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How many swingers are there? Who are the swingers anyway? Swingers, swinging is an old story and old fashioned word... Today, people don't like to call themselves swingers. When they swing, they use the word, play. They are players, sex players, but the wording wont change their sexual activity. They can call however they want themselves, for many of us they are still swingers. However I like the words, casual sex, NSA sex, no string attached sex, or leisure sex much more, so I will not use the word swingers here today...

As leisure activity, casual sex tends to be very popular and more popular day by day, even if people call, themselves players. No one really can be certain how many people are involved, how many people practice casual no string attached sex. According to the latest worldwide statistic more than 10 million people say openly "I am open minded enough to have NSA sex". With out knowing the exact number I think, there are more people in casual sex, than you could hope to meet in several lifetimes, and the number grows daily. For example one of our sponsor; has more than 30 million registered user.

What sort of people are we likely to meet if we are looking for those who love casual sex? Any type, any age, any race and any occupation. The same people who states it; We go to the party to play". This sentence stand for, we are going to have a sex party!

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How Can Anyone Find a Willing Partner For Casual Sex?

It is easier than you think, I know this from experience, someone took me into a swingers club. Today might call it sex club... You should do the same, even if you are a single man. There is no players club yet, or if it is, then you will play card games or billiard there. So a sex club is your best chance. At the sex club or swingers club, will be real people, less pressure, and more options. But you need to be happy and confident.

Happy and confident people are attractive, confidence make people sexy. All of the people, men and women are there for the same reason. Looking for adult fun. If you can't find clubs nearby you, check out our sister website on-line swingers magazine's advice line. The magazine have a section, where at members post their local sex party information and many other sex club, casual sex, NSA sex, no string attached sex, or leisure sex related info.

If you are not into sex club, you should try to find casual sex partner over the Internet. This is really easy, and very privet, but to make thing happen, you need to put some time into... You just have to try to find someone, by our search form at the top of the page. If you find a willing person, than you have to join the website, and post your profile than contact  that person, or let others find you.

Check our Casual Sex Blog out for more nsa sex related info.


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