Older women first threesome with two men

I am a 37 years old divorced woman. My sex life is well balanced and sometimes kinky. However what woman haven’t dreamed of having two guys at once? I definitely did. And in fact I talked a lot about this with my sex friend, but somehow it never happened. Until one day….

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That day was a Friday and I was extremely horny – all day.And I had a panned first date with a potential new sex partner. I just wanted to finish my work, get home and get ready for the date, in a hope I will have some erotic.

However I didn’t expect my sex friend will shop up with her best freind. They did, I never had sex with sex friend’s friend, I meet him few times, at once we had few drinks and that all. He is a handsome guys.

Anyways looked like they plan to be hanging around for a while and I had a first date, plus I was extremely horny. I was thinking real hard and I wanted to find a solution. So I sat between the two men on the sofa and drank a beer.

My pussy was getting juicer and juicer just thinking about what can happen and what I might miss if I do not show up to that first date…

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Date or not date, I was wet and horny. This kept reminding me that I have planned to screw my first dating partner tonight and I can’t prepare… because of this two.

Actually somehow I felt, it is time to get ride off my sex friend. He is a okay guy, but getting attached. I don’t like men, who thinks they own me and they think they can come and go to my house when ever they got an erection… I might replace him with my tonight date, if thinks will work out, but at this time my date was in limbo… a big limbo.

I just made up my mind and decided to ask them to leave, but my sex friend had a different idea. before I had a chance to say a word he begun to squeeze the flesh of my thigh under my skirt. Are you crazy? I taught but could not say a word because I almost choked myself with the beer. I coughed so hard I had to put the mug on the table, otherwise the beer might have poured all over the sofa.

My sex friend’s friend began to hit my back softly with his palm to help me stop coughing. And I did stop. His hand was still on my back, my sex friend caught it and moved it on my boob. At this time I asked.

“What are you doing?”

He responded by sticking his whole head under my skirt and started to lick my naked thigh. He managed his tongue higher and higher. I realized the only thing that separated his tongue and my pussy, was my own pussy juice soaked tiny Tangs. As I try to slip away from him on a couch his freind slipped his hand under my blouse.

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I was extremely horny, but wanted to prepare to my date, and I wasn’t sure what should I do.

“I can’t do this, you guys are best friends and I have to go to meet someone tonight.”  I protested.

“You look like a woman, horny enough for three guys – not just two, I am sure you can do handle both of us for a quickie”, my sex freind said. Continue Reading…