Sexual Encounters with Friends

I was talking with a male friend on the phone earlier today and the subject of FWB came up. It can be fuck buddy or friend with erotic benefits, either way it wont change the subject. Now keeping in mind that this friend lives across the country from me.

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We communicate by phone, email or text. I was telling him about a FWB who had sent me an email earlier in the week about getting together this

erotic datingNo hi, how are you, what’s going on in your life etc… Just would I be interested in getting together this week. I told him I was pretty busy this week which was true, between work and my personal life.

I had the realization a long time ago that we have nothing in common but sex. While some might find this acceptable, I know that I clearly need to have my mind stimulated as well and it just doesn’t happen.

Am I alone in my need or do most people just cold call their sex friends for sexual encounters?

I do look at men’s profile occasionally and it seem to me a lot of them complain that no one wants to meet for real. That its difficult to meet women who just want to “hook up” for sex.

This might be true… But personally myslef I want sex with men who can provide something different…

Very easy to get the same thing… there are a lot of man offering it here. What are you doing to make you more interesting than the other guys? Continue Reading…


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Some men confuse a FWB with just a fuck buddy. A FWB is a real friend that you sometimes have sex with. Friend being the important word here.

A fuck buddy is someone you only call when you want to fuck. And that seems to be NOT what you are looking for or want! I think you need to have a talk with him about what a FWB relationship really is… Continue Reading…


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A similar situation happened just a few days ago. This man I was playing with quite regularly (approx once a week and  for more than a few hours each encounter), and all of a sudden he disappeared, not phone, no email no na-da.

Well after 1 1/2 yrs later he contacted me again and wanted to play… I guess I was rude and did not get back to him. Then he popped over, and expected a fuck. I don’t think so.

He said it was just casual sex… so not necessary to inform me of his disappearance and appearance. Just expected me to fuck him again as he was here.

No, it does not work this way, I need more, he have to get my brain to want to have sex… Then I will give all my body… Continue Reading…


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I have had FWB’s in the past. We would sometimes just chat on the phone, go out to a movie or dinner etc.

We were  “friends” and sex friends. It was more than just sex. I was never interested in a  booty call and your example sound like a booty call. Continue Reading…

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We are not the same… I don’t need friends, I have more then enough friends and I do not have sex with friends, I prefer to have sex with a fuck buddy… I am here for sex, not for friendship.

It drives me nuts that I use up so much time talking to a guy to find this out. Wish I could find the key to weed out the ones that are here for sex, not just full around and have social life on web cam or masturbate alone at the front of the web cam Continue Reading…

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Agree with the first comment. Many people are misunderstanding

I think, if it is FWB or something called as “casual sex only relationship”, what you demand is not wrong. It is a kind of friendship, then “hi, how have you been?” sounds normal.

sex datingEither cases, I can think of. A man just used FWB terminology to get more chance, but actually he was from the first place only seeking free-hooker who can attend in 15 min whenever he wants.

Or, as time goes and get used to each other, lost a kind of manner and respect.

Myself cannot even afford FWB and it’s almost FB relationship with my regular guys. But even with them, I usually hear “Had a nice weekend?” kind of minimum politeness.

Of course, I never treat them as if they are man-hoe nor live dildo. They are from the beginning, already attractive in many aspect, not only as a sexual partner.

That also encourage me to maintain a kind of bond.

I am not entirely sure, but what I can guess is, that my process “who I can take – I cannot take” naturally helps me to eliminate certain type of guys.

It relies on individuals respectful attitude and dignity, in the end. I think, but as it stated above; We are not the same and that makes this world nice… otherwise even sex would be boring… Continue Reading…


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This is just a communication issue. Some men and women are here for friendship with benefits.

Some others, like me, have friend enough. We need just a benefits part. Of course we like to get to know our partner and there need to be chemistry and respect…

It is casual sex… NSA sex, or no string attached sex. Non of those words stand for free hocker… So you have to ask… your future partner what they are looking for. Continue Reading…