Anal Sex During Pregnancy

I hope everyone can see it,  I am pregnant. It is not secret… My sex drive makes me nuts, I just can’t have enough sex and for some reason I love anal sex more than ever. I always loved it, but now I can orgasm from anal   and I could not do it before. Continue Reading…

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Anyways, I read a  sex during pregnancy related post and a related website, but they did not say anything about anal sex during pregnancy. The last think what I want is, to make some mistake, that cause problem in my pregnancy and just would like to know…

Is anal sex okay during pregnancy? Ladies if you have related experience… I would love to have your advices. Continue Reading…


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When I was pregnant, I been told… During pregnancy, vaginal sex is largely considered safe. Nevertheless, if you want to spice up your sex life while pregnant or find vaginal sex difficult to cope with during pregnancy, anal sex is an option.

Most people that would like to try out anal sex often wonder about its safety especially during pregnancy. There is one think, that you should not do… Because the risk of bacterial infection, never go back to vaginal sex, from anal sex. And if you want to make it extra safe, than you make your man wear condom…

With out condom, sperm might drip out from your anus and can get into your vagina, that might cause bacterial contamination and that is bad news… Continue Reading…



Pregnant women are very sexy and horny too. The glow they carry and the desire they have to still feel sexy during this time of change in their body allows them to appear desirous!!!! As for who’s child it may be, doesn’t matter if you are both enjoying the moment. Continue Reading…

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I asked my doctor when I was pregnant…  The only thing she was worried about is infection and safe sex.

She said make sure you use a condom and that you aren’t going back to the vagina after. There is nothing in the ass to affect your baby and your baby and the ass does not have direct contact… which makes anal sex much more safer.

In the vagina you have the chance to transfer infection, a very small chance…

Ask your doctor, I am sure you’ll get the same answer. Continue Reading…

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I have heard that it is perfectly okay to have intercourse while pregnant… and I had sex during my pregnancy, even in the last month too.

But in the last 2 months only dogie style was comfortable… for both, anal and vaginal. Make sure you use a lot of lube if you decide to go  for anal… Continue Reading…


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I am a registered nurse and happen to be know a lot about pregnancy. Anal sex during pregnancy is okay… but as far as risks to baby goes, if you are practicing good hygiene and are not at risk for premature labor there is no reason why you can’t have anal sex when you are pregnant.

There are some things you should consider though. Anal sex always increase your risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. If you are not in a monogamous relationship or are not 100 percent sure that your partner does not have any STD, you should always use a condom. Basically you  can’t be sure… so my advices is… make him wear condom. Continue Reading…


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I was pregnant 25 years ago,  and wasn’t many books or websites that covered whether or not certain sexual activity, like anal sex, vibrators, ect. are safe or not during pregnancy, so I commend you for having the guts to ask such a question 🙂 .

In my time I did do some research on the subject, and everything I’ve read says it’s safe, as long as the man doesn’t go from back door to vagina without cleaning off first or without switching condoms… Continue Reading…


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All sex researchers and physicians agree: It is safe to have sex during pregnancy, as long as you physically can and feel like it.

And that’s just for vaginal sex. Anal is even less likely to be a hazard…. Continue Reading…