My first threesome with two men

My first threesome happened last year at Christmas Eve and I hope it will happen at this year’s Holiday’s season too. Okay, it wont be the second threesome… since last Christmas a year gone and a lot of things can happen in a year.

I want mfmWe are looking for men to join us

Why am I here? Because I am looking for a compatible man partner to join us.  And yes, that is me on that above photo and some more on this page.

So let me tell you few words about my first male female male threesome.

mfm threesomeaskmefor3sum

I am a 21 years old University student. My boyfriend at that time was a student too,  in the same university. He is not a student anymore, he finished and he is not  my boyfriend anymore, but it have nothing to do with our first threesome. He just moved a way.

He  used to live in  dorm and as almost in every dormitory, student shared  room, therefore he had a roommate too.

So we started to dating and in lest than few weeks we took our  “relationship” to the next level, instead kissing  after bar hours on the street, we went to his room and  soon began having regular sex. His roommate never been there, he said the guy studies days and nights, attend night class or spend the night in the University’s library,  but few times I met with him, and I thought he is a nice guy,  and I was right, but I will get back to him later on.

woman looking for manAsk me for threesome

My boyfriend was really aggressive in sex, he liked sex that way.  I gave him blowjob in his car, our way to the dorm when he was  driving few times, and after that he started to ask it. He said,  today is Wednesday and Wednesday is blowjob day but if it was Tuesday, than Tuesday was a blow job day.

I did not mind it, but I never finished him in the car, that happened later in the room.

Sometimes he got  to excited and reached orgasm to fast, special if he consumed some alcoholic beverage. I wasn’t even half way to the no return point and he already shut his load.

It did not cause any problem, sex was great, he had a lot of stamina. If I did not orgasm at the first try, he had magic tongue and  he made sure I made it to the orgasmic heaven at the second time.

To make a long story short, my first threesome happened at  Christmas Eve and it wasn’t a sex party.  Christmas is a family holiday and everything close very early. We had no where to go and we ended up in his room, but there was his roommate.

He watched  TV, we joined him and ended up have few drinks too. Time goes fast, and bedtime arrived. In one bed the boyfriend and I made out,  in the other bed,  I believed the roommate  was sleeping,  but he did not sleep at all.

As usually as on that night too, my boyfriend obtained his orgasm early, because the drinks. Then for my big surprise, he asked his roommate, who supposed to be sleeping on the other bed.

“Are  you masturbating?” “No I am sleeping”, answered his roommate.  Than he told me, he heard us to making love, we should invite him to this bed…

I was turned on, I had few drinks, plus few  times I fantasized about how it would be… I mean play with to guys, so I agreed.

Apparently I found out later, they trapped me,  they had discussed that threesome, if the situation is right…  and it was a right situation.

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Looking back I realize how pathetic it was, but being tipsy and horny,  my hormones wouldn’t allow any other response than to use this opportunity.

That night was the first time I had sex front of an other guy. It was the first time a guy saw me during sex with an other man. Not just saw, but they both kept pleasuring me, often at the same time.

At first I felt awkward and embarrassed, but looking back on the experience the next day I realized it had been more exciting than anything I’d ever done
before, and I never forgot it.

After that nightlong fuckfest we repeated many times. Practice makes perfect so I enjoyed mfm threesomes more and more.  Two men can do twice as much as one man, and in sex this make a big difference, I think that’s why I looking for three-way relationships since then.

My boyfriend is X boyfriend now, he moved a way, because finished his studies and got job at the other site of the country,  but his roommate is still here and our friendship is great with some very erotic benefits.

Why I explain it here? Because we need a man. What else would be a useful pointer to write this thing here?  I don’t think I can justify this type of casual sexual relationship other than to say that it is one of the most intense sexual experiences that a woman like me can have.

You know what? It’s like when you have sex with your lover; it is the most intimate act you can perform with another human being, right?

Well, sex with two men, 20 times that feeling, when you’re with the right 2 men in the right threesome. The keyword of course being, “right men”, and unfortunately find a  right man to join a man – woman couple for  on-going sex relationship is not easy at all.

