We love to be watched during sex but don’t do with co-workers

Hubby and I, both of us, love nsa sex and love to be watched. It is like a role play for us, turn us on and keep us going and going like that energizer bunny.

no string attached sexlovetobewatched

However hard to find quality and willing sex partners, willing couples or men, who is into play with couple. Than come the dilemma…. Work, if you are like us, you spend about half of your day at work and a lot of attractive people at our work place…

Swinging or no Commitment sex at work… is a bad idea, as Donald Trump would say, very bad.

If you have full time job too, probably you spend a lot of time at work too. It is very easy to find sex partner at work, but you should think before you get into any sexual relationship with your workmate.

no string attached sexWe love to be watched… Do you want to to join us?

Looking for sex partners at the workplace a recipe for disaster. I know this for experience, it did not happen with us, but happened with someone we know, a man, he got into some light erotic play with a woman, than at the end both of them had to find other place to work.

You would have much more success and fewer headaches by using an adult dating website to find partners for adult fun. Actually it is still legal to go out with a co-worker and is still legal to have some real fun with a co-worker, but it is a dangerous game. Many employees and employers appear to become very uncomfortable with co-workers relationships especially nsa sex. People married than family members go to the work place, complain and cause problem, no any employer need anything like that.

What ever is your reason to get into no string attached casual sex,  do it with someone from work is a very bad idea. Romance and dating and married someone from work is  is one thing, but have sex with a married person from work an other thing and you should never get into anyone underwear from work, just because it can be fun.

If you are a male and something goes wrong, it is almost sure you will be charged with sexual harassment. If you are a woman and something goes wrong everyone going to call you a slat. I don’t think any lady want to go there. If happens to be one of you or both of you married, than that is even worst.

sex blogsSwingers Sex Blogs

But even if everything work out fine, casual sex at work is still a risky venture for your sexual life and for your career. It can lead to hard feelings and can lead to emotional distress.

When the subject is sex, you should be extra careful. What if the other co-workers finds it out? Just think about it. If you are a female it definitely will not make any good for your your reputation. Sex related news flies very fast. In a few weeks all the men in you office building, (if you are working in a office) want you to give them a blow job, under their desk… If you do not mind it, than go ahead and blow them!

But there is no any women, who can keep all men happy. If you get into some kinky sexual stuff at  work, you might have to looking for a new job soon. Exactly that happened with our friend and it was not even intercourse, it was just a blow job.

If all at above do not bother you and you think you can find another job very easily, then keep your resume updated and go for it. Remember, casual sex, or a threesome with co-workers might cost you your job.

Our final advice: Don’t mix your job with casual sex . This kind of relationship never has a happy ending.

swingers sex ads

What makes casual sex so attractive for married couples?

Married couples try casual sex and they might end up in a swingers club. Why? What is about swinging that keep married couples share their marital sex life with others?

playfull wifeMy playful wife always horny. I need help.

No string attached sex can be fun and pleasure, with other words casual sex a  lot of erotic fun, if done properly.

Oh, you are not married, you are single, but you are here to find a man woman couple for nsa sex.  It might happen, but it takes time, however before you get into this “lifestyle”, you should  know few things.  The most important is; What you should expect if you find that couple?  Keep reading and you will find it out based on our experience.

When a man – woman couple get into casual sex, usually they try to find an other couple or a extra partner. The gender of that partner depends on their preferences and on their erotic fantasy.  If their first  nsa sex experience turn to be a positive, then they might try few more times. If they want more,  they might end up visit swingers clubs.  People go to swingers club for the same reason, which is, to have sex…

New couples usually into no string attached sex plays  2 – 3 years and then they take a break. In a lot of cases this break is the end of their shared or nsa sex play, however if they get back into the lifestyle, then they will stay for many more years.

I, as a male part of the couple don’t know for sure why women love to have sex with different men,  so I can’t tell you that, you better ask my wife. But I know why I love it, but its bring up  another question that I should talk about first.

The question is; Why does married men loves other women’s pussy?

It is simple, boring marital sex life, fun factor, more experienced woman, safe sex and 80% of sexually active men always want new pussy. The rest of them, that 20% want it too, but they lie about it, even for themselves.   New toys, new pussy… I guess its men’s things.

horny married womanMarried but horny looking for sex friends

We as a couple got into casual sex because the sparks disappeared from our  marital love life.  Our relationship was and is in secure and we love each other more then ever, but sex was not the same anymore.  Love making became dirty work. We knew, we need to make some changes, to bring those sparks back into our bedroom. So we tried nsa, we loved it, in fact ever since we are loving it.

