After Valentines Day Sex Party

I am the male part of a couple. We had a Valentines Day  party weekend, in fact at Saturday and  it was not a good party at all.

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When we decided to go partying, to celebrate Valentines Day with sex , was not a chocolate eating competition in my mind… and that last weeks party wasn’t anything else. Continue Reading…

Anyways, I decided to make a Valentines Day after sex party and  just a a quick question. I am thinking about an all goes sex party or least a  MFM threesome… Should I say something to here?  Or should I as the organizer of our Valentines Day After Celebration surprise her with my Valentines Day present, which would be few open minded couples or just an other guy half way throughout our late Valentines Day celebration? Continue Reading…


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No never surprise your partner with adding other persons to your sex play without talk about it first. You should make sure your partner is fully aware of your MFM threesome plan or what ever pan you have! You don’t want to screw your and her sex life with  a stupid mistake.

On the other hand if it’s something you do often…then surprises can be fun! In fact I love surprises… Continue Reading…


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I don’t know. Maybe you should apply some kind of caution and ask her prior to the get together how she would feel about that kind of sex play she does like… Continue Reading…



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Is this something you have talked about before? I mean there is a surprise and than there is a SURPRISE.

A surprise where she has a clue that at some random point in time you may surprise her with a third, preferably someone she already knows and is comfortable with.

That’s a wonderful surprise.

A SURPRISE where she has no clue and possibly no interest in adding a third guy to the party, and at middle of your penetration a naked stud walks in with a giant erected cock… That may not go over well at all.

This type of party surprise could even become a huge problem in your relationship.

Only you know the details that would give enough information of all involved to know the best answer.

But that you are here asking strangers what they think of the idea gives an answer already. You should ask her… Continue Reading…


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That depends on how busy you and the other guy with you lady wanna be. Two cocks can keep her busy easily, special if she into anal.

If she not not an anal sex lover, then one cock in the mouth and one in the pussy will make the trick.. then rotate… It can be fun too…

As for me, thanks but no thanks – surprises are rarely ever a good thing.

My advice: Be respectful of her desires and limits, and politely ask her if she wants a MFM threesome for you Valentine’s Day celebration. Continue Reading…

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I surprised my live in lady with a gang bang but only after I knew she was open to the idea. If you know yours well enough and what she wants then go for it. But don’t just spring it on her. Continue Reading…


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You would want to know ahead of time both whether she’d be interested in such a surprise, and that the man you are surprising her with is one she’d be interested in.

In other words, you’d need to ASK her. If she said yes, then she might appreciate the surprise.

If she said no, or you didn’t ask first, you might be the one surprised by her getting up, walking out, and never wanting to be with you again. Continue Reading…

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