Would you like to join us? We are open, check out our profile and contact us, if you live close by. Never know, maybe this will be a Christmas, that you will never  forget…

Once again, contact us only if you live close to our  city, you do not need to reply if you are from India or Ghana. My definition for close by is, no more than one hour drive.

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The wife fantasy is a mfm threesome

I want a extra man for Christmas to have a mfm threesome with us.

The wife want gangbang for Christmas Present

My wife and I recently moved to a new city and haven’t had an opportunity to make any new friends yet. When I asked her what she wants for Christmas present this year, she didn’t hesitated to tell me that she would like to meet some new friends and have a gangbang. Ever since we were in high school she’s enjoyed having more than one cock to play with, I found this out on our first date.

naked chef womanWife Wants Gangbang for Christmas

Since then we’ve had quite a bit of experience with this lifestyle. I have already started working on the Christmas’ party  plan and promised her that this erotic X-mass party will be one she will never forget. We’ve gotten ourselves so turned with the preparations for this upcoming party we thought we would share some of our previous experiences with you.

We met each other while we were in high school. It’s been quite a few years back but she still has the knockout body today, that she had back then.

We got married about 6 months after her collage graduation, she was just 22. We enjoyed sex so much, we wanted to be able to do it whenever we wanted and felt that was as good a reason as any to get married.

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At first was very difficult to make end meet, we both  worked in part time only.  My diploma is commercial art related and found a position with an advertising agency, close by where we live. The job required to work with a lot of different commercial artists,  while getting their ads produced and scheduled.

I got to know one videographer pretty good, I had to stop by his company few times a week for business related meetings.

One day he walked me true his building and showed a fully equipped photo studio, with several different rooms, complete with darkroom (even though no one use film cameras anymore) furniture, studio  lights and backdrops.  He said he used to use it in his younger age, but lately because of time shortage, no one  use it. I love photography and part of my education was  photo art, therefore I knew more than few things about photo studios, and this  was one of the best studio what I ever see.

When I had dinner with my wife that night I told her about the studio and that it was exactly what I had hoped to have after I graduated. I discussed an idea I had come up with during the day about starting my own business by renting this studio. To make this happen, I would have to quit my part time job which meant things would be a lot tighter financially, until I could make this profitable. She said if that was what I wanted to do then I should do it and she would support me.

I approached the studio owner about opening a modeling studio, maybe with  boudoir photography and conducting art and photography classes. I would pay rent for his studio or he could have a percentage of the profits.

We agreed on a good term with the stipulation that if the opportunity to ever set him up with one of the models for some extra “fun” that I would.

It didn’t take me more than a month to have almost a dozen models that I  could call on. None of them had ever modeled professionally before, but all was pretty happy to be able to make some easy money with their body only.  Most of the models were girls I knew from school, some others  were  my wife’s friends.

I combined the business into YouTube and started running boudoir  photography classes several nights a week. You still can find my company on YouTube if you search the words: “boudoir photography.”

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I hit the jackpot, all class were full almost immediately. Usually I had 12- 15  amateur photographer attending, who enjoyed boudoir photography  and paid $75 / hour  just to see the girls in sexy outfit and sometimes naked. Within just a couple of months I began offering the studio out to photographers wanting to take pictures of nude girls. I quickly learned which girls would pose more suggestively than others,  I would then schedule them with photographers willing to pay the extra fees.

As business grew I asked my wife to help do the paperwork.  She would be around the office and studio a couple of nights a week while I had modeling going on in the studio.  She would check in on the activity occasionally and would always come back saying how much fun it would be to get naked in front of a large group which would get me as hard as a rock

One night our best model supposed to show up for a photo session which I had arranged for 3 photographers who had paid extra in advance, so she would pose more suggestively than usual. These photographers planned to  create on-line advertising material for a naked cooking show.

Request like this wasn’t uncommon and I knew  my model’s limit and I know she would act like a master cook in erotic positions  for extra money.

However she called in and she said something come up and she had to cancel. My clients were getting upset waiting while I tried to get someone else to come in. The wife was working in the front office looking hot as usual.

