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Save Sex & Condom

Condoms do not discourage anyone from having great sex. Condoms are made for protecting people from getting STD's. Catching a nasty sexually transmitted disease is a lot more trouble than using a condom.

Everyone, who has a new sex partner or often exchanges sex partners (as swingers do) should take care of themselves from ALL sexually-transmitted infections.

The safest sex is not to have sex. That is not a option. Masturbation can be very safe too if you do it alone, however that is not the same. So there is a condom. If you browse erotic sex personal ads, you will realize that, how many people state it, "safe sex or no sex".

If you do not like condoms, if you do want to use condom, you are going to have hard time to find a casual sex partner. It is much more easier and better for your and your partner's health if you roll a condom on, before the actual intercourse begins. Fun is fun and an orgasm is an orgasm with or with out a condom, however if you use a condom it is safer.

Do you want to have sex with her? Wear condom!

A lot of men don't like condoms. They  say, wearing a condom the same like take shower whiteout undressing. Well not exactly. They say this, because they don't know how to use a condom. They think to roll a condom on their erected penis will destroy their erotic evening...

If you are one of those men we would like to help you with some ideas how to use a condom, while you still have unlimited erotic fun. The first think to do you have to put it on.

How to roll a condom on to your penis.

First your penis need to be hard and you have to have a condom. Don't put it on with a superior smirk and don't feel embarrassed; there's no need for either of these attitudes. Some guys have little experience when it comes to safe sex. They prefer to go bare back every time. They take a lot of unnecessary risk, they should learn how to use the condom. We all have to learn sometimes. You can watch the next video for more, or you can keep reading...

Roll That Condon On

If you are a man and your hot and horny partner with wide open legs will tell you, no condom no sex, I bet, you will roll one on in almost no time at all. However practice makes perfect. If you feel you need to practice before attempting to have safer sex with someone, you can try to roll on one to a banana, like  they shows on the above video.

Condoms can be bought from any pharmacy or, if you don't feel like informing the pharmacist about your activities, you can buy them on The Internet. What you need is an erect penis or something that looks like one, as I said  a banana or anything else that has the general shape of a penis and does not bend during the test.

Break open the pack and take a condom out. Open the foil by tearing away one side with hand and be careful about it. Do not use any sharp object.  Remember that is very important to keep the condom undamaged. If you manage to botch this step and tear the condom, get another from the pack. Never use a torn condom during sex because it's perfectly useless. It won't protect you from diseases and it won't protect the lady from unwanted pregnancy.

Next, remove the condom from the torn foil and look at it. You will notice that a small tip is hanging on one side of the condom. Be careful though because this tip contains a bit of air and trapping air inside the condom is not a good idea. Grab the tip between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze the air out. And while keeping your fingers on the tip, place the condom on the head of your penis with the tip up. Use your other hand to roll the condom down the length of your shaft. And this is the final stage of the whole process.

Now you are ready for sex and armed with the knowledge of how to properly put on a condom.

The last thing you must always pay attention to is to prevent air from entering the condom because it will form pockets that are very likely to break during sex. Also be careful to buy condoms suited to your size otherwise the condom might start to slip off your penis at the worst moment possible. If you are completely new to condoms, buy a couple of sizes and try them all to see which fits you best.

When you're done, pull out and start taking the condom off. You'd better do this out of the bed, some distance from the lady's vagina. It would be a bummer to have sex with the condom on only to spill the load while taking the thing off you. The best way to remove it is to grab the tip as before and start pulling your penis out. Wrap the used condom in tissue paper, throw it in the garbage can and go wash. Now you&'re all done.

safe sex or no sex

Leisure No String Attached  Sex Dating Ads

Women - Sex - Condom

More specifically, what does your female sex partner want in a condom?

Almost every woman preferences are different. Some of them loves the ribs and ridges and small rubber dots on condoms, because they might increase pleasure during intercourse. For the purpose of the pleasure, some other women would insist that their sex partner, husband, or boyfriend, buy the ultra thin type.

Some others don't care as long as they get assured that it would not break. You as a man, should not ask question like this: What kind of condom do you like honey? She probably would not actually care on what specific kind of condom is being used. Test some and if you like it probably she is going to like it too, especially if you can give her multiple orgasms. If she comes several times, the condom will be the last thing in her mind.

So if you think you going to have sex, you should be be prepared. Have condoms with you.

Lastly, the most interesting though, according to one female expert on this topic. She said women generally, do not care about the ridges, ribbing or the lubrication. They care more about the penis size and the guy's love making technique. The problem with the condoms, she claims is that they are designed by men.

She asserts that, if women were to be the ones to do the designing, they would just make "padded" condoms. Length may not really be crucial, but according to her, width does and that is where the padding would be very helpful...

Performance Issues in Leisure No String Attached Sex

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to have sex with new partner, it just doesn't work. It usually happens with first timer sex partners, even with first swingers, but it can happen with any man.  Nervousness, jealousness, alcohol and or pushy partner cause performance pressure. Performance pressure might cause performance failure. Some men can not get hard with the wrong partner. Communication will help. Relax and try again, learn from you mistakes and you will be a good sex partner.