So what is the special in to see my wife to have sex with other men?

And I am loving it. How can I explain it? An everyday guy frisks out if he finds out, his wife thinking about other man. I guess I am different. Maybe I am special too, because I absolutely do not mind if she thinks about guys, in fact I enjoy to see her entertain by two guys at once.

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I do not need to be one of the guy who plays with her, but I am present all the time. No I am not stupid and my sex drive and my cock works very good too… In fact almost too good, but also I am not an oversexed idiot…. but love sex and love to have sex very much… and I am kinky a little too… So my wife, so we are pretty good together… Continue Reading…

sex adsSo what is the special in to see my wife to have sex with other men?

To see my wife is getting fucked by other men increases my sexual energy. Just to watch when she is getting double penetrated, give me an extremely big hard on… It gives me a lot of men power, it make me so horny, more than you ever can imagine. Maybe as I am getting older, I will slow down… but many years to go… But before I get old (I am 37 now) I hope I will participate in a lot of threesomes with her.

I hope she wont get tired of cocks… That would be a disaster…

With out her, sex is not the same… I do not mind a threesome with two women either, if one of the woman is she. Did I mentioned she is bi curious? She does not dying for pussy, but does not mind to play with some pussy, sometimes…

Well, we have few things in common, and one of them, I love pussy and she she loves some pussies too… Continue Reading…


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I would love to try Double Penetration with my husband and friend. Do any of you out there have suggestions how to enjoy this. Vaginal – anal double penetration is in my mind…

Are there any certain positions that make this easier for all involved? Any and all suggestions would be great.

I love anal sex, so that is not a problem. Both my husband and friend have hinted that they would like to try. I would like to make this fantasy come true for them and of course for myself too…

I think if it done right… it would be a lot of fun… Continue Reading…


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I think the best position is to anal – vaginal double penetration is where the first man is seated on the edge of a bed or in a chair, the woman next goes on top of him facing him.

The second man goes behind the woman. Getting leverage for movement, pushing can be tricky.

For anal penetration, is best to start with a small finger and work up to bigger sizes, and use a condom and lots of water based lube.

Some have recommended that the smaller penis go in the behind, but it is up to the woman. Lots of foreplay works the best. But you wrote it, you love anal sex, so I am sure you will enjoy your double penetration a lot… Continue Reading…

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It depends on the sizes of the guys and you. The standard position like you’ve been told is good and easy.

Personally, my favorite position is… I like standing up. You hang between the guys with most of your weight on their cocks. Mmmmmmm…. and if you can get a third guy, you could do a triple with the third guy in your mouth. Continue Reading…


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A vaginal anal DP is great fun and no one position is best. Keep in mind whatever position you try is going to feel strange and cramps are not uncommon for the males.

Good rule of thumb is the larger of the two dicks goes in the vagina , smaller takes the arse.

Quite a few ladies like to have the vagina penetrated first before the dick in the ass.

The female straddling a male face to face penetrates the vagina, with other male penetrates your anal opening from behind is one of the simpler positions that tends to work well for first time.

That said I know a few ladies who like the reverse -male laying face up and female straddles him, facing his feet. And inserting that dick anally first, she lays slowly back on top of the male, then 2nd male straddles both and enters the vagina.

Whatever position you try communication is key to having a good double penetration. The female is in control, it has to be comfortable and talking is the best way to archive that.

One thing to not forget is “Vaginal – Anal cross-contamination” never insert anything from one to the other with sterilizing it first so condoms are the way to go . Continue Reading…


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Try to rent or buy a porn DVD…. Choose category double penetration…. and you will get plenty of ideas. You can even watch together with your partners, it will be a big turn on for them and they will know what to do too…

Important is that female is in charge so to say, and the penises size is very important. The thicker penis should go in to your ass, list at first….

Personally I find standing double penetration as most funny and most enjoyable position but the laying sandwiches – one way or another comfortable too.

Just to be sure your ass prepared well before hand. Continue Reading…

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If anal sex does not hurt for you, you may want to give this a try sometime. However if anal sex really hurts, there is another variation of the “sandwich” that can bring a special pleasure to all of you.