She heard me talking to the clients who were asking their money back, or re-schedule the event as I hadn’t come up with anyone when she said, “How about if  I pose? I am a pretty good cook, even if I am naked.” I looked at her and she said, “I done with today’s office work,  and besides it may be fun.”

naked wifeGangbang in the kitchen

I mentioned to her that these clients had paid extra for some extremely suggestive modeling in the Kitchen that we built in the studio for this advertising campaign and if she does it now, she might have to do some other times for the same clients, including short video materials.  She said that sounds like the kind of cooking that I’m looking for, does it pay good?

I said that I would normally split 50-50 with the model and she was going to get $150 / hour / photographer to share with me plus tips she might earn. She said, the money is ok, but no sharing… She will take all.

About our  sex life, she had an insatiable desire for  sex. We had several multiple partner encounters before we get married, as boyfriend – girlfriend and some fuck buddies . Since we had been married we had been so busy with school and work that our special social life had diminished.

The thought of her posing almost naked for these guys made me hard. She was excited too, I could see her erect nipples true her blouse. I told her, if she want it, the job is hers.  She said that she would make it worth in more ways than one and wanted me to be there.

I went back to the studio and explained to the photographers that I was able to find a model, but because she is a very good model she was going to cost 50% more, or if this does not match with their budget,  I can give their money back.

As I was talking to them, my wife walked into the studio. Their eyes followed her around the room, watching her ass wiggle and her breasts bouncing, they agreed quickly with my terms.

She, did not go to the change room. She kicked off her sandals first then began unbuttoning her jeans slowly 1 button at a time. There were only 4 buttons that had to be unbuttoned but it seemed like it took her forever. As soon as she had started I could feel my cock get rock hard again.  I look  at the others watching my wife strip, they were obviously enjoying her show as well.

She looked the  3 men who were suppose to be taking her picture and said to them “better start taking pictures now because you may not have time later”. With that the cameras began clicking.

I found myself holding my breath as she pulled her jeans down slowly. She turned her back to the cameras that were flashing and had show her tight round ass, that was covered with a black small strip tang only.

She put on a fish net look like long negligee. Where she got it from? I have no idea, but it  was  more than sexy. The  only sound I  could hear were the cameras clicking and the photographers deep breathing.

She stood in the studio’s kitchen  for several minutes, in many different positions, than she got ride of all of her clothe,  which wasn’t to much, just a tiny undies and the fish net thing.

She twisted her body into several different poses providing us with glimpses her love nest.  She opened her legs wide on the counter top, holding the pose and allowing the cameras to take as many pictures as they could.

From where I was standing I could see that she was enjoying the show and the torture she was putting these three guys, who were total strangers to her.

Her inner thighs were beginning to shine under the lights from her pussy juices, she was dripping and I was beginning to smell her scent in the air which I’m sure the other three smelled as well. I knew by the look in her eyes that she was going to fuck and suck all the cocks she could get tonight.

horny wife is readyHorny Wife is Ready for Gangbang

The three cameras were rotating around her taking pictures of every square inch of her body. She was gracefully moving from side to side shifting her feet, leaning her shoulder forward and backwards arching her back all the while enjoying the show she was giving and the trap she was setting.

Without notice she moved  and stood totally naked in front of these three strangers. She stood still for them to make sure they could all clearly see the white triangle between her legs and the swollen lips of a cleanly shaved pussy.  She never liked having pubic hair and  she always kept her self neatly shaven.

The cameras were all over her now taking close up pictures of her nipples, her ass and of course of her hairless pussy.

She laid down on the floor with her legs spread wide sliding one then two fingers inside her pussy. All you could here was the slurping sound of her fingers going in and out of her. It only took a minute for her to come as she squeezed her thighs tightly together, pulling on one of her nipples with her free hand and letting out a whimper of pleasure.

Her juices were all over her hand and had streamed out of her leaving a large wet spot on the floor underneath her. Her vulva was swollen from the pleasure she had just given her self and you could see the pinkness of her inner folds.

Looking up at the photographers in front of her taking picture after picture, she said, “All work and no play makes a dull party.” With that she reached up and began stroking the cock of the nearest man to her. Getting to her knees she pulled the zipper down on his pants reaching inside and pulled out his hard cock. With her fingers she began to smear his pre-cum over the head of his cock making it twitch.

