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I’m 41, when I was younger I would have never have sex on my fist date, not even on the second…

But now I really like to have sex. Do I stand a chance at making a relationship out of that? Continue Reading…

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Sex on the first date and relationship… I would say, it depends on what kind of relationship is in your mind, but…

There is always a lit one but, in this case, there are a lot of couple here, who met here and they live happily together in long lasting relationship, and a lot of others, who had sex on the first date and they happy with that too….

Therefore, you never know if you never try… Continue Reading…


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I think you should go with the flow. If you both want to fuck and not have passion sex.

You can learn more about a person by fucking or having passionate sex.

Let me explain:  The  guy will be back if you nice and clean, smell good and if you are a good lover. You both are compatible with some of the same likes.

If some things like bad sex, stinking up the room, stinking feet, bad breath, to small penis, to wide pussy, no orgasm, he cannot get a hard on, he cannot cum, to shy to try or cannot satisfy, than no point to build a relationship…

Some of these things regardless if it is the man or woman. It is not going to happen again. You having sex on the first date can help in some way to keep you from wasting your time.

Everybody not going to agree but that is my though about sex on the first date.   Continue Reading…

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That probably depends on the guy you are interested in and what he is looking for.

If you want to go for it on the first date, then take the risk and go for it. Alternatively, discuss it with him prior and see what he has to say. Continue Reading…


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Well, this is a  casual sex dating site, isn’t it?

So, it’s a fair guess that the members here are interested in sex, and NOT “long-term relationships”. Right? Continue Reading…


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No offense, but common sense should tell you to wait, if you want a long romantic relationship…

But if you want to, by all means, knock yourself out. The relationship will happen (or not) either way.

Personally, my best and longest relationship I ever had started with sex on the first date, while the worst was when we dated way to long… Continue Reading…

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I red it somewhere,  I cut and paste: “Sex should not be viewed as an exchange of goods, whereby women give it as a “down payment” on a relationship and men receive it as a “thank you” for taking her out to dinner.”

I don’t think having sex on the first date should negatively impact your chances of a long-term relationship. It it works it works, if wont than wont. List you had some fun…. Continue Reading…


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What makes you think, having sex on the first date scare your dating partner a way?

Men on this website love to have sex, that is why they are here.

If you’re confident and and compatible with your partner, than you will enjoy what you’re doing, and he will have a great time too.  He will be back for more… If he wont, well than you had a one night stand… Continue Reading…


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