Exercise with sex. Make your intercourse sexercise.

Why go work out in the gym all day and come home too tired to have sex? Why not skip a day at the gym every now and then and work out in bed during sex?

It is well known and has been proven women that work out on a regular basic, feel an increase in sexual arousal. Why?

During exercise, the body produces excess levels of testosterone that makes everyone’s sex drives more intense. If you are exercising your energy levels will increase, and at same time you will decrease the risks of obtaining heart disease.

Also as a “side effect” you can lose weight which might make you feel better about your body. So why don’t you do two things at once? Exercise with sex or some people call it, sexercise. Work out and have orgasm at the same time.

I know what you are thinking, it can’t be the same kind of work out. You are right, it can’t be. It is a better kind of work out! Read more >>>

The reasons for swinging are various. One of them is sex often to achieve orgasm. One would say, you do not need to be a swinger, to achieve orgasm often. Well, if you said that you are right. Every healthy adults can have as much sex, as much they can handle, if they have sex partner.

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Masturbation is better then nothing, but it does not count as healthy sex life…

However swingers like to have erotic XXX fun and like to have orgasms, and they know that, easy to achieve orgasm with different partners.

Swingers know orgasm feels good and  orgasm is good for you and they know frequent orgasm have many health benefits, and with different partners, the frequency is not an issuess.

How does frequent orgasm keep you healthy? If you work on frequency with different sex partners, and you want to stay healthy, or get healthier, the most impotent thing is: SAFE SEX, OR NO SEX! There is no any other way, practice casual sex with multiply partners.

How to roll a condom on…. at next>>>

Sexual activity effects all of your body. For example, having sex is as good as aerobic exercises, because it improves the blood circulation and works the heart.

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Sexually active people suffer from fewer hearth attacks. In a few minutes having intercourse can burn 200 calories. On the treadmill you have to walk 15 minutes to burn the same amount of calories.

During orgasm Endorphins is being released. Endorphins dulls the pain of migraines and arthritis. Sexually active people are not vulnerable to depression plus hormones released during sex calm anxiety and fear.

Frequent sex will boost the immune system that fights infections. For example Oxytocin released during orgasm prevents breast cancer from developing into tumors. Having sex not only excites the body but also the brain, because increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that are being released promotes intelligence.

It is an unambiguous active sex life and frequent orgasms that has been linked to longer life. Tip of the day; Have a lot of erotic fun, stay sexually active (of course safe sex or list safer sex) and you might live longer.  Continue Reading…

Read more about why people practice casual sex in this post.

Other Health Benefits of Male Orgasm

It is well know sexual arousal and orgasm have certain health benefits. Orgasm affects how our body functional, orgasm effects our mood true our nerve center. Sex is the best exercise. Probably you already hear that, Exercise while Having Sex. Love making improves breathing and circulation, improves heart functioning, strength flexibility and muscle tone.

Orgasm can be pain reliever, it can relieve the symptoms of period problems and can relieve headache. While having a orgasm, endorphins are released in the brain. Endorphins relieve anxiety and depression,  boost the immune system.

The frequency of orgasm improves overall health, that is why you stay young if you have orgasm 2 – 3 times a week. Also if your sex life is active, if you have orgasm 2 – 3 times a week, it will help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol level.

Having orgasm on a regular basis better then any wait watcher diet program. It is fact, SEX is the oldest, most beneficiary pleasurable activity and orgasm is the goal of every hot sex session. More male orgasm info and facts.

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