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Casual Sex - No String Attached Sex

Maybe swingers sex? Before we get into any deeper this subject, I should make it clear, these are just words.  Swinging or not, nsa sex or not, or recreational leisure sex, either way, all of these sexual activities are no string attached sex - just the words are different. Swinging and swingers is sex casual sex too, but it comes with some string attached to it.

Because, swinging is recreational, organized sex involving more then one person, usually one couple plus some, and as its best, swinging is not cheating. Therefore swingers sex provide different sexual experiences. Swinging is more than just lets hump someone tonight.

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Lets Talk About Sex

A human can have three kind of sexual experiences. A human can be male or female, the person's sex wont change anything about personal sexual experience.

Almost everyone first sexual experience is masturbation. It is usually a young person's favourite sexual practice, because it doesn't need to much effort, social skills. Almost everyone with a little erotic fantasy is able to get him/herself off.

As people are getting older their sexual needs and sexual expectation change. They will have a sweetheart. They hormones make them feel how alive they are, when they walk, hand in hand, touch and kiss. And one day they will go all the way and they will have intercourse. They will realise that, how much better this kind of sexual experience, sexual practice then the first one. This can be achieved via romantic dating, casual dating, or adult dating.

The third sexual experience is a married sex life.

Around the end of 60's and the beginning of 70's sex became acceptable before marriage, but people were still getting married.

Two people a man and woman (but in our world it can be two men or two women) get married because they are in love and they want to spend the rest of their live with each other.

Love makes people blind. If two people love each other the world turn to be beautiful even if it doesn't. If the sex is great everything will be great.

However as the years go by, love starts to fade and sex becomes routine. Some marriage counsellors believe first sex became routine and the routine unsatisfied sex life will fade love.

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Either way unsatisfied sex life can make marital crisis.

To have sex that's right for you, you need to be the right person, having sex with the right person. In our sexually liberated world that right person is not necessarily your spouse.

That is how swinging started. Today's married couples are making love with their spouse, but not necessarily fulfilling their sexual fantasy with their spouse. Since the Internet boom swinging is extremely popular, because it simple, private and effective.

Open Minded Married Couples & Adult Dating

Why would dating a married couple? Because they are swingers, or into casual sex. Active, open minded married couples accept their spouses sexual fantasies, desires and seek to act them out with in healthy way with other other like minded couples and singles. It can be  swinging or casual dating. Either way it might  include social as well as sexual intercourse mainly in the presence of their spouse.

There are many kinds of casual no string attached sex and swingers sexual activity exist. What they do behind closed doors, that is personal and how they do it depends on their preferences and on their  casual sex partner's preferences.