Casual sex with coworkers

I red the previous post about naughty sex party with  playmates from work. I love, we love (hubby and ) casual sex. I have a tendency to get very horny and lose clothing when I drink. At once, earlier I wasn’t sure how to feel about nsa sex with coworkers.

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We generally party on Friday nights at our house, and since that first time very seldom to I invite coworkers to play.

That firs time… Happened at one night, it wasn’t plan to be a threesome or sex party.  I  invited over a couple male coworkers for a few drinks just to get to know them a bit better. Of course somewhat on the rode, the possibility of sex was in my mind…

Anyways as the night progressed I took the hubby aside and told him, don’t be surprised if I stepped outside the norm a bit. He just looked at me and smiled, he knows me so well…

One thing led to another and I ended up playfully naked and unzipped one of my coworkers pants and began to give him a blow job to his surprise. To my surprise my other coworker came up behind me and began to play with my boobs then my pussy.

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Next thing I know I am getting fucked, by both of them and sucking cocks  and cumming multiply times. Anyway to make a long story short by the end of the night my pussy was sore, my jaw hurt and I felt wonderful.

I was truly worried about showing up to work on Monday, but those two guys are a real hard to find gentlemen.  Didn’t even act like anything had happened, it sort of confused me, I was sure they wasn’t happy with my performance or they did not like me as a “sex doll”.

As I sat there thinking about what and where went wrong,  I saw a note dropped over my cubicle wall, all it said was thanks again for the  great time and we both would love to do it again.

I was very impressed with their discretion and we’ll have play with them again soon.

So here at the end, doesn’t matter where your nsa sex partner come from, the nice guys are nice from work too, and the idiots are idiots from anywhere, even  the website too. Continue Reading…



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You are lucky, because everything worked out good for you. You are right, it depends on the person.

My x-husband and I dated people from work for nsa sex, and it started of great  and find it can lead to awkward situations… My divorce has nothing to do  with nsa sex with co workers, divorce not related to our chosen life style… Continue Reading…


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I’ve slept with co-workers, and it hasn’t been a problem. I think it depends on the job, and of course the individuals involved.

When I was a supervisor, my rule was that work was work, professional behavior was expected on the job (no PDAs!), but outside business hours… go for it! Fun is fun… Continue Reading…

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Well I will say if you’re good and can keep your mouth closed, so to speak, then it can be good.

Both my hubby and I work at the same job and I was involved with my boss for three years. He just wanted to eat my cunt almost everyday after lunch.

He loved mfm threesomes too. Gosh, I enjoyed that a lot! If you can keep things in perspective, dammit go for it! Continue Reading…


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Nsa sex with coworkers  can be a really bad idea, or a real good one too… You might be out of job if things go sour… but I have casual relationship with co workers… It just happened after much interest and flirting.

It made the work environment more exciting! Continue Reading…

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Never a good idea to mix work with casual sex… Jealousness is one problem, the other is, if someone talks, than every men want to get into your underwear and inside you…

That might not be a bad thing as far as you can take them, but if you say no once, than your trauble will start… Continue Reading…