if anyone “gets stupid” just have to call the hotel securities… Unfortunately sometimes people get stupid… drink to much or could not handle to watch to their wife getting a cock in every available holes…

Enjoy and be careful. Continue Reading

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Search the site group section and join a group or two from your area. Than post you party’s date and you are done…

Then you just have to find a place and need to buy a lot of condom. Men are famous to forget to take condoms to a sex party… But you have to hurry, if you want to get it done by Valentines Day, you have left just few days… Continue Reading


swingers sexUnicornluvr1

Just Do It! You can call it the” Cool down sex party after Valentiens Day” because I don”t think you can done it buy Valentines. The big party goers already have their plan…

Post the date, time and the town/ city it will take place in. Don’t want to give exact location yet, because all kind of loser will show up. They think that will be like a Chines buffet, all you can eat…

Normal open minded people fed up with boring date, everyone loves a party… especially a sex one. They want to have real NSA bangs… even after Valentines Day. Continue Reading



NSA sex advice for Valentines Day NSA sex
Sex party or swingers sex club. Which one?
Tips to attract sexy horny women

How to organize an erotic swingers party
Swingers Dating & Sex – Get into or not to…?
Want to get into the party mood? Check out our Erotic Naked Video Chat


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As you can see, everyone can give you an advice… Giving advice is free and easy, but to host a sex party is not easy at all. If you are not carefully enough, you will get yourself in to a lot of trouble.

If I were you, I would go to a sex party, (easy to find one at Valentines Day for a single woman) as a guest. It really helps to go to one first before you have one. You learn more by seeing than anyone could tell you. Continue Reading

NSA Sex Dating

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Organizing a NSA sex house party, at Valentines Day or any other day may sound very simple, but lots of things must be done ahead to make certain that the party goes well.

Just browse this website and you will find a lot of helpfully tips that you might like to consider before having your party… But as above stated, visit one first, you might not even like it. How do you know you like it, if you never tried… Continue Reading


NSA sexrm_mikelineaz

Valentines Day sex parties usually really big parties. To make a big sex party a good party… well, that is a lot of work for the host.

You may likely not have as much fun as the attendees and you are running out of time… if you want it for Valentines Day, you need to work on it already, and you are just asking advice…

If you plan your Valentines Day sex party for your pleasure, you might consider inviting just 2-3 other couples from your area or network. For a beginner party organizer, that amount of people is enough… Plus with just few participating guest, you will have your share of fun too. Continue Reading

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NSA Sex1Canuck

I think it would be best to attend one, even as an onlooker, before you attempt to put something together yourself.So you would have a first hand experience…. and if you like it, than you can take the next step…

If I were in your position, I would organize it in a hotel suite, I would charge to cover the hotel cost via Paypal. A lot of people play games here, they full around and never show… this way who ever will pay, most likely will show up…

I was at erotic party more than once, where at I had to sign an agreement at the door, that I know it is a NSA sex party and I will obey their rules, therefore you need to have rules.

Also I would limit the sex ratio (male/female). For example every 4 – 5 females, you can invite an extra male… Continue Reading

Valentines Day Sex Play

lickme2nite06. I love my nipples sucked on. When they are sucked right, I can feel down in my pussy… If an other guy plays with my pussy, that is a bonus… Thank the inventor of the nipples pump, because it works wonderfully. It makes my nipples very suckable… it makes me horny as a hell and my man loves it.

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It is a best with two men… One play downstairs, the other upstairs…Unfortunately we do not have to much opportunities to play in a setting with two men, but every now  and than it happens.   Hopefully this years Valentines Day it will happen (again).


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I knew a woman once she could have several orgasms, one after the other from having her nipples played with. She said she could more easier to obtain it if she been watched, like foor example sex play at a sex party. I never met anyone else or heard of anyone that could do this. Continue Reading…


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Only a tiny percentage of women women can achieve orgasm from breast – nipple stimulation.

According to my experience… if and when I combined vagina stimulation with nipples play…, (suck her nipples, play with her boobies, circling on her breast very lightly with the top of your finger, or with your tongue), she almost certainly find the breast stimulation more exiting. It can take her very close to the no return point… Continue Reading…


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Yes, I can have orgasm from titties play. Not a lot of men have the ability to do that for me, though.

FYI, if they are that good “upstairs”, they are going to be AMAZING “downstairs”! Continue Reading…

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I am one of those women. Also, a hickie on the right side of my neck, in that very sweet spot, will make me cum.

This is so funny you ask this now. I just playfully told him last night…”It is sad to think you can control me with one finger & a flick of your tongue.” Sad, but true. Touch my nipples or that sweet spot & I am begging for more. Continue Reading…


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I am that lucky but I met one man who I could make cum just sucking on his nipples alternatively

It was awesome to watch him in so much pleasure…. Continue Reading…


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I’ve never reached orgasm alone with my nipples being sucked, but they have to be the most sensitive part of my body.