The basic idea originate from my wife. Once upon a time,  one night we talked about everything at the front of the TV, include our neighbor.  She was a divorced lady and she had a lover, half of her age. Than my wife said something like, she was wondering how sex would be with a man who is young enough to be our son.  We have no child, our business was more important then children, so there is no ethical question if and what will happen if our children finds it out…

Anyways, I told to her, you never gonna find it out, if you never try… She agreed, she said you are right, I never going to find out. But no one can predict the future… The subject like a ghost kept come back again and again, usually when the neighbor’s lover’s car parked on her driveway. Than one day I told to her she should find a  willing young man. She said she doesn’t think I can handle it, well I wasn’t sure how will I handle it, but I told to her we will find out if time comes…  However there was one condition, I want to be there in the same room, I want to see all.

Than she agreed she will try, so we registered to this adult dating website and started our search.  Even though there are more men the women here, its not easy to find the right man. We had hours of video chat and more than few coffee dates, and months passed by and nothing happened, the guys did not show up for the second date.  Than we changed our tactic, video chat, coffee date and if there is some attraction,  we go to a hotel room. It started very promising,  but the first guy could not get it hard. The second blow his load before he got naked…

marreid woman

Married woman looking for playmates.

Than we found a man. A young guy, 15 years younger than my wife,  he hold university degree, he is very polite, easy going, we can talk about anything and everything with him and for bonus, he was and he is a good sex partner. Our casual sex journey began with him. We developed a sex friendship with him, in fact he introduced his girlfriend to us  and let me tell you, I thought his girlfriend have the sweetest pussy that I ever tasted…  Our friendship is still ongoing, we still get together every now and than, but we and they play with others too.

Than we ended up in a swingers club, and my wife had sex with two men in a hotel room after the club hours. That was very erotic, I love to see her while being pleased by two men at the same time. Of course I had my share of fun too, somehow always is the latest pussy is the best pussy.  When I see my beautiful wife, while other man’s hard cock dug deep into her love tunnel, and I play with that man’s wife or partner, it always makes me want more pussy.  It always makes me teenager again,  its something like you are teenager again and you can perform better and more and teenagers don’t need Viagra… Plus as time goes  quantity replaced by quality, because of experience, so nsa sex made me a better lover.

There is nothing better than watch my wife during sex. Its always turn me on. I love to see her erect nipple in other guy’s mouth, I love to see her moaning with pleasure as sliding up and down other man’s erected shaft. Between two intercourse a big turn on for me, just to see her entertain or being entertained by one or two men, its always give me a hard on.

But there are many other reason, for example, for a mfm threesome you need two men and a woman.  Continue reading…

male female maleMale female male three-way nsa sex ads.


My boyfriend want a fmf threesome

I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend when I catch him having sex with two of my best girlfriends at the same time. One of them had her pussy plopped onto his face, while the other was giving him a blowjob. Continue reading…

Another Perspective on Casual Sex with Wife Sharing

The thing is, we don’t really need an adult dating website to arrange a MFM threesome, but it’s easy here, because it is a nsa sex dating website…. so men women and couples comes here for the same reason, which is no string attached sex.

Also many people, singles and couples too, have an ample supply of open minded people locally… friends from swingers clubs or fuck buddies. Those people come here to find things that they are missing, not more of what they already have.

swingers NSA sex adsNSA Casual Sex Personals

MFM threesomesDiscreteGuy32
Couples wanting only females.

I am into being the extra guy in MFM threesomes, but have noticed most couples only want an extra girl.

I had always wondered how much of the mans input had been put into this part of the profile. I’d love to know how many of the couples profiles out there with girls only are controlled by the guy!

Since to me it is like: Yes honey, we’re swinging, but you’re getting no one else but me!!


sex dating Iamwman

We are (you and I) looking for the same thing and I do not have hard time to find a couples to play with. I am don’t say it happens every weekend, but it does happen every know and then. However I am living in Canada, not in India like you… so I am not sure why men don’t want to share their sweetheart with you in India.

If you have hard time, to find competitive couple to play with, I have a solution for you. Find a girl, then look an extra guy and you will have your MFM threesome. I guaranty it will work…

horny couple

Members Erotic Video Intro

adult dating Unduplicated1

Frustrating, isn’t it? My few male friends also only want FMF threesomes, but it’s harder to find a woman who’s willing to play with a couple than a man!

I checked out your profile, and I didn’t see anything in there about wanting an MFM threesome. Maybe you should put this in your profile?

I receive offers from guys all the time regarding MFM threesomes, but my male friends don’t want to play with another man!

They just don’t want the competition! So, I’m always on the lookout for women for FMF threesomes, but I hardly find any women who are willing to play with me and a man.

The bi women I meet usually want younger couples, or they’re part of a couple looking for other couples.

