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I have the fortune to have more than a few of very open minded always horny swingers friends. Some call it oversexed swingers, or unfaithful people. I call it open minded, but either way, it’s a lot of fun. They are like anyone else from your neighbourhood or from your workplace. 

The ladies on this web site are (married or singles) like any other lady. They go to work or are working their way through college and trying to have a bit of fun in the process. However they love to have sex and they don't make secret of this! Some of them can handle more than one guys (and or girls) at once  and some of their male friends are able to give multiple orgasms to any women.

You are in the right place if you looking for swingers party pictures and swingers party stories, but be warned, you’ll never look at swingers the same way again!

Also some of our pictures are made by professional photographers. However those ladies and their partners are like any other lady and or man. They go to work every day, but they love to have sex, love to have fun and love to entertain people...

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Is is almost every men dream... Two bi sexual horny girlfriends and a well hung guy. What they do... Log in and check out their photo album.

New. female - male - female true based anal sex - threesome story added!

Erotic X-mass Gallerey

Do you want to see what she does under the Christmas tree? To find out Log in and check her photo gallery. She is exhibitionist and very hot...

Married couple first time visit at the local swingers club. True based erotic story. They are a normal every day couple, except they could not get enough sex, until they decided to do something about it...
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The first foursome. A married couple's sex life has become boring. They have tried spice up things and nothing seemed to work for them longer than a few months. And one day something happened... What did they do on that day?
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Older women loves young stud...
"I am a 44 year old woman. I consider myself attractive. My husband passed a way 3 years ago, leaving me widowed. I don't need a husband, I don't need commitments but I do need sex. Because of my occupation (I own and run a law office) I don't want to get into the bar scene. Until recently I didn't know where I to find what I need. And one day...."
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At any given time there are over 1/2 million photos of over 1000 models. These photos are automatically updated constantly through out the day to reflect which models are on line.

Log in and search by hair color, by sexual preferences, by ethnicity or  by names - by alphabetical orders. You can read their Bio, their profiles and you can view their photo gallery. If you like what you see, you can cam chat with the selected models. No any special software needed from your site, the system works with any web browser. Click on the model at right or at next and try it free! Remember the girls are on line and waiting for you. Don't like them? Log in and search form 1000's of models!

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How my friend forced me into three way sex with him and his wife. Kinky threesome story.
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.....The bed next to my head shifted, and I turned my head to find the tip of Nathan's cock by my mouth. With a hunger that surprised me, I opened my mouth and lifted my head, taking as much of him in as I could. I could taste myself on him, and instead of revolting me it spurred me to take him deeper and deeper. Before I knew how I did it, he was sliding down the back of my throat and my nose hit his pubic hair.... Orgy story, click here to read all.

....I had switched into sixty nine position. He turned out to be an excellent twat licker. He sucked my my whole count into his mouth and wiggled his tongue around my clit. I gasped and sprayed him with a lot of pussy juice. He was hard again and told me he want to get inside of me. In a swift movement he was on his knees, slipping inside my pussy. His big cock filled me to the brim.... Another sex party story. Click here to read all

... I heard Steve roll up a condom and I felt my pussy being filled with his rubberized  cock. The power how he gave it to me soon had me jerking forward. Sammy's cock sliding all the way in to touch my throat. This wasn't a problem, I love deep throat anyway. She is being entertained by two studs. Click here to find out what they did with her.

A Very Seductive & A Very Erotic Dating Agency

...Watching my wife masturbating in front of the two guys turned me on  big time. My balls were already tightening. It took less then five minutes her to reach the first orgasm. Then pulling her hands away from her pussy she invited the two guys onto the bed. One dove strait down on her still tingling cunt with his tongue, the other kissed her breast and started to massage her ass.... Two guys (plus the husband) had a fuck of their lifetime. Click here to read the story
...She shoved two fingers into my pussy, toyed with my anal opening, and at the same time, sucked hard on my clit. The orgasm burst all around me and I screamed around Nathan's cock... Click here to read all.

...Tanya was rising and falling on my cock with a ever quickening tempo. I placed my hands on her shaking breast. I loved her semi hard silky tits. I played with her tits and she kept rising and falling on my cock. I felt her warm wet cunt turning on my hard cock. I watched my wife again. She wrapped her arms around the guys shoulder who fucked her.... Who fucked his wife? Wanna know? Click here and read.
... We never had threesome before, this was incredible. Should we practice? "Let's go to the bedroom", I said. I haven't have to say twice. We have a King size bad. Three of us rolled around on. Arms and legs were everywhere in a gigantic threesome.... Would you like to know what else happened? Click here for more.
...Sandy was right, my beautiful lovely wife, Lisa and Sandy's hubby Jack were kissing hotly plus his hand was inside her blouse. For a moment I felt a sharp pang of jealousy but something else over powered this. I was getting turned on watching my wife having XXX fun with another man. My cock began rising. ... Why his cock begun rising? Click here and find it out!
...I am a 37 years old woman, married more than 15 years. Our sex life is well balanced and sometimes kinky. However what woman hasn't dreamed of having two guys at once? I definitely did. And in fact I talked a lot about this with my husband, but somehow it never happened. Until one day....  So what she did on that day? Had sex with several men.
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....I wasn't always into swinging, but once I finally came around to it, I found out that swinging is one of the most dynamic and erotic sexual experiences that a woman can have. At first the idea of watching my hubby to having sex with other woman, turned me off. But I never minded the idea to having XXX fun with other men and women.... Four way sex relationship.  Click here and read all.
On Premises Swingers Club
The past summer one of our friend spent few weeks in Copenhagen and  had a chance to visit one of the local club. Out of all of Copenhagen's great swingers clubs, "Swingers Club No. 1" is the best. It is big, clean and nice, exciting and it opens endless possibilities for the open-minded who are after a hot experience, where sexual boundaries are blasted into atoms...  Click here and read the report and check out the photos!

There are much more stories and lots of un censored erotic pictures are inside. Plus new stories and new pictures are added on a regular basics.

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