I should add that sex just seems to heighten their sensitivity so who knows, one day I might just be able to get all the way to a big orgasm. The more ways the merrier…. Continue Reading…

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Yep it happens to me but I’m overall fairly sensitive all over and happily multi orgasmic. I’m lucky in that way but the flip side is that, say badly performed oral for example or even some guys try to tweak my nipples like a radio..

Yeah that type of stuff is either awful or flat out painful. Continue Reading…


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I can cum from just stimulation to my nipples, my neck, and sometimes even just from thinking about it, special if I think about Valentines Day sex parties and what can happen there. Continue Reading…


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Not an actual orgasm for me from titties play, but little play with my nipples sure feels amazing!

That’s why I would never get any voluntary breast surgery of any kind, simply because it might mess up the nerves there. Even if my boobies were dragging on the ground…. Continue Reading…


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I love getting my nipples sucked on and nibbled while I’m on top riding someone… n any day, not just on Valentines Day. Really gets me off! Continue Reading…


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Not an actual orgasm for me, but nipple play sure feels amazing! That’s why I would never get any voluntary breast surgery of any kind, simply because it MIGHT mess up the nerves there. Even if the my boobies were dragging on the ground.

Oh, yeah. I’ve heard about this with some arguments. And they act like it’s no big deal that they don’t have as much sensitivity. I keep thinking “Are you crazy lady?!?!”

To answer the original question. No, I can’t. Or perhaps I haven’t had anyone play with them long enough. Sounds like a future project for research. Continue Reading…


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Being a horny woman with healthy sex drive is rocks! Continue Reading…

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Romantic dinner at Valentines Day with threesome for dessert

What is Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love. Some of us call it Hallmark Holiday… but I am not into anything Hallmark related…

Valentine’s Day compels us to buy flowers, candies, and whatnot for loved ones. There’s no getting around this day, but you should break from tradition and should buy your sweetheart something really hot and sexy outfit.

Erotic Valentine’s Daykinky sex datingErotic Valentines Day Sex Parties

Now you have your honey in a sexy outfit… why not take Valentine’s Day into your own hands and celebrate it with style?

Pick up that phone and call your friends. It is even better if your friends are open minded too. Have a Valentine’s Day put luck pajama party! Your honey in her new sexy outfit, maybe an erotic movie and some drinks. You going to have a blast, if your friends are open minded enough.

If your friends are not “this kind of friends” then check out our partner’s adult dating personal ads. I am sure you’ll find more than few horny couples and ladies in your city!

Do not believe me? There are many local men, women, and couples post their erotic profiles, because they are looking for no string attached casual sex.

Or if you have friends, but you are not sure try them. That put luck pajama party might work, just tell them yur party will be an erotic Valentines Day pajama party. If they will respond, then you are already on the best way to have a mind blowing Valentine’s Day party.

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A Valentine’s Day party with open minded friends can be every bit as erotic, exciting, and fulfilling as you imagine it to be. You might safely explore many of your favorite fantasies, if your friends are open minded enough.

You might engage in private, intimate sexual activity, participate in a threesome, enjoy other couples, or engage in an orgy – all in one evening! If you want to be sure, all this will happen, you should invite list two experienced couple, swingers couple to your erotic party.

Couples with lifestyle experience, knows the rules, and they can show the ropes for anyone…

Romantic Dinner at Valentines Day

A romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day and a threesome, after the dinner. I can’t imagine anything else that can be more erotic….

horny coupleCouples Looking for Third for Valentines Day NSA Sex


Why men afraid of threesomes at Valentines Day

Valentines Day Love making or no string attached sex

I know Valentine’s Day is the day, what we suppose to celebrate with love with a loved one. There is no room for stranger at Valentines Day… It is a rule, but I did not see it written to anywhere…

some women swallowCasual Sex Dating Ads

NSA sex adsWe have found that many people on this site have to many rules involving this type of lifestyle and it all centers around sex.

However Valentine’s Day just around the corner and already a lot of Valentin’s Day sex party going on… So the question is: Do you know the difference between Valentine’s Day sex and just nsa sex for pleasure?

What type of Valentine’s Day rules do you have? Continue Reading…

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horny Asian womenI think sex party or not, Valentine’s Day or just any other day, but fucking is a part of sex. In sex, you have many different actions, and fucking is one.

When something or someone has power, they have rules. For example, a couple want to have a MFM threesome as a Valentin’s Day present for her. They have a power to select the extra guy. And of course with the power comes the rule. Short guy, tall guy, big dick, small dick (but who want to fuck a small dick man on Valentin’s Day?)

And everything in nature (even an inanimate object) has certain power and happens according to rules (we do not always know these rules though).

So when someone tells about their sex party rules, that is supposed to be an understanding for initial meets. Or on simple English, take it or stay a way… Continue Reading…


sex personal adsValentines Day sex party rules or just any sex party rules and boundaries may help keep individuals from feeling violated or victimized.

Each person is entitled to feel safe and have their bodies and their intimacy respected to the level/degree of their choosing, even during sex party. Sex party is not Like Chinese Buffet… It is not all you can eat…

You are an invited guest receiving the host most private and intimate gift. You don’t have the right to choose or violate what rules they set for themselves.