At that point the other two men undressed quickly, neither had large cocks like she desires but both were hard and obviously intending to plug one or both of her holes.

One man had gotten behind her and was rubbing his cock up and down her ass, the other had slid underneath her and was beginning to suck on her breasts.  Continue Reading…

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Stanley Cup Playoffs – Group sex – Gangbangs

I want a extra man for Christmas to have a mfm threesome with us.

Our first hotwifing experience

I am the wife from a married couple and that is me on the photo at the beginning of next paragraph. More precisely it was our  is  first hotwifing experience, the photo was made at that time.  But before we  get into it deeper I need to tell few words about hotwifing. There are several different ways to define hotwifing and there are major differences between hotwifing’s definitions, but those are just words.

couple first time hotwifingHotwifing Couples Looking for Playmates

In any hotwifing, the wife have sex with someone other than the husband, with the consent of her husband. The husband might watch in “real time” might or might not join in, or just want to know all the details after during their own love making session.

Either way, these just  words, the main thing is, the wife have sex with different men and the husband knows and approves it.

Anyways, it was my husband’s long time erotic fantasy and he talked me into it.  When he told me hotwifing at first I thought it is some kind of erotic on-line game over wifi, and because its erotic, it would make the wife hot wifi . Its the side effect of my job, I work with computers.

Then he explained hotwifing have nothing to do with wifi…

I kind of liked the idea of have sex with strange men… but didn’t understand why he wants  to know and watch it, but over time I let him talk me into…

So this is how happened.   A couple of years ago,  like today Christmas was just few  weeks a way, to make it happen we got a hotel room to a close by city to our home town. The story started in the hotel’s night club.

I was at the bar, my drinks go down easily, I need them to calm my nerves, to quiet my inner voice tying to change my mind. The music is loud and I feel exposed in my short revealing skirt. My husband, sits calmly in his corner booth, sipping his drink and kept his eyes on me.

A man comes up to me, asking me if I want to dance. Should I tell him what I really want, what my husband wants? I answer with a nod of my head, unable to say it.

hotwifing wife from a coupleCasual Sex Dating Ads

It was Saturday night, and the large dance floor is crowded with dancing couples. The old song they’re playing reminds me of another place and time. My body takes over and moves to the music, the alcohol warming my blood.

The band slides into another song, no pause or time to be asked we just keep dancing.

I become aware of my partner: he’s an attractive young man, most girls would be proud to be seen with him. His body moves with energy and grace and probably he is an excellent sex partner.

He dances closer to me, touching me with his hands, I respond with the same. Our fingers meet in the middle and they interweave locking us together. I glance over at my hubby he smiles and raises his glass as if to make a toast.

Another quick change of music and I’m in his arms. The slow grinding music lures me into the rhythm of sex. His hands on my lower back are not idle, they are always moving, making little circles dipping down to my ass then back up and waiting for my response.

The band  stop to play and announced they will take few minutes break. My dance partner  escorted me back to the bar and said  thanks to the dance and left. I followed him with my eyes and I see he sit down at a table next to a young woman. I wasn’t sure what was  going on…

The band came back and started to play again. Two other men try to get me on the dance floor and I refuse, the third getting my attention. He doesn’t come on like the others,  no corny pick-up lines about, do I know you or how  beautiful I am. I know for fact, I am not beautiful at all,  I’m only pretty.  This guy just offered his hand as if he knows I will take it, and I did. Confidence is sexy and he was very confident.

My new dance partner wastes no time; his hand is on my ass before the end of the first song, by the end of the second mine is on his. He steps over to the band and yells something at the bassist; he nods yes and the next song is slow.

He wraps his arms around my waist as we start to move, I pull him in close. His breath is hot on my neck as he places kisses on one side and then the other. He adjusts himself so the bulge of his dick fits nicely into my crotch. I open my legs to let him in as we emulate sex to the slow driving music.

From over his shoulder I look to my husband  and he makes a thumb up approval gesture. I understand what he wants, to take him upstairs to our room.

