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Sex between tree people is threesome. The level of sexual activity between the three may vary greatly. Some threesomes may involve one who is exhibitionist and who has a voyeur role. In some other threesomes the invited third person is there for enhancing the experience which does not involve having intercourse with the other two. If the other two is a swinger couple, then this would be soft-swinging.

Some threesomes may involve some same sex contact, if one or two from the three is bi sexual. Continue Reading...

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Hotwife Fantasy

Who's fantasy, his or her? Hotwife is a married woman, she have casual sex relations with other men, with her husband approval. She can play alone, but she explains everything in details for her husband after every nsa sex session.

Hardcore  Hotwife

Some "hotwife" couple's  sex play happens in the husband present. He watches, and might join in. A hotwife loves to screw other men and her husband loves to share his wife with others. View Hotwife's Photos...

Swingers Women

Hotwife and swingers women are not the same, however some swingers couple likes hotwife role plays. Single  woman can be a swinger woman, but  she can't be hotwife. Hotwife needs to be married. Swingers NSA Sex Dating Ads...


Cuckolding used to be humiliating sexual activity. The wife punished her husband, by have bareback sex with other men at front of him because he could not satisfy her. She often forced him to clean her genital after sex (cream pie). 

Cuckolding Today

Modern day cuckolding is very close to hotwife nsa sexual activity. Man - woman couple, not necessary married,  introduce other men into their sex play, via no string attached sex. She have sex with man or men and he watches, or join in. They can be swingers too.

No String Attached Sex

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Erotic Fantasy

Everyone have erotic fantasy. Some people fantasize to have sex with a stranger in a movie theatre. Some others just fantasize about sex, when they want to have a baby. Our members are different, for them sex is, leisure, recreational sex.

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Introducing Wife To Threesome

"I know my wife enjoys pussy, more than cock, but I want to share her with male friends. Can you help? "

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