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Single Man in a Threesome

 A high percentage of female swingers are bisexual. Fewer men are openly bisexual but that is gradually changing. Today a lot of couples looking for threesome with bi sexual, or with bi curious, and in some cases with orally bi men.

Couples generally seek other couples. Couples with a bi female often seek another couple with a bi female, or a single female. Couples with bi male seek bi males. This benefits both the man & the woman. Therefore, fewer couples seek to add a second straight man into their sex play, unless it's something the woman wants, for example double penetration.

As far as married men playing discreetly without the wife, very, very few couples will accept that. Cheating is something that is very contrary to the concept of no string attached sex or swinging. Probably you already know that, not too many couples looking for single men, and in fact not to many sex club let single men in to their dances.

However, there are always men women couples, who seek extra men. Some couples interest in three or more some, gang bang or the husband just like to watch his wife in sexual act (cuckolding) and maybe he'll later participate in too.

Probably you already heard that, "Looking for couples and select single men". Select means that you must be clean, polite, well dressed and well mannered. Also select might mean... you wont freak out if in the heat of the moment the other man touch you, or your dick make contact with his dick. In a threesome things like this can happen, but in a double penetration, it will happen. If you can not deal with of these things than threesome is not for you.

Double Penetration

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Man Woman Man Threesome

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