I enjoy FMF threesomes, but I wouldn’t mind a guy for a change (of course, someone closer to my age – lol).

I’m sure you’ll eventually find a couple who’s looking for another man. You seem to have a lot to offer a couple.

Have you tried joining a swinger’s group in India? They sure have enough groups here in the US. My problem is that I’m definitely not a swinger! Good luck to you!


swingers funfuntimes10163

Sadly, this sometimes is the way it happens. Not in all cases, I’m sure, because I have personally been involved with two men who thought along those lines.


cougar womenLorelei_x

I am not sure what the situation in India. I think you should ask a local couple, why they don not share sex…

However here, around my neighborhood…. What you describe is what I call “newbies”,
they are often inexperienced or young couples, often with the man leading, and thinking that another woman is less threatening.

Here in Canada, there are lots of experienced couples looking for MFM, and looking for the “right” kind of man to join. I can’t speak for India, though.

One thing on your profile is a total turn-off for an experienced couple:
“I am straight”. That’s a clear code for “I am afraid of having another penis touch me and I will have performance issues in a group setting, and I’m sensitive and whiny too.”

Take a look at some of my photos – if you’re not prepared to have your cock touch another man’s cock, well, then…

Experienced couples will look for an experienced man with lots of testimonials. See maallen40 or whiskeyriver (on my page) or islandman37 for the type of men who will be very successful with couples.

horny swingers adsSwingers Sex Personal Ads

swingers datingSugarscrew

Finding partners for a threesome, whether male or female hasn’t been a problem for us. But finding the “Golden Goose” a couple that we can play with is rare, but we aren’t in India.


swingers datingdnafun11

Funny, we have no issues with MFM and we like them and want them. I am into doubled penetration too and with one man, you can’t have double… or you have to use a toy, but that is not the same.

We want a FMF threesomes too, not because as several people have assumed he is scared to have his penis near another man, but we both would like to play with a lady.

We have found through trial and error that having only couples and ladies on our profile as what we want/are looking for that we get far more hits from the ladies that way.

Having sex in a group setting with another couple I can say there are no issues there for either one of us. And having sex with my husband, while I sucked another man’s cock
was hot as hell.

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Recreational Sex

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My wife and I would love to have a FFM threesome

One of her friend, whom she likes a great deal that has proposed it to us in the past, but we could not  and steel can’t decide if it would be better to do it with her or with a “totally stranger” or someone we know but don’t know that well.

swingers womenAdult Dating Ads

Any thoughts? Don’t want to create any jealousy, etc. If we go for it, what should we do and how? What “love making” position would be the best? Continue reading...


xxx sexYou can find here some  female – male – female threesome related information…

But FFM a little different from FMF, because in FFM scenario the ladies play with each other, in FMF both ladies plays with the only man.

Basically that web page has everything that you should know about threesomes, including, how to find a second woman for your trio, and what kind of woman you should look.

Also there are some ideas about what to do and when to make that threesome fantasy of yours or your bi wife’s, reality.

The next paragraph is originated form that web page. It give some info what should everyone do in a ffm trio, when the actual intercourse start. Please read it.

When the actual intercourse starts, the third women can do a lot of thing. For example in spoon position, she has access to every important body part and both sexual organ. She can suck his balls, she can suck her bobs, lick her clit, or kissing with any of the two.

In doggy style she can go behind him and take care of his balls, or go under them and lick her clit or if her head point to her head she can suck her boobs. She can even receive oral from the lady, who is being banged by the guy. Just have to stand front of her and push her vagina into her face.

In 69 position the two ladies can sandwich the guy. In 69 position the two ladies can keep him busy at “both end”.

Missionary position is good too. He is screwing one of the lady, the other lady can sit on her face and kissing with a guy, but this need some flexibility. Or she can sit on her face and pull back the lady lags, or knees, who is getting banged. This will give very good access to him and he will be able to perform deep penetration.

The main thing that you should know. When thing getting hot and the intercourse start, he should bang first the guest lady, but his permanent partner should finish him of first. Changing condom from one pussy in to the other is recommended! It will slow down think a bit, but it will help him lost longer. Continue reading...

swingers datingAdult Dating Personal Ads

Hmm, maybe you better find a “unicorn“.

I suppose the real question is whether one of you is likely to go off with the friend to the exclusion of the other spouse.

I assume if you are both okay with this and your wife is not secretly in love with her friend, you will probably be fine.

I don’t have any experience in sex with my wife lady friends but I think my general sex advice might be helpful. Nobody should get too tense and EVERYBODY should keep a sense of humor.

As the guy, you might want to work against our male stereotype of jumping to the pussy and try to work on a LOT of foreplay.

