First night in the swingers club

Just imagine, three or four hot, sweaty and naked bodies all wrapped together in a big, sex game.

One of our lady member emailed us. She wrote it: I wasn’t always into no commitment swinging sex, but once I finally came around to it, I found that, swinging is one of the most dynamic sexual experiences that women can have.

I guess at first I felt awkward about sharing my husband with another women, but I never minded the idea of getting of with another man or women. The idea of watching or just knowing my husband have erotic fun with some young horny chick made me really nerves.

My hubby really wanted to try and helped me see that his love for me was true, and our relationship and our sex life would only improve by trying something erotic and kinky, that we dreamed about.

He kept talking how much fun would be to make out with an another couple. It certainly did sound like lot of fun.

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