But how? Then I got an idea. The song was over, there was about twenty couple in the dance floor and the dance floor was very intimate and dark, no one was watching us. I pulled my panties of,  and put them into his hand, told him, my husband choose them for tonight. He smiled, he smelled them and shoves them into his pocket, as a souvenir I suppose.

“Follow me,” if you  wanna go any further, giving his cock an encouraging squeeze. I take his hand and pull him along walking past my first dance  partner,  straight to my husband’s  booth.  He stud up and kisses me while he grabs my ass. He looked the guy and asked: Can you do her front of me?  The guy just nodded yes with his head.

married couple into hot wifingAdult Dating Ads

I remember the countless times my husband  has talked me to have sex with someone front of him and now I am about to do it. This total stranger very likely going to stick his cock in me and I don’t even want to know his name. He will be  just a toy, a dildo of sorts not to be taken seriously, and hubby and I will enjoy it.

I was already turned on, moister from my vagina was dripping down my leg as we headed upstairs to our room. I know it supposed to be a hotwifing (what ever it means), but I was horny and felt nasty.  I knew, I’ll make the hubby’s hotwifing  fantasy happen but after that,  I wanted them both penetrate me.  Continue reading…

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Sex Party with Hotwife

Hotwifing Role Play At Our Own Adult Party


Our First Gang Bang

Things can happen in the heat of the moment and its funny how one night can change anyone life, it definitely changed our life.

My wife’s best friend, Lisa asked us to join her and her husband to her work place’s pre – Christmas dinner party. She works for a high tech company and the party will be held at outside of our city in a luxury members only country club.  I thought that will  be boring Saturday night.  Her husband is very quiet, his only interest is golf, we wouldn’t know anyone else at the party but my wife was happy to say yes and of course we went.  Halfway through the meal, her friend got sick and they left home.

hotwifing CoupleCouples Looking for Men for Hotwifing Roleplay

We finished the meal,  had few drinks, than they dimmed the light and the DJ started to play music. We were thinking about to go home too, when a guy was asking my wife to dance. “Go ahead, its okay”! I said.  I will go to the bar and have one more drink. It happened to be two more before I returned to our table. Few minutes later my wife returned too,  her face was very red.

“What happened? Did you drink to much”, I asked her.  “No!” She replied and looked very embarrassed, “he kept putting his hands on my buttocks  and than grabbed both side of my butt cheeks and he squeezed  them really hard.”

Well perhaps the evening wasn’t going to be boring after all, I thought. I had often fantasied about watching my wife with another guy or even with two guys while making out, but she can be very prudish, so I never really thought it would ever happen. However the alcohol always changed her personality and she always was more  sexual under the effect of alcohol.

“Did you like it?”  I asked.

“I am not sure”,  she said, as she blushed even more. Before I had a chance to say anything  another guy came and asked her to dance. She didn’t even wait for me to say anything, she was up and gone for dance. Than when she returned to our table, she was breathing hard.

“I want you!” She said between breaths. “Lets go home, I want you inside me.”

Apparently she was turned on a big time, and I thought here goes my fantasy, but said okay and we left. We sat in the car I got my hand up under her short dress, her panties was soaking wet. I quickly pulled them off, laid the seat down, spread her legs and buried my erected penis into her neatly trimmed pussy. It only took  a few move to have her gasping in orgasm. “Oh God,  I needed  this”. She said.

“Can you please explain me what happened on that  dance floor?” Asked her.

sex partiesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

“I am sorry”, she said. I danced with those two guys, one after the other, and at once they sendviched me, one was behind me, the other front of me. Their hands  was all over me, I even felt  their erected cock. They rubbed it to my body. The bad part, I enjoyed it.  I feel so ashamed. I’m sorry!” She almost cried.

“It’s all right, no need to cry, of course you get turned on when you’re stimulated. Perfectly natural. I don’t mind you having a bit of fun.”

“Are you sure?  I’ve had too much to drink. Those men could probably see that and tried to  take advantage of me.”

“I think they would have tried whether you were drunk or not. You look very sexy in that short dress, I can’t blame the guys for being attracted to you.”

“Oh! Do you really think I am sexy?”

“You are very sexy. For me you are  the most gorgeous woman in the world.” “Oh, you’re just being silly now,” she said, but I could see, she really liked my  comment.

