40s woman needs nsa playmates

Are you a middle aged woman? Or maybe older? Are you glad that you are over 40?

Great news if you are! A survey has found that men are more likely to choose a great looking older lady over a plain looking younger woman.

You’d think that men would always go for 20-year-old hotties, but they don’t. According to many surveys, men prefer attractiveness and experience over young age when selecting sex partner(s) for casual sex.

For example if you are a young man and looking  women for no string attached sex, just take a look at the lady at next, she is early forties and into young men.

She does show her face, that means  she have nothing to hide, she might be married or might be single, who knows, but she shows her face and that is a statement.  it states, you do not need to worry about crazy husband, I don’t have one, or if if I have he will be happy, finally someone can take care of my erotic needs.

Yes its true, many older women looking for younger men, because their husband even older than they are. When a man is young sex is fun, but when some men turn to be older men, then sex became dirty work, and they need help…

Anyway lets get back to our older women younger men scenarios froma different view.

40s ladyForties woman looking for playmate

There are surveys showing men different pix of attractive and not so attractive women of all ages.

An overwhelming number of men, including guys in their early 20s, chose attractive older woman aged from mid to late 40’s over an average looking woman or average looking girl of their own age.

So is it true, the older is better or men just like more experienced women?

A traditional male- female sex relationships are a wonderful thing. I call them traditional, because the guy is older then his female partner. If the guy much more younger – older women – younger men sex relationship might work on short term. On long term he might start to feel sexual much more often then she. A lot of older women – younger men sex relationship wont work, because one of them, usually the younger man, want to have sex, and the older women just want to have romance and hug.

However there is an exception… Older women – younger men sex relationship might work for very long, if she is an attractive lady with strong sex drive and if she is a good sex partner. The younger guy might have average sex drive or even weaker then average sex drive, also he might not be confident, because he is not an advanced lover.

In case like this, she can have a lot of fun with her boy toy, because her experience, her knowledge and her willingness to teach him, will fade a way the age different…

If you are a younger guy and looking for older experienced woman, who will not hesitating to fulfill her boy toy related sexual fantasy, you can find them here. I am sure many of them are from your city too…

Look at the lady again at next. She is forties and she is the same woman whom you already saw at above, just here she dropped her tiny red shirt and undies. As you can see,  the age shows on her face, but her buddy is in pretty good  shape. She would be able to satisfied even two men at the same time. It is fact, older women often fantasize sex with two men. They think, their sex life is almost over… and threesome is something that is on their  bucket list…

Anyways, she is on her knees, its a very suggestive photo, it suggesting she loves doggy style.

40s womanOlder Women Looking for Men

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