I suspect once the women are relaxed and into it, they will let you know in no uncertain terms that they are ready for the main event. Continue reading...


local swingersI think with someone you know and are comfortable with. You and your partner set your limits and guidelines up front and talk with her about them and have fun! Continue reading...


I think a friend is better, you know her and the three of you are attracted to each other. I say you and your wife play with her first. But be ready cause sometimes friends when they
eat each others pussy they get embarrassed for a little while so have a hard dick for round two ready.

That usually takes away any embarrassment. Continue reading...


I’ve met with a few married couples from this site for a FFM threesome. It does happen, just is rare and takes time to find someone that there is chemistry with from both of you.

If your wife has approached the friend with this in the past, and the friend seemed interested, I say try it out.

If no one has approached the friend, then I say have your wife get a feel for things in a casual conversation. Such as asking the friend what she thinks of threesomes in general and so forth. Continue reading...


Every situation is different. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve heard both great stories and miserable ones from people who’ve tried threesomes with strangers or good friends.

What DOES matter is how solid your relationship is, and how open the communication and honesty is. Could be an amazing time for all involved, or it could be the beginning of the end of your marriage.

Personally, I’d think that if you want it to be on-going, it would be better with a friend. If it’s to be just a one time thing, best to do it with a stranger. Have fun! Continue reading...

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Asian woman wonders when a big is to big

Just to make it clean, I am talking about cock… I love big cocks, and love sex, but my question is; How big is possible for an Asian women, what is to big for a tight Asian pussy like my pussy.

I am a petite Asian girl. See me at next:

petite asian womanpetite Asian woman

I am Just over 40kg and 5ft. I never had a child. My partner is a white guy with a 8 inches cock. It seems to be the perfect size,he is sometimes a little too big. Well, he is to big only, when he want to finish himself fast and he pushes in hard and deep (not that I am complaining). By the way I like deep penetration, but can it be deeper…?

I am just wondering, what will happen if I take a guy with a bigger cock?

More about me at next>>>

Local Asian Women Looking For Casual Sex Partners

AsianhottieAsian Women Looking For Casual Sex


horny older womenhornyfortwo70

You wrote it, you do not complaining. You should not… you should fill lucky, because you got a guy with 8 inches cock. 8 inches cock is a nice cock, that more bigger then an average sized cock.

I think you will have a hard time to find a man with bigger then that. Don’t believe those big dick’s guys photos. Many of them are fake or they stole it from a porn star…

You can go to the sex shop and buy the biggest dildo that you find and if you can take that monster dildo, then there is no human cock on the entire world that would be to big for you.



Obviously you’ve never had a baby. Think about how a baby’s relatively large head (compare to man’s cock) fits through the woman’s vagina. Okay there are stretches and broken tissues, and the women cervix will dilate, but the baby still arrives true on the vagina.

If you ever find a dick bigger then 8 inches, with a body like yours (if it is you on that photo) then don’t go near it. Bigger is better, but bigger dick then that will be painful to take in all the way.


threesome nsathrillofitall42

It sure seems to me, that you have already answered your own question about how much bigger you can take. You already stated that eight inches is sometimes a little too big. So why you asking it, when you already know the answer…


wanna playwanna-play

The reference to a baby’s head made me think of the story of the lady in hospital trying to push out a baby and squealing in pain at the effort.

She notices her husband smiling and asks him why, when she is going through all this agony, he is smiling?

He tells her that he was just remembering the night the baby was conceived and how he had wanted to have anal sex with her at that time, but she had said no, it would be too painful!

Who’s sorry now, he says? If you said yes for anal sex, thane you did not get pregnant and you even might enjoy anal sex…

Asian hotties looking for sex

Asian Women Looking For Sex


horny couplebadcouple

Your question is sounds like an advertisement, Asian or not, you prefer well hung men. So big dick guys, it is a polite offer for you. Why don’t you apply? Don’t you guys want to have sex with a petite, and tight Asian hottie.

I just looked her photo…. You are like a teen and you want to take a bigger then 8 inches cook. It sound like a screaming fun….

If somebody will fuck you with a 10 inches cock, you will not sit on your tinny ass for a few days… Try it and you will see what I am talking about.


leisure sex datingwifeshare

How big is to big for a petite Asian women, who never had a child? You are the only one who can tell us, but I’m sure everyone has a limit, however by all means, keep it trying to find it, and if you found your monster cock, let us know how it worked out…


love big dickbigdickfetish

My playmates dick is bigger then 8 inches and we are living in the same city.  Small world….? Isn’t it? Take us home baby and he will pound your little Asian pussy.  He and I will make you cum multiply times.

Asian sexAsian Women Looking for Men



What about Asian pussy? Shave that pussy or not