Benefits of bigger penis

Is big penis better penis? It depends on his female sex partner preferences. If she want a big dick inside her, well then a big is better… but not all of the time…

A man biggest sex organ is his brain. Hy is that? Because any healthy men can turn himself on just see and or imagine things. On the other site, a lot of women need a long and very detailed foreplay to get her into the “I want to have sex with you” mood.

A man do not have to overwork his brain, to make himself horny. A healthy man usually horny at anytime if he see something very erotic… or sexy. A smart man use his brain to find sex partner, then turn his sex partner on and in this process he will turn on himself too.

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The face of a man is usually an open book to most women. They can read practically anything in men faces. Most ladies could tell the size of a man penis, by taking only one look at him. Experienced women can see a man’s self-confidence on his face. Big bank account, fast sport car, big penis, equal with lot of confidence.

For many women small penis mean failure. Actually I don’t think it is true like this, because a lot of good lover men’s penis are average or smaller than average size. However those guys educated them self about sex, they have learned how to give orgasm to any women. Apparently you can’t make her cum with fast car or big bank account (she might fake it)…

However I can tell you that, women who are looking for casual sex partners, they are looking for men with large cock… How many erotic swingers ad start like this “lady looking for well hung men for friendship and maybe more”. Ad like this mean, when she is sure about the guy’s penis size, the friendship will turn into sex friendship, but only and if the guy’s cock is big enough for her… If she thinks that, his cock is not big enough, she will say something like this, thanks, but I don’t think we would be a good much…

If your penis is small and you are not experienced sex partner, the above failure is something that you have to face with. If did not happen yet with you, it will happen one day and failure always leaves a mark on a man face, just like success does. Women who are looking for men can read those marks very well.
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