Do you like to get seduced to have NSA sex? What are the best ways you like to be seduced to have NSA sex?

NSA personalsLooking at a lot of profiles here, it seems that the favored method of seduction involves showing someone your cock or pussy and working your way up from there.

Is the art of seduction slowly dying in this day and age? Is everyone in such a rush, that they cant invest the time building up to seal the deal, and would rather say “Here are the goods, take it or leave it”?

So my question to my fellow members  is: What are the best ways you like to be seduced to have NSA sex?

Or if you prefer do to do the seducing, what methods do you find work best for you? Do you like to get seduced to have NSA sex?

I truly believe in “the more, the merrier” – and I really like threesome, foursome, or moresome… and if I want to enjoy those scenarios, I don’t really have time to get seduced…. Continue reading...

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I’m a terrible seducer. I either have to know someone for a period of time, or in the case of meeting someone new, we both have to have the same thing (crawling in bed) on our mind. I’m not a smoothie, and never will be. Continue reading...


NSA sexIt depends on the person I’m interested in. Some don’t want
hearts and flowers and looking for a quick hook up for some belly bashing, where as, others, like the old fashioned way of being seduced.

Get into your future partner mind and the rest can follow, hopefully.

Life is short – so make it sweet and trade up to the good stuff… I am already seduced. Is there any well hung men want to amuse me? No seduction needed… Continue reading...


NSA datingDo you really think that putting up cock or pussy picture is an act of seduction? I certainly don’t.

I am not in any rush to get laid. I will only meet with someone I am interested in only after chatting and talking on the phone for a bit so that we can both get to know each other a bit.

If you want to seduce me the best way is to capture my imagination and make me feel as ease, make me laugh.

I think because many are here for no strings attached sex that is the reason why they seem to be in a rush. If I were here for one nighters NSA, than you would be able to seduce me with a large hard cock…. but I am here for find someone to have casual sex with on the regular basic. Continue reading...

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NSA datingNever really thought I wanted to be seduced, if you want to know contact me…. I will tell you how it happened… from previous experiences.

I am not here to get seduced.  If I want to get seduced, I would go to a bar, and let myself seduced. However this is a sex dating website and my primary reason is to have casual sex. I don not have time to play the romantic seduction games for days or weeks… No thanks. Continue reading...

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Any man I date has to seduce my mind and imagination. There isn’t  anything sexual
that’s going to take place unless that happens.

The rest depends on the man, the mood and the any other number of factors. To be sure, it includes lots of kissing, caressing and hopefully a little humor along the way. Continue reading...


Casaul  sex datingI don’t think that the more graphic photos are posted to seduce. I have never known a genital shot to do so. What one must do is seduce the mind.

This means not only attracting the mind, but teasing it with thoughts of what is yet to come. Is it possible? Making one wonder what one must do to curry favor to keep them interested.

Many forget the brain is the largest sex organ and many won’t even attempt to engage it. Of course the body can react to stimulus, but everything is so much better when the brain
is involved. The old saying, “Seduce my mind and my body will follow” is fairly true. Continue reading...

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