I born to be hot wife, that is why I love hotwifing

I had always though that Hot Wife was just another nick name but the older I get the more I can see how we were all animals with our own make up and there is certainly some one for all of us.

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I know hot wife or hotwife, maybe hotwifing is a sexual role play. It took a life time of craziness and drama for us both (my husband and I) to realize and accept our roles. It took us around ten years. I was 22 and knew my husband casually through a night club I was a waitress at.

Phil was 37 and part of the evening local crowd. Nothing like “Cheers”
the “Wizards Den” was a block from Texas Tech University. A young college crowd along with the owner LB and his circle of friends that included Phil. He had graduated and taken his bar exam and in limbo waiting for the process.

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I never thought of myself as attractive woman but  learned early what men liked about me. Working at bar – night club I screwed the owner to get the best shift and all the other perks.

Being single in the bar I was hit on constantly by the patrons. I found myself going home with a lot of the local guys never letting any of them get to close. Life was crazy and sex was the crux of it.

I screwed the guy that owned the car dealership to get a good deal on a car. Then I screwed the banker to get a loan.

These were older men that all knew each other and hung out at the bar and believe it or not I like a Queen with respect and kindness from everyone.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to of been with five of the guys in the bar at some point or another. I loved sex,  even group sex.

To make the long story shorter I skip few things here, however you can read the entire story (and yest it is a true story) attached to my profile at here.

I am married now and my husband is one of the regulars from the bar. So we are now a couple and settle into life in Arizona. I have always been lucky and landed a job with the local power company making good money.

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Our sex life was incredible he would never fuck me until after I had climaxed in his mouth and we fucked like rabbits everyday. The lust level was over the roof. Through Phil I met everyone in town. I was good
and we did well for a couple of years. Then my next downfall I got my Real Estate licence. I knew everyone and found myself very popular again in a new career.

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So a few months I’m doing very good selling houses and my boss invites the office out for drinks. It was a Friday night and I was invited out with the boys for cocktails. I was so proud of my achievements. Hubby had worked late and decided not to join us. He called getting more angry as the night went on as I was well on my way to get real drunk.

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When the bar closed I couldn’t drive so my boss offered to take me back to the office so hubby could pick me up. Plastered and alone with my boss I couldn’t help but make myself available for him. We made out and he was fucking me on his desk when I heard a pounding at the front door. I know it is my husband. I know it was totally unfair to him. He was so angry I was afraid to go with him and told him my boss would drop me off.

The life was great, I had a lot of sex with powerful men, the fire-chef and the police chef, the bank manager and car lots owner… Of course the humour was flying in the town and my husband knew my pass and he knew there is something going on.

This was when Swingers Couple.net came around and talking
with my husband we decided to be “swingers“. I wanted him to feel
as good about sex as I did and found woman after woman for him to repay him for my dishonesty. Incredibly I was very jealous of every woman he saw afraid he might want to run away with one.

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It really hit home for me then, but as nature would have it we started having mfm threesomes. He enjoys watching me get pleasured and I was willing and wanting to please him. He enjoyed seeing the other men get excited with his Hot Wife and most of our meetings became threesomes.

We were both very happy having sex with sex friends. Turns out he wanted to invite a few of his close friends to fuck me with him and I made it as special as I could. He would even set up gang bangs with strangers so he could see me do it.

He would watch 4 or five strangers fuck me and we would be incredibly
close afterwards as he came in my well fucked abused pussy. He liked
me how I am, we were just so hung up on what others thought.

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He would take me on spring break in Mexico where the college boys would egg me on to dance topless. He encouraged me to fuck men on the stage as he watched from a both with a cute Mexican whore sucking his cock.

I guess our entire life has pretty much revolved around casual sex and still does. Can’t think of anything better. I know it’s just my genetic make up but I can’t understand why I truly enjoys sex with multiple men or women.

My husband says “Your just a nsa sex lover” and I think he has me pegged… Read the entire story


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