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Do women like a lot of cum?

Yet another one of the questions that men like to ask themselves, whether they are successful in their love life or not. These are the little details that still make sex a wonder even for experienced players. So, do women like a lot of cum?

The answer is a big “YES”. Like it or not, the standards for beauty and sex appeal are encoded deep in our genes and we have little choice about certain things whether we like or dislike them. Most women like self-assured and opinionated men and this holds true regardless of all the “inner feelings” hype from the ‘70s. Just like the big penis, a hairy chest or a deep voice, women see the large load of cum as part of the top male inventory.

It does not really matter if women see a bigger load as messy or gross on the rational level of their brain. They still like it deep inside because it pushes buttons in the most basic part of their minds. Just like men still fall for a big pair of breasts despite all the fashion trends that swept over this world.

Which brings us to the next logical question: if I have a small load, how do I make it bigger.

Well, since the happiness of your ladies is at stake, I will provide you with a quick answer. The thing to do is to get your hands on some of those wonderful herbs, like Musli and Reishi Mushrooms, that helped men since the dawn of time to increase their sexual performance.

Alternatively you could go for a product that contains most of the sperm count and erection boosters known to man. With up to 500 percent reported gains in sperm volume the VolumePills is the ultimate tool for the man who feels like moving out of the average crowd and closer to the top.

However as soon you stop taking the pills, your load will go back to normal, or even will less amount. So our personal suggestion would be, to live healthier and eat healthier. More vegetables, less sodium, more vitamin and moderated amount of animal fat in your menu, well produce better result.

Personally myself would not take any pills from the Internet, that is not approved by the Health Ministry.

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Ingredients of VolumePills and their explanations

The company say, The amazing VolumePills are a sexual performance booster like no other. Not only that the pills guarantee rock hard erections and longer performance, but they also provide a unique twist: bigger sperm loads. Better performance in bed is the forerunner of a lot of good things in a relation.

The secret behind this wonderful achievement is the special selection of herbal components, whose power is supplemented by extraordinary effects of the Zinc Gluconate, Solidilin and Drilizen. The compounds help improve the quality and motility of sperm, the quality and timespan of erections and also the sexual motivation of subjects.

Aside from these three components, the pills are based on herbs that promote an improved health of the cardiovascular system and a boost in the production of testosterone in the body. The vasodilatory group is made of Taj, Sunflower and Arjuna, coupled with Apigenin and Amla for helping to maintain blood vessels. These herbs work as a team to insure that more blood flows to your penis, thus insuring rock hard and longer lasting erections.

The testosterone boosters are Musli, Momordica, Shatavari and Cordyceps. With help from the metabolism streamliner Bladderwrack, these herbs help men increase the production of sperm beyond the average values. More sperm translates directly into longer and more fulfilling orgasms, which is practically too good to be true.

Also keep in mind that the tremendous increase in sexual stamina and sperm levels will not benefit just you, but also your partner. VolumePills will make her come back for more time and again, especially since you will be able to satisfy this pleasant increase in demand. Leave the average crowd behind and become a better man in bed with.

You can get all of the above hokus pokus names from healthy diet.

Women Erogenous Zones

How to produce sexual excitement or libidinal gratification by stimulating the female erogenous zones. Where are those sexually sensitive zones and what to do with them?

What a swingers woman love... if we are talking about swingers sex.  They might love a male - male - female threesome.

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