A lot of men enjoyed sharing their wives with other men. Two men simultaneously having sex with one woman. In many cases, that woman is one of the man’s wife.

I spent some time here to read previous, questions and answers… I  was surprised to read that, a lot of men enjoyed “sharing” their wives  with other men.

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Upon further reading, I learned that many such husbands often participated, resulting in two men simultaneously  having sex with one woman.  In many cases, that woman is one of the man’s wife.

That scenario seemed to stick in my head, and got my brain going… In fact it made me wet.  I couldn’t help but wonder what that would be like, my husband me and an other guy, preferable an older experience man in a weekend long marathon  three-way sex.

Over a few weeks, the more I thought about such sex play, the more turned-on I became.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would ever really consider being part of such play, but it was in my mind day and night….

Then I got an idea. I explained everything to my hubby about my fantasy and wetness and we talked about it a lot… and we talked some more and then we joined this website. It was easy to find a competitive guy for third (list we thing he will be competitive) but there is a distance.

We live in a small town and we need to travel… hope it might worth…

How far would you be willing to travel to have your first MFM threesome? Continue Reading…


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I’ve never had an MFM threesome, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

I was invited to have one by a lovely man, but it would involve considerable driving on my part, and I started driving rather late in life. I especially can’t tolerate heavy traffic on weekends on major highways.

This is why I always say local works best for me.  So, I decided to politely decline this tempting offer. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

I am a single guy (divorced) and usually I am the one who make the travel part… and I do not have a problem with driving. However much more harder to find couples for a single man, then for a couple to find single guy… So single guys should not scare a way a little driving…

If I need to, I can drive anywhere, however my limit is 2 hours. If someone live farther than 2 hours drive, then the distance should be split… and meet somewhere around halfway… Continue Reading…


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Let them come to me… Continue Reading…


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When it comes to sexual play I am willing to host or meet half-way up to 20 min drive. Continue Reading…

adult datingjoozee1

Well I haven’t ventured into threesome yet but I think the travel issue is a legitimate reason to limit any meeting to local with gas prices and safety issues…

I also think personally it would depend on my level of attraction for which ever of the two men was considered more my partner, if I was absolutely crazy about him and wanted the threesome to happen I really might travel up to 2 hours. Continue Reading…


swingers sexkiwityke2012

If you’re happy with the guys then go for it, you never know what you’re missing until you try. We would travel for MFMF – MMF – FFM and almost any other combination.

Good luck and just enjoy the experience I’m sure you will !!!

K&J xx

PS. We would love to travel to you… Your hubby and my… would make your first threesome happen, and I am sure they will find a way to keep me “occupied” too. Continue Reading…


sex adscheez543

Yes I would travel, and I travel… sup to a 2 hour trip. Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

I am not interested in traveling for sex, outside of the city, period, so it is not something that would consider doing. Continue Reading…


adult datingnowillieforme

I don’t blame you outtherelinda. Not one little bit you could drive
all that way fighting the traffic only to find that dreaded parallel parking awaiting upon arrival .

Not only that they could have got tired of waiting and started exploring their bi side leaving you with only two wrinkled up dicks. So all in all I say. Continue Reading…


swingers coupleRelaxedandFun102

If it was your first MFM and you wanted to do it? I would travel. Leave a little earlier, go somewhere to relax, park, lake; have a nice dinner somewhere, have a drink and relax some more.

Are you planning to  stay overnight? If so, drive home during the day. Could be a lot of fun in the morning also. Continue Reading…