Easter Warm Up Sex Party with Hotwife

I am a practicing Hotwife. Our marriage is open on my end. My husband has a fantasy of sharing me with other men and I date other men sexually in order to fulfill his fantasy which supercharges our own marriage and builds intimacy.

When I go home, after sex plays I explain him in details what the other man did with me and this turn him on. It makes me horny just to know he will get turned on by my action.

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For example we were invited to a before Easter party, which was planed to be a “get to know you” party so at Easter time, the second party will run very smooth.  It wasn’t  sex party but (nsa sex was optional). Our friend couple hosted it in a hotel suite, but the main event at Easter time will be held at their home, for selected few (who passed the “get to know you” party.

Its getting complicate, eh? It is not, let me explain. If someone was invited and acted like an adult at a erotic adult party, than that person might get invited to their home to partying again.  However if someone acted like “sex predator” then their party was over…

I really enjoyed myself and, I am sure some guys had a great time too, special two of them… There was two guys who really flirted with me. I told to my husband I think they would be happy to fuck me…. He said it sounds like fun, but you need t explain it to me after.

So I picked the guys up, yes both… Than the two guys and I went to their hotel room and I had sex with both. It was a disaster. Their love making technique sucked… they hit their orgasm, before I got halfway to rich my orgasm… and their cock was smaller then my 10 years old son’s.

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However at home I lied to my hubby, I told him they did me really good and really hard, I told him one of them had a so big and so fat cock at first I was sure I cold not take it, but somehow I did manage it, than he penetrated me so hard with his monster cock, I could not stop to cumming.

This small lie was a big turn on for my hubby. He always try to outperform my hotwifing sex partners, plus his cock is a decent size 7″ , but at this time he outperformed himself too.

He turned to be a sex magic for that night and for real, I could not stop to cumming. This is the beauty of hotwifing…

I hope that Easter nsa sex party will be even better… Read more about adult parties…


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