The drinks, the dance, the stranger men had effected her.  She had to be tipsy to be talking about her dance like this.  Sex is something she does enjoy in the bedroom in the dark but she would never talk about it.

“Can we go back and dance some more? You know, with some more men?” She asked with a big smile on her face.

I couldn’t believe this was the same woman, she might drank more that I realized.

“Of course we can,  the more men the better.” And I had a big hard on.

As we returned, the DJ asked for volunteers to play Limbo. My wife was and still is very flexible, plus she loved Limbo, so  she went to the floor with several other people.  I was returning to our table with 2 drinks in my hand,  and  just remembered that she had left her panties in the car and she was wearing a very short dress. I rushed to the dance floor but I was late, she was just going into her turn.

erotic limbo My Wife At The Middle of a Panty Less Limbo

She was bending backwards as far as she could and shuffling under a red  bamboo pole. I saw a flash of a cell phone camera as one of her dance partner took a candid shot of my panty less wife showing everything, to everyone who faced to her. The photo making  did not make me happy.

I don’t know if it was because she realized the camera flash and figured out  what happened or she just recognized she had too much drink, but she stand up, walked over me and said, lets go home.

Of course her two dance partners was there  too, also they  realized now or never. So one of them said: “I don’t think you guys should drive. We do not leave in the city, so we reserved a suite upstairs for the night, three of us and his wife”, pointed to  a couple.

I looked there where he pointed  and a man close  to my age sit at two table a way with a pretty woman. “We can  go upstairs, have  some more drinks and at morning all of us go home”.

“What do you think”? He asked me. “It sound like fun”… I said and my erection returned, “but the final word is hers”, and I looked at my wife, in a hope she will say yes.

At that moment looked like her mind cleaned out, she absolute did not look drunk. She looked in my eyes and asked the same question: “What do you think?”  “As I said before, it sound like fun, but it depends on you.”

“Lets make it clean,” she  said, “three of you guys and his wife, plus my husband. If we go to your suite, there is no commitment, no guaranty anything will happen.

All of us agreed and we left the party.

Later on the night.

The three men were surrounding my wife, she was naked and one of the guy was getting between her legs.  I could see her high heel shoes go up in the air. The guy was obviously putting her legs over his shoulders as he was going to fuck her.

I  had done it already once tonight in our car,   but I found myself with my dick in the hand of the other woman, she tried to give me a blow job. She was wanking furiously my cock, it was getting hard again as I watched my wife receive a serious vaginal penetration.

The full impact hit me as I saw my wife with one guy fucking her cunt, another guy fucking her mouth and my partner husband sucking on her tits.

I had my hard dick in my partner’s mouth and it just went off on it’s own. My spunk shot out and she swallowed all of it. This was a very new experience for me, and found it very erotic.

casual sex

Next morning we went home and slept a good one. When we woke up at mid afternoon she did not   mention anything about  our last night : “erotic adventure”. Whether she was too embarrassed or just couldn’t remember, I don’t know, but I really loved it and   wanted to do it again. I loved the thought of her being fucked by other men. I was lost in these thoughts as  she came in with an envelope in her hand.

“What is it?” “I don’t know it was in the mailbox”. “Open it.”

As she opened it,  all of the color drained away from her face, and her face went whiter then supper white. She just stood there staring at the contents.

I rushed over and saw what had effected her so much. It was a photo of her doing the Limbo without panties. A note on the back of the photo: “We all enjoyed our little gang bang. Do you want to do it again?”

Gang bang? I would not call it a gangbang, but if four men is a gang than that was our first gang bang.

She lasted and started to cry. I put my arms around her and comforted her and told her no reason to be upset.  What ever we did, we did it together. It had been a wonderful evening and a very erotic night, I had enjoyed it as much as she had.

We did it once again with the same guys, it wasn’t at great than the first time, she finds it far more exciting with strangers. Since then we have had many Gang Bangs and we are still loving it.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs – Group sex – Gangbangs

Some Women Are Into Group Sex

Sharing Your Wife With Another Man

Reading stories on the Internet about sharing your wife with a man  is one thing, but actually doing it is quite another. According to the author,  this is a true  story and happened with them.

