Couples & no string attached casual sex at Easter

NSA sex, if you are a single or marred it happens for sex only.  In my mind no string attached sex and casual sex is sleeping around. You don’t want anything, other than sex. Have few drinks, get a blow job, or give a blow job have sex & go different ways.

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Why does it seem “sexually promiscuous” couples are more accepting of a single person that sleeps around? Men women, who ever… makes no difference.

But and when a couple has agreed to play with others to explore some of their erotic fantasy, like partner swap, or threesomes, at Easter weekend that is a big sensation… Even here, on this website, which is very erotic and very kinky…

A single person sleeps with 10 or 20 people for just sex, nothing else just nsa… Easter or not Easter, that is ok, but if a couple have a fuck buddy, at any time… not just at Easter, that is very evil…. Why so? Continue Reading


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I don’t think it have to do anything with Easter or not. It is the erotic action… That some old fashioned people can’t understand, or they are just jealous.

I know, single persons sleeping around since the humans are humans, so there is nothing new…

Couples started sleeping around openly, or have sex with others, front of each other, or having threesomes, etc. just recently with the Internet boom. They did things like this before too, but wasn’t this open. Apparently this is not for everyone and as I said at above, some people can’t understand, and they think if they can’t understand than that can be good… Continue Reading


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I don’t think the wording “sexually promiscuous” right in couples case, and it have nothing to do with Easter. In fact Easter just give a opportunity to anyone to get together, and celebrate… And there is nothing better than celebrate with sex…

Sexually promiscuous is someone who is having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners with out standards of selection. With other words, they have sex with anyone, who is available.

I don’t think that is a case here on this erotic dating website with couples. Almost every couple who I ran into, have standard and they select their partners, their sex friends more carefully, than singles. You have to remember, a married couple can lose a lot more than a single person… Continue Reading



A lot of men would be surprised if they find out how many women fantasize about having sex with two guys at the same time… Read the article…

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Threesome tips for single men

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I agree with the above, it have nothing to do with Easter. Easter is a religious Holiday, and if you are not a religious person, than you have nothing to worry about Easter.

I guess the problem is, because marriage is still a “Big Deal” to a lot of people, and even if it wasn’t, we humans are notoriously jealous creatures, and one of the best grounds for jealousy is bring in a single person into a married couple’s sex life… If that single person happen to be a bis sexual, and can play, able to play with both sexes in the couple… well, don’t even go there…

If that person is strait, than one of them from the couple, could still be festering with jealousy that their spouse is getting all this attention from much younger better looking person.

Therefore a couple selection process might take longer than a single person, but might not… For example in our case, we often play at the first date

You could have a lot of fun on your first date, or you could meet their jealousy after few dates… Like the a roll of the dice… get luck or don’t. Continue Reading


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For a single person to bang around (no string attached sex) is fine and accepted.

For a married couple to have sex with others is not so much accepted. People are still hung up on this idea that once a man takes a woman to be his bride, he is stuck with her, and in a sense, they stuck with each other her by legal contract…

But that does not mean they can’t have casual sex. It is their choice, their sex life… A lot of married people looking for single men and women here… Continue Reading

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My hubby and I met on this website, bot of us came here to find casual sex partner, so the subject of nsa sex was already on the table.

Our expectations were communicated and we conduct ourselves accordingly. NSA sex is like the chocolate on the ice cream, give our sex life special flavor…

While I like to try different flavors, my husband is my favorite flavor. The one flavor that I’ll always go back to. To be honest and faithful to. I make love with my husband only and have sex with other people, but never with out him, and vice versa… He never plays with out me either, we even select playmates together.

Terms within a marriage or within a partnership can be negotiated as long as everyone is on the same page… Continue Reading


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Interesting…. If a married man goes out and ran into a hottie somewhere and they have sex, he is a cheater.

If a married woman going out on her own or with her ladies friends (girls night out) for a bit of sexy fun… and ends up getting laid, that is okay. Isn’t it double standard?

The other thing, men post their penis photos and 80% of the women states it we saw penis before… and you should not post it, but how many women post photos of their vagina? More than men, and that is okay…

So what is acceptable for one, that can unacceptable for others. It will be like this for a long time. Continue Reading


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In my opinion if both parties have an agreed upon description of what “their” marriage is, then it shouldn’t matter to the rest of us.

Their sex life, their business… Easter weekend or any other weekend, good for them.

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So you and your man are banging other couples or singles. At some point you guys make out with a woman, who is younger, her body is nicer, her boobs are perkier, she might have tighter pussy and loves anal sex… and she pleases your man much more…

This is bound to happen. Then that alternative of getting divorce becomes a reality, because a divorce is what he will want. Just be careful what you ask for. Continue Reading

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