Double Penetration Tips for Women


Husbands who love to see their wives during sex with other men

Some men love watching other men have penetrative sex with their wives. Watch your wife with another man, why would a man do that?

he loves to watch herMen who love to watch their wives during sex with another men – She loves it too!

There are various possible reasons for this, might be his health, maybe he can’t perform anymore, or it can be their fantasy, or her sex drive stronger, or he might give a boost to their sex life. It might have to do something about sex drive, in a hope of  non stop sex, longer play times,  maybe threesomes and or double penetration fantasy, Voyeurism, etc. There are a lot of sexual act, that impossible to perform in a singular relationship

But, is fact, only few men agree to their wife have penetrative sex outside of marriage if he can not be present, but more than few love to watch.

hotwifingcouple into hotwifing

For example the man part of a married couple,  who is into casual sex with others said:  “After years of marriage I started to wonder, what would it be like  to make out with another woman?”

In simple words, he was thinking about little bit of variety. It does not mean the love is gone from his marriage, he just wanted something a little bit deterrent.

Just the newness of it, the experience with another person is very electrifying. It charges men up. It gives men something that they just can’t get from someone that they know very well,  for example their wife, girlfriend or spouse. Our man did not wanted to cheat on his wife, so he explained it to her.

He had cuckold fantasies before marriage, and he made his wife aware of it. She said she have threesomes fantasies, with two men, but made it clear it would never happen — she couldn’t possibly do that, therefore it would stay fantasy forever,  but she also agreed,  it was fine to fantasize about and talk about it together and even watch porn movies during love making sessions.

So they did for years.

we shareWe Share Her with Men

Lets get back to our man. He said: “After about 12 years of marriage, we ran into a porn movies’ category on our Android TV box, the category name is: Husband Share Wife. We get hooked to that category, and at once I told to her, we saw so many threesome videos, couples and extra man, I just want to watch you,  can’t we try being really naughty just once? And for my big surprise, she  said; “It might be very satisfying, I would not mind to try”. From that point everything rolled smoothly, but of course it took some time…”

In our open sexual word and since the Internet boom everyone, married or not have unlimited opportunities to meet someone for casual sex – via Internet.

We created our profile and published it with several of her naked  photo.  Some of the photos here on this page from our profile: Take a look at to our profile and photos.

Virtually in a few days we received replies from over hundred, want to be sex partners men from all age and all size and from world wide. After some filtering, web cam-ing and meetings we choose one young guy, 18 years junior to my age. The  big day arrived and he reached orgasm before even  penetrated her, so I had to take care of her needs.

A lot of hesitation and carefully selection and we managed to choose the wrong man. But this was our, my first real cuckold experience.

wife sharing

Middle Aged Couple Looking  For Young Men To Share Her

Some would think “Oh, horror, that’s supposed to be terrible”. No it wasn’t terrible, both of us was extremely turned on so we had a marathon love making session, and agreed on, we will try again at on other time, which did not happen for few moths.

That was a failure too… that guy did not even show up, however we prepared for that weekend even in more details, we reserved hotel room, extremely sexy outfit to her, candles and music and condoms, etc., well we ended up in a night club. All tables were taken, we sat at the bar and a young couple  invited us to join them at their table.  Make the long story short, after bar hours we went to our hotel room together and it happened. We had the best sex ever, with all possible variation and combination.

Since that time we had more than few sex friends, but we not over do it.  As far as we’re concerned, it is a good way to charge our self up once in a while and get a very erotic sexual experience that we just can’t get any other way.

Here at the end I answer to the question: Why I like to watch her, while she have sex with other men?

My wife sexual experiences with someone else, enhance my own sexual experiences.  There are just some things I can’t do my own, I have to get them from outside sources…

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She Loves To Be Shared


Women  MFM Threesome Fantasy

Halloween as unmatched opportunity for nsa sex

Older women younger men at Halloween. If you are a younger man Halloween give you the best opportunities to have some nsa  fun with older women.

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But… There is always a but… October 31 is the day to celebrate Halloween.  This day will be Wednesday in 2018.  Wednesday consider as hump day… What kind of hump is in your mind? It is up to you.

