Confidence in Recreational Sex

Confidence in sex, something like in real live you believe in, you can do the job.  The only difference is, it is sex, and sex is part of the real life.  What ever type of sex it is, Recreational  NSA sex, or bi sex, or anal sex… You need to be confident.

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You need to be confident, you have the tool, (hard cock or wet pussy) you know what to do, because you have the knowledge…The knowledge is power, even in sex too…

And if  you have those in you, you will be very successful in this lifestyle.

Of course, whit out willing partner, does not matter how confident you are…

You need to find someone  to gain that confidence…  Just you and your knowledge and your willing genital is not enough to build any kind of confidence…

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Also remember,  experience makes it perfect. This apply to casual sex too… Like everything else, you do it more often… you will get better in.

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