Adding a third party, does it save or ruin a relationship?

I’m not wanting to try it, already enjoyed FMF threesomes although it was great at the time that is not the point of this. Also I’m don’t think I’d be willing to try MFM threesome.

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I just think that when a relationship is good, to add a extra man it would destroy it. Help me understand, does it really work or does your relationship eventually deteriorate?

It was my interest to understand how an extra man in the bedroom would effect our relationship and why is it necessary to include a third party? Continue Reading…


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Let me help to understand this… I mean your question.

You wrote it, you alredy enjoyed threesomes with two women, but you are not ready to enjoy threesomes with two men.

It sounds like, you had  fun with two pussies, but your lady can’t have fun with two dicks.  Just think about of her view… Do you think is your play a fair play?

It is absolutely not necessary to  include an extra man into your sex play, however she alredy gave you an opportunity to enjoy two women at once, therefore I think, if you wont return the favor… She will do it with out you. On simple English, she will find two willing men, she will get her brain fucked out in details… and you wont even participate in, and might wont even know it… just after when it alredy happened.

If you do not want to loose her, do yourself a favor, and invite someone into your bedroom… Continue Reading…

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We occasionally include a third. Usually an extra male but sometimes an extra female. The net impact either way to our relationship is zero. We have a strong relationship and amazing sex life just the two of us. When the mood strikes to add the third, it is always mutual.

A third party should never be added to “save” a relationship. That means there is already a problem and the lifestyle is not going to fix that.

A third should not ruin a relationship as there should be ground rules and discussions before hand with your partner and with the extra.

For us it is adding a little something extra every once in a while and is not a requirement as part of our relationship. Continue Reading…


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If all parties are fine with it, and show some sort of enthusiasm about it, than should not be a problem.

But some are so insecure, and insecurity can ruin some relationships… I think you are very insecure… but you weren’t when you had  the two women to play with…

Most times if it is there mutual idea it can enhance a there sexual relationship. Continue Reading…

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An extra man in casual sex… if you both agree before, than generally will not save nor destroy your relationship. But it certainly can bring out the cracks.

To be able add people you really have to have good communication and trust in the relationship to begin with. If your relationship doesn’t have those things adding a third (or more) generally only serves to add more strain on an already weak foundation.

So while it isn’t usually the actual cause, it sure can be the catalyst that will speed the end up. Continue Reading…


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