As the husband explained it:

We had been married for almost 10 years and although we loved each other, our sex life was boring as hell.  When love making happened,  I always have to be the one who started it, but she turned me down most of the time.

I was pretty sure the reason she (my wife, lets name her Kitty) was so conventional and uninspired when it came to sex was that she was virgin when we got married. I was the only man who ever had penetrative sex with her.

That is she on the next photo. I had a photo of her on my cellphone and I posted it here.

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Adult Dating Profiles From Women

My only excuse for what happened to us is that I was sexually frustrated and had started to surf the Internet; reading porno stories to fulfill my sexual needs. I started to read about wives and threesomes and all the things that open minded couples do and did. I knew that most of the stories were fantasy stories, but they still got me in to our own erotic story like – real life scenario.

I fantasized about some other guy make love with my wife, and I would be there to see them do it, and maybe even help them along. For some reason the idea of seeing my wife act like an open minded swinger woman made me so horny, I have to masturbate and it became an obsession.

I tried to make her think about casual sex once, while we actually have a rare “good sex” session. She was on top of me riding on my cock, quickly reaching her point of no return when I said, “God, Kitty you look so beautiful, I wish I could see you being fucked by another man.”

She just looked down at me and smiled and quickened her movement, soon reached her orgasm.  I felt  her body tense and shiver as her orgasm overtook her. I wondered if she understand my suggestion, but I was afraid to ask her, I didn’t want to get her mad at me.

Then one day, we got a new neighbor, this started a new chapter in our life.

Few days after he moved in, we ran into each other at the front of our house, I  introduced myself and started to chat with him. Few minutes later Kitty joined us and we’d chat about our street and news and social life. When we went into the house Kitty made the comment that George, (that’s the guy’s name) was really well built, and she wondered why a good looking guy like him is  single.

I built a more than a good neighbor friendship with George and his friends over the next few months. I think he liked both of us and I know that Kitty seemed to like him. I was wondering would he be able to fuck my wife.

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At one Sunday we’d been drinking all afternoon, watching football at his house and  we talked about old college days and old relationship, include women. His sex life in his college years was much more colorful then my. He told me he used to have a sex friend,  and they visited swingers club every now and than.

This was a good sign I thought and asked him, point-black if he would  fuck Kitty at front of me. I swallowed hard when he complemented me on Kitty, he said that she was pretty hot and that I was a lucky man to have her as wife and went on to say that he hopes I take care of her needs properly.

So I told to him, “You know George, I’ve always had this fantasy about seeing her with another man.” I paused and looked at him meaningfully then continued, “And I think you’d be the prefect guy to fulfill my fantasy, what do you think?”

George looked shocked and that worried me until a brilliant smile broke out on his face and he nodded, then said, “I think I would be able to do her, but what would Kitty think about it?”

I said, I am not sure, but I will find it out somehow.

I lied to him, I knew that Kitty would never go for something this perverted, but I knew a way to make it happen. My plan was simple, make a barbecue party together,  get Kitty drunk and let George be the one to end up in our bed.

By the way Kitty isn’t what you’d call a super model type.  She’s an average looking slim woman, with perfect shaped breast, but a little-bit small size  for her body.  I said above wasn’t simple to get her into the mood to make love, but when she was drunk the sex  always was good, alcohol seems to release all of her inhibitions. If the lights were low and she drank more than she should, I thought  she might not even realize she gets in the bed with George, not with me.

However I hesitated and kept thinking about the possibilities over and over during for few weeks. Finally I decided, I gonna give it a try and told George that we should try to make it happen at  Saturday night.

Saturday arrived fast and was raining all day, so the barbecue party got cancelled. I was sure my erotic plan wont happen when Kitty came up with the idea to go have a dinner  at a bar close to our  home. I realized this is might be my best chance, Kitty likes to dance and when I dance with her she’ll drink to “cool off and usually ends quite drunk.

However because of George was there she was holding back on the alcohol at first, but after several dances with me and then a couple with George she loosened up and the alcohol started to flow.

George and I looked like we were keeping up drinking with her; except our drinks were just plain Ginger ale,  and hers were Crown Royal with Ginger ale .

