Can you please fuck my wife?

Our first foursome did not work out. List not on my part. My wife had a blast…

We have a new neighbour, they are a married couple like us and by the look they are close to our age.  They organized a house warm up party at Saturday evening and invited us and their other neighbour over.

For my big surprise they had a pretty good karaoke machine in the basement. They recognized my surprise and said, every Filipino own one or two karaoke machine. They said Canadians  crazy about ice hockey, Philippines crazy about karaoke.

I am not blind. I could see she is an oriental lady, in fact she is very attractive, but did not know she is Filipino. Her husband is a Canadian man. Continue Reading…

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My wife is a big karaoke singer and she really enjoyed herself. She head more than few drinks and she was singing all night. The other neighbour couple left early, they said they have to go somewhere early at tomorrow morning.

So we stayed, we drink and the two women song. Than in one of the quiet moment, the neighbour, lets call him Joe  told me, they are into casual sex with others and asked, do I want to play with his wife…

I told him my wife and I like to try new things and might be interested, but it’s something we would have to talk before we do it and when we are sober. He dropped the subject.

His wife and my wife did not know anything about our short discussions and his wife, lets call her Janet, told to my wife, just from nowhere… how much she loves to suck cock. Both women was drunk a little, but this kind of subject get my wife attention from the karaoke machine. I know she is bi sexual, she had a bi sexual relationship for years in her student age  and she still attracted to some kind of women and I think Janet was one of her kind of woman. Continue Reading…

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So my wife  told to  Janet, she does not care about cock at this moment, she wants her and asked her to go upstairs.   Janet said it is more fun here and they started making out on the floor. Joe and I was watching it. Than one point Janet told Joe get naked, and he did.

My wife was kissing all over Janet, I got naked too and get under her and started to eat her out, and than for my big surprise just over my face, Joe condomized cock entered her. My wife adjusted her position to make easier for Joe to enter into her.

I was pretty excited before, but it made me lose my erection immediately. His cock was in my face and I did not really know what to do.

Than he asked me very polity. Can you please fuck my wife? She takes it in her ass to, so feel free to fill up her any holes…

Anal sex is one of my erotic fantasy and my wife does not take anything, not even my finger into her butt. Here was my big opportunity and my dick status was between limp and extremely limp. Continue Reading…

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Anyway, Janet and I moved over and started to play. She tried to give me a blow job, but I could not concentrate on us, I just looked Joe and my wife. He gave her really hard in doggies style and I could see on my wife body position she is just about to orgasm and she did, and did so Joe. I was kind of happy, I think it was over, but no it wasn’t.

I heard my wife voice. She said I am still horny  just keep fucking me and Joe did, many times and in all possible position.

Than Janet realized, I wont be able to fuck her and she joined them in. And I left home with my limp dick.

My wife came home at mid day next day, so I had a lot of time to thinking. Does she still love me? I wasn’t sure anymore.

We started to talk. I told her I was limp all night, she said she didn’t even realize Janet and I didn’t actually fuck. Then she told me I needed to fuck her now. I did her, but did not enjoy it… I heard her voice in my mind as she begged for Joe to keep fucking her.

Than I asked her, if I could handle it, sex with others is something that she would want to keep doing?  She  answered without hesitation, oh yes, it was a lot of fun. Continue Reading…

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I am not sure what will I do, but I know it now, I should not ask questions, if I can not face with the answer.

Really, what should I do now? Can someone help me? Continue Reading…


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