He wants to eat his own cream pie from her pussy

I have a fuck buddy and he is dying  to eat cream pie. At first he he plan to try to eat his own out from my pussy.

This is something that I never  experienced before. No men ever done it  on me, but the idea get me really horny.

I do not  swallow, if men cums in my mouth I just spit it  out, I just don’t like the idea of swallow… and can understand why he wants to do it.  I was sure he is very strait, but this makes me wonder…

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I used to have two sex friends, both was super straight too and one of them loved to do the same, but he did not eat his own… He loved to clean my pussy out after the other men. We played together several months…

Its called cream pie. It is a fetish and a lot of men into it, not just only bi men straight men too. It feels incredible good, the slippery cum and the man’s  tongue on my pussy… Virtually he tongue fucked me all the time. That can cause a mind blowing orgasm…

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She wallows, I want too swallow too