Lets get back to Halloween, if you did not go to any Halloween party  this past weekend,  you very likely  missed the best erotic   party opportunities of the year. I am sure, in fact I know for sure, there will be a lot of erotic Halloween party this coming up weekend too, (they listed on our erotic on-line dating magazine), but even if you arrive to one of those after Halloween party, you missed the opportunities  of  this weekend parties…  Its getting complicated… Eh?

There is one more thing, that you can do to have some unconditional no string attached fun at Halloween night with an older woman, which as I said above will be Wednesday night.

Halloween with older womanCasual Sex with Older Women

There will be a lot of people on the street on Wednesday night in any age, older and younger, wearing a Halloween costume.  Whether that costume sexy, funny, scary, or plain, gives you and to anyone else an opportunity to approach someone, with a simple comment: “I really like your costume.”

What ever costume she wears, if a hookup is in your mind, than that costume gives you a good starting point,  to start a conversion.  However to make it success you get to leave all the inhibitions you’d have as “yourself” at the door.

Costumes might be fun, but if you are really looking for  fun, try to find an older lady who wears a revealing sexy costume… A Halloween outfits that give a message, something like come on take me…  if you are smart and polite you might find an experienced lady  partner for the entirely night, or you can set up  “hot date” to the coming weekend.

If what ever reason it wont work for  you, well then you missed this big opportunity, and you just have to keep try to find somewhere via internet

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Men’s Obsession With Anal Sex at Halloween

Gang-bang me at my Halloween party

1 lady with 3 guys at a Halloween Party

I’m a straight single man, not even orally bi or bi curious at all, but I like to play with couples as well as singles. I have a sex friend girlfriend, sometimes we play together and some other times  we add someone into our plays… Anyways I do not want to advertise myself here….

horny womanWomen’s Gang Bang Fantasy

nsa sexdieforit

But I am a healthy man and love sex and casual sex… I would die for nsa sex, and sex parties and it is almost Halloween and this time of the year sex parties are all over….

I have been to parties with peoples from this adult dating website (we met at the group section) where at have been bi men and seen them suck cock. It is something that I am not into and would never ask someone to do for me..

I prefer women or couples. I have friends on here who are bi and attended a gang-bang with them recently.

1 lady and 3 guys, one of the guy was me. At next morning she looked everything but not a lady… She had hard time to walk, hard time to seat down.

Maybe it wasn’t a gang-bang, just a foursome? What ever it was… doesn’t matter, it is fact all of us men was only interested in her vagina and butt hole that night, and we gave it to her all we had… Non of us cared about how messy is she or she might have enough.  She asked for it, and she never say no or no more. There was no any hole on her  body, that did not receive cock at that night, in fact one of  those hole had two cocks at the same time in at the end of the night.

mmf anal sexMMF Sex Play

I know these guys and would attend other parties with them as they know if it is a straight party, then they behave straight. What they do at other parties, that is their business. Right?

The question is: Would you go to a Halloween sex party if you knew there would be bisexual guys there? I guess no need to ask bi girls, because no any men mind bi girls… but they do mind bi men… Continue Reading…


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There are many ways to have fun at Halloween

For example you  can hand candies out for kids at early evening,   but that is not for me.

gang-bang meHalloween Gang Bang Party – Organized By

Would you like to know more about it? Continue Reading…

I prefer different kind of fun, like sex, no string attached casual sex… What do you think? What I think? I think only one thing is better than sex… more sex, or scary sex at a Halloween sex party.

Before we get any deeper into this, if you are a woman, you should not go alone partying at Halloween. Take you man with your, otherwise you might get more than you wish for.

I mean people go for sex party, to have sex, but there are always some idiots  at Halloween, they think its cool to scare a hell out of you… I ben there, experienced thing like this.

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Lets change the subject… let me ask you, have you been naughty or nice since the summer is over? Even if you’ve been extra bad, there are still plenty of treats for you on!

If you are planning to have as much sex as much possible, you should try to find play mate, before all of them makes programs for themselves.

Take a look at them here!