The lifestyle and the lifestyle sex parties about many different experiences with different partners in different situations. If one partner or couple doesn’t do everything you want, the next one might.

That’s the beauty of a Valentine’s Day sex party. Accept and embrace the fact that you got to have the experience. Having a partner consistently will foster trust, comfort, and perhaps the willingness to explore beyond their typical comfort level. Continue Reading…

horny womenErotic Local Dating Personal Ads

With rules or with out rules, either way there will be a lot of horizontal mambo moves on Valentine’s day.

Nothing wrong with that – why not? There is no any better day to get hard and erotic bedroom gym than Valentine’s Day. When I wrote gym, I did not mean work out in the gym.

The horizontal movements are much more better end much more enjoyable work out, then lift weights in the gym, if you do it with your partner.

According to the physical activity guide, if you would like to live healthy, you need one hour exercise a day. Having sex, making love, certainly counts as physical activity, therefore having sex is the best exercise that a man or woman can with for her and himself.

Having sex, burns calories and burns fat. Orgasm causes the brain to release chemicals, that effective pain killers (this is the reason why is good to have sex if you have headache), plus this chemicals reduce anxiety as well.

Where surprisingly less than 60% of sexually active adult use this great benefits from sex, and they do this just once a week. The rest of the adult’s statistics worst than this. Probably they don’t know that, having sex just for 5 minutes… (it is a quicky) burns the same amount calories as walking up on the stairs to two floor high.

Well, I know that, this should be your choice, walking on the stairs up and down, or screw someone all night long… at the swingers club’s a Valentines Day Sex Party

I go for the second… I wondering what will your pick be? Continue Reading…

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Erotic Valentine’s Day

Lets Talk About Valentines Day Sex Party

My husband told me that he and his friends don’t really talk about sex, and our up coming Valentines Day Sex party but then the other day, when I told him I didn’t want to role-play on that Valentines Day Sex party. Than he made a comment, he said his buddy’s wife does it with him all the time. Continue reading..

Valentines day kink

horny cplWeRopen4X

So are they talk about sex or don’t? If they don’t, how he knows?

He said, it is true… his buddy’s wife into role playing at anytime. When they party with their friends and his wife, men do what ever they want to do with her.

She is into everything, her favorite role is a porn actress and she enjoys it a lot… Lucky her.

I think my husband was trying to convince me, role playing normal at Valentines Day, but now I can’t stop imagining what he’s and his friends try to do at that Valentines Day Sex party with me…

He said they will spice up our sex life. How? Continue reading..


kinky Valentines Daygroupfun

I doubt you can find that out with out participate in that Valentines Day party.

What can happen? You said you partied together before, so it wont be your first time…

I don’t think he planned anything with his friends, I think his Valentines Day erotic fantasy, turned into overdrive..

Men not really talking about sex, if their wife involved—at least, or when it comes to women they’re serious about.

Why not go along with your husband’s request? I think it will be fun… You just have to have some rules… Tell him those are my Valentines Day party rules… and if anyone wont respect my rules… the party is over. Continue Reading…

horny local woman______________________________________________________________

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NSA sex tips to make your Valentine’s Day an Erotic Valentine’s Day

Many user comes here, to fulfill  their erotic fantasy and their appetite for kinky sex. They are openly talking about their fantasy, in fact they ask the other members advices, on many erotic dating related an NSA sex related things.

Friendship with benefits. Easy to find a good sex partner, but hard to find a real friend

Find sex partners for partner swap on line. Sex with multiply partners


nsa sexweRnewCpl

A  weeks ago, my wife  and I attended to a get together at our friend’s home. It just supposed to be  an informal get together, with some drinks and snacks. We  supposed to talk about the upcoming Valentines Day Party.

There were about 6 couples, all of us married and in our late twenties, early thirties. It was weekend and  everyone bought over some drinks, more than we could drink all night, so we were drinking quite a bit. The host had made arrangements so those who lived beyond walking distance could sleep over.

This made the drinking a little heavier than normal. Continue reading..

NSA sex datingfree adult ads

My wife was a little tipsy. I could tell because she was flirting with all the men and she was laughing quite often. She was wearing a short skirt, exposing about two thirds of her sexy thighs.

Her top was with thin straps. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her firm tits bobbed and jiggled every time she moved. This little show cat most of the men attention… not just my.

As the time passed on my wife was flashing and flirting more with the other men. She was having a great time. Sometime, late in the evening, all of the women seemed to have disappeared into another room, than the hostess showed up and she said; What do you think, if instead to talk about valentines Day Party we just partying tonight… but first have to play a Valentines Day game with us.

All of us looked each other… with the question in our eyes, what games? Moments later the ladies entered the room and my wife came right over to me.

She said, “You’re going to like this one honey.” Continue reading…

Anyways, to make a long story short… If your Valentines Day party will be like our Just talk about Valentines Day get together  was, well than you are  going to have a really good party, so do not hesitate just do it.

Frankly I am not sure about role playing, but if you can be an angel and have sex with your husband and with his friend, that would be a nice Valentines Day role playingContinue reading..

casual sex dating