By midnight Kitty was ready to go home. We left the bar, with Kitty was sitting beside me on the back seat while George at the front next to the taxi driver. I started to play with her  by sliding my hand between her legs. She was wearing a short thigh dress and my hand snaked up under the material and I could feel that her underwear was moist at the crotch.

She pushed my hand away, and slide down on the seat a little, opened her legs so I could get better access. I started to play with her pussy and kept do it all the way  until home.

I realized, she  must have known that George and the taxi driver  could tell what I was doing, yet she let me keep doing it. That one act of willingness sealed my fait,  I decided not to trick George into our bed,  but to try and get her to do it with her consent.

We arrived  to home, were laughing and stumbling as we got in the  the living room.  Kitty said she go to the Kitchen to get some drink from the fridge. I used the possibility and  explained to George  what I had in mind. He looked doubtful, and said, he is not sure, but  if I was willing to let him to play with my wife, and she does not mind it, then he would do his part.

Kitty came back, put the drink on the table and sat down onto the couch  next to me. George sat in the captain chair at the opposite site of the couch.

It was now or never. I reached my hand out and snaked it up under her dress again while at the same time covering her mouth with mine, giving her a hot wet French-kiss just the way she likes it when she’s feeling horny.

She was drunk but not so drunk that she  could not see George was still there. She started to pull my hand out from her dress and tried to pull away from my kiss. I waved to George to come over with my free hand,  and then I felt him when he sat down the other site of Kitty.

Kitty was in between us,  he turned  her head a little to his way, looked in to her eyes and started kissing her passionately, forcing her mouth open and planting his tongue deeply inside, while I fingered her pussy. Kitty pushed my hand a way again and for my big surprise she laid back on the couch. I stand up and went to the other side, to seat down on the captain chair.  On my way I put few condoms on the table from my packet. My eyes met with Kitty eyes, either of us said a word.

By this time George did his things,  her dress was undone, her bra was on the floor and he was feasting on her nipples, first one, then the other and then back again.

My fantasy was getting true. Another man was on my wife and I was there to see it. Just for the fact,  I was experiencing mixed emotions, no one but me had ever made love to Kitty. I felt a little bad that I was tricking her into as I watched George getting ride of of his pants I even felt  more then little jealousy. I knew how felt to have sex with Kitty and George  was just about to get that experience too.

As I watched the scene unfold in front of me I imagined how Kitty would look when she wraps her legs around his body,  I was rock hard with anticipation.

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Then the moment arrived, he trusted into my wife and everything went very smooth and easy. For my surprise he did not use condom, he never tried and safe sex only was part of our deal.

Then the reality hit the home run and I  I realized, its not their first time, they had done this before.

She took him in like an experienced partner,  like  she done it a hundred times before. I sat there  watching them. Kitty  began to thrust against  his hip eagerly accepting him, almost joyfully I thought. Then they both groaned and I knew that they were cumming together in perfect harmony.

I did see what I wanted, right? Even though I still had an erection I also had a sick feeling inside that I made a mistake. Even though it had been so fucking hot to watch another man orgasm on my wife I knew then and there that our relationship was in serious trouble.

As it turned out  next morning , George was after my wife since he turned to be our neighbor. He tried to get close to her, (NSA sex in his mind) but she did not give in. Than I came up with my idea and he told her what I was planning to do.

She did not believe him, until I suggested the barbecue party. The very next day she went to George house and told to him,  “Since my husband was willing to betray me there is no reason for me to be faithful to him anymore. Therefore would you like to have sex with me.” And they did, George was a younger man and  I guess a better sex partner then I am, he could make her obtain multiply orgasm easily, and she loved that experience.

This was two weeks  before that barbecue supposed to happen and during that two weeks they made love several times a  day, every day  when I was at work.

Few moths passed by and she got the house and the Porsche, I got the mobile home, the Honda Civic  and my clothes. George sold his house and moved in with Kitty.

They have a profile on They are  looking competitive man to join them and I  imagine them having sex  when I masturbate.  According to Kitty they have sex every night because he is so good at it and because there is  always willing men.

That is Kitty to on the next photo. I made that photo and they posted it on their profile:

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