Check out them today, and stock up on mistletoe – with more than 35 million of the hottest swingers, singles, and couples on the web, you’re gonna need it! For extra, many of them from your area! Continue Reading…


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Halloween is hard for people who lives alone (like me), not because of trick and treats. But being alone make people depressed, and or some of them will feel lonely. I am in the lonely category, but not because of Halloween, because after Halloween  Christmas will come soon and the year is over. I know, it is just October, but believe me, Christmas will be here very soon.

X-mass is family holiday, so people visiting their families and spend times with their families. Good for them and easy for them, however my family lives several thousands km a way, so visit them is not that simple at all.

Luckily I have few really good friends, and usually we spend X-mass together, but it is only 1 – 2 days, and the Holiday season is longer.

At Halloween, as usually I will try to be a party animal. There are always wild, erotic role playing  parties at Halloween. The bad thing, usually those parties are on the same day, and I can participate in one or maybe in two…

I am a really positive person, and I know from experience, no one want a negative person to be around, but when the party is over,  I have to get back to reality, and I realize it, one year is almost gone again… Sad… Eh? Continue Reading…


sweet chicsweetlaceration6

Christmas is such a difficult time of year, and all those commercials of perfect families having perfect holidays and receiving perfect gifts don’t help one whit.

Life isn’t like that, at Christmas or any other time. If you just stop and think about it you will realize that it is true.

There are families where the hate is palpable, and yet they get together for the holidays because that is what families do. If you have nothing to do, no one to visit at Christmas, go and volunteer somewhere, in hospital or shelter or anywhere where they need helping hands. It is much better than being alone..

But before Christmas, comes Halloween. I have a Halloween tip for you…, organize an erotic party with your sex friends. If you do not have sex friend, than organize a party. There are a lot of people here, who would go to your party. Continue Reading…

Erotic datingMsIndie

I agree… volunteering is an excellent idea.

No, your depression won’t go away, but focusing on others for awhile can sometimes put things into perspective and lift your spirits for the short term.

Counselings is also an excellent idea. Search Google for your city or the city near by mental health dept. They probably offer counselings on a sliding fee scale.

One note, not all therapists are created equal. If you don’t establish a rapport with one, request another.

Also a party is not bad either, even though, it would not last all Holiday Season long, but the preparation would keep you busy for a while, and list you will have some fun too.

It do not have to be a sex party, if you are not into NSA, just make a party… Wishing you brighter tomorrows. Continue Reading…

Halloween Sex PartyHalloween Sex Party Ads

NSA sex ads13hammertyme69

I have many sexually open minded people to share the holidays, it starts with Halloween party and by Christmas over, I always get depressed, because x-mass should be family holiday.

I am lucky if 1 of my children and their families spend Christmas-eve with me. I have found that volunteering is a great way to stave off the holiday blues. Continue Reading…


big boobsbuxombrunette21

Lots of us are alone and lonely – most of the time outside work, not just the holidays. That is the main reason why I am here.

At list I can be myself here and I can make it crystal clean what I am looking for. Continue Reading…


sex datingPussNBooties

I’m going through some tough times right now, so absolutely want to talk about Christmas yet, but a hunted Halloween sex party sound like I would be participate in…

The suggestion at above on volunteering. If you’re not doing it already, perhaps you might enjoy doing volunteering at one of your local animal shelters.

I got a lot of satisfaction from doing that. And they always could use help.

Or maybe a hospice/elderly care home. The folks in these homes nearly always enjoy
talking to a new person.

I think overall the best thing you can do is keep busy with something you like to do. But a kinky party would not be bad either… Continue Reading…

Halloween Sex PartyHunted Halloween Sex Party

Women for sex66LUV

I won’t let myself get Depressed… NO WAY! Not anymore.

I am the master of my feelings and I can choose to make it positive or negative. We all have positive things in our lives. Sometimes we just have to search them out!

Yes, I have been “alone” for a long ass time… but, I don’t dwell on the “whoa-is me” attitude. I only have one life and I want to live it to max. I’ll be mellow when I’m dead!

Do you ever notice that people gravitate towards the positive people. Who wants to hang out with negative, sad, and depressed people!? Not me… I won’t be that person. Continue Reading…


Anal fun at Halloween

Sex with multiply partners at a Halloween party