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I’ve been in a MFM threesomes in a few times, and I quite enjoy pleasing the woman. When it’s the MFM it’s all about her. Two cocks and her, pleasing all of her, getting the most of her.

However I do not understand the guy in the couple. Why is turn on for him to see his partner, in many cases his wife, while being fucked by other man, or by two men.

Lets see couples erotic play. If to couples plays together, he will have an opportunity to watch his lady partner with other man, while he can play with the other woman.

I just can’t get it. Can someone explain it please? Continue Reading…

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erotic dating ads from couples

Usually swingers couples play together with other couples. Swinging includes lot of erotic activities, but you do not need to be a swinger to find yourself in a very erotic situation. Friends swapped or shared spouse, wife, friend, husband, boyfriend, babysitter… many times before. Maybe they have more drink that they should have, or watched some erotic movie , that made them horny. Things like this have happened before and I am sure it will happen, and some kinky sex does not make anybody swinger.

Swinging is a lifestyle. Swinging is an erotic way to experience, and spice up mainly couples’ current relationship in the presence and with of another swinger couple or in many cases with a single person.

For example, you can be male, female, single, married, you can be heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual to being swinger.

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Erotic Dating Ads From Couples

However if you would like to swap sex partner, you need to have a sex partner. What can swap a single person? So who is swapping? Married couples or couples in long time relationship finding that spouse swap, wife swapping is something that turn them on.

It might have to be their fantasy, or they are been in a relationship for a while and just want to try something new. They are well-dressed everyday people, might be a bit oversexed, they might have fare amount of erotic fantasies and they looking for something erotic that can bring them closer together. It can be a threesome with two guys or if she is a bi sexual, then a threesome with two women.

They coming from all ages range, mainly from late twenties to mid-fifties and the sizes and shapes are numerous. If you think about swinging, first you should think about what swinging can do for you?

Why people swing and why they swap partners?

They are swinging because they want to try something new. Some of the swingers just want to have more sex. They do not want to cheat on their partners. They want to have more sex in the presence of their partner.

The reason can be numerous. As you see swinging is done with the full knowledge of the other partner. There are no secrets in swinging and everything is fully discussed before being done.

swingers couples

Some other swingers swing, because they looking for something different. They looking for no commitment NSA sex relationship. Some sensitive people call it friendship with benefits. They are looking for friends to go out with, on the way how people go out, however at the end of the night, go home or go to hotel room and have unlimited erotic fun with them.

It can include all kind of erotic fun, with or with out intercourse. It might or might not include wife / spouse swapping. You can find swingers just about anywhere these days. Most of the larger cities have their own swingers clubs and smaller towns have meeting places where open minded people get together.

If you want to swapping partner, you need to have partner. With out partner, you have nothing to swap. The easiest way to find willing partner is to go to the swingers club. People go to the swingers club, because they want to have NSA sex.

If you can’t find swingers club in your area, then you should browse our on line dating magazine’s local adult establishment listing. I am sure you will find a swingers club, or adult dating club, or sex club in your city or close to your city.

Or you can try to find competitive partner, by browsing our members erotic profiles. Does not matter where you live, it is almost sure you will find singles and couples that are similar to your tastes and close to your location. Continue Reading…

If you have found someone open minded enough, then you might think about swap partner. For example organize an erotic party with you new friend’s friend and with your friends, invite an experienced swingers couple… and in a party like that many things can happen, include partner swapping. How to organize an erotic swingers party? Continue Reading…

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horny swingers couplesI guess everybody have their own reason. Our is, besides meeting new people, erotic entertainment is our favorite free time activity.

That is why my wife and I got into this. We both love to watch the other with someone new. Continue Reading…


horny coupleThere are many couples like we are.

We are married and our relationship based on love and  honesty. And we love sex a lot and we love it even more with others.

We are like this, and we love it, I special love to fuck my wife together with a young stud… Continue Reading…


Are there others out there who love to share their wives and husbands?

couple for play Well, My wife and I have been married for 18 yrs. together
since High School. We were prom king and queen. Everyone
wanted to fuck her and I was her first man…

We got engaged at 19 in college, 1 month before we got married,
We went out with my best Man. That was the first MFM threesome we ever
had. The next week we had our first FMF threesome with her best friend.

Been married 18 , yrs. now and I love to see my wife get pleased by another man, my only rule is I must be there. She does the same for me with the women I meet.

However this days is really hard to find a competitive single man or couples to play. And I don’t know why. There are 30 millions member here and we can not find a single guy who is cock list 8 inches and willing to participate in a MFM threesome.

In my 20’s it wasn’t a problem. At my time 20 years old guys used to play (or try to play) erotic games with girls, today’s guys play with Play Station and or with Nintendo or some other video games… Where this world is go?  Continue Reading…


couple for sexI agree. My wife and I enjoy to have others join us. We love each other and like to see each other happy. I guess most people have grown up being told it was wrong and also you need to be secure in your relationship.

I think many people are already insecure about themselves and
their relationship even without trying to have sex multiply partners. No way they could handle it. Continue Reading…

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