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Hot Wife or Hotwife

A Hotwife used to be two words - hot wife. The two words term applied to any married women if men felt she is sexy, pretty or hot enough to get their attention. She is hot,  if she is married than she is a hot wife.

Sometimes younger adult woman named hotty,  hotties. She is a sweet hotty. Hotwife is different term, even though their husband thinks and feels she is hot enough to attract other men. It also implies that the husband wants more than attraction, he wants some kind of erotic interaction between his wife, the hotwife and another man. Hotewifing  definitely is married couples' casual sex play.

The "hotwife" and  "hotwifing" is an erotic lifestyle, that appeals to a lot of open minded married couples with strong permanent, long lasting  relationship. They wish to explore their love life beyond traditional family sex life and monogamy.

The hotwife lifestyle differs from, swinging, cuckolding and from open marriage. Hotwife have nothing to do with polyamoury, hotwifing is one form of casual sex play. The hotwife   have any number of casual sex partners outside the marriage, and her husband knows it. Therefore it  not  cheating.

In our open sexuality word hotwifing is a very common fantasy for men. They want to see their wives having sex with other men. Today's cuckolding very close to hotwifing..

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Swinging, casual sex, hotwifing or playing in the lifestyle would not happen with out women. You should know, women in the lifestyle are not prostitutes and they are not slut. In our sexually open world women have as much right to have orgasm as men.

Today, women have as much right to screw someone as men. Internet dating make easy to find partner for unapologetically no-strings-attached, (NSA sex) purely for wild sexual experience. Women, in other words, have right to act like men. More hotwife info...