Friendship with benefits. Easy to find a good sex partner, but hard to find a real friend.

What’s your view on friends with benefits?

A friend wants us to be friends with benefits but I’d like more. Do you think having a friend with benefits is fulfilling or a slippery slope to disaster? Continue Reading…

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It is like a bi sexual person. It can go both way…

The male female relationship, that we usually teach with our children to value are those with romantic potential. As a result, men and women tend to approach each other as potential sex partners rather then potential friends.

Real, true, deep female – male friendships are wonderful, but they can become endangered if one of them starts to feel sexual and the other doesn’t.

A lot of female – male friendships never happen, because people are unable to work it out, when one of them wants sex, or romance, and the other just want friendship.

Knowing your friend want romance or sex, when you don’t can be uncomfortable. However if he or she take times to think things over and over again, and choose not to go for sex… a sex less friendship might last for a long time.

Not always this the case, if friendship turn to be into sex friendship or romantic friendships. You might be losing out something special, if you are not able to accept a person as a friend, instead as a sex partner or lover.

Another reason that often destroys male – female friendship is their jealous significant other…

So fulfilling or disaster? It is up to you and, up to your friend. Of course, if both of you are single, it is easier. Then just go for it, and happens what ever happens… But and if, you had sex with your friend, even just once, then that friendship never again will be the same. Continue Reading…

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bad girl lookingI had a male friend with benefits and things were great sexually till he started becoming attached and breaking a few rules he and I set up.

Makes things hard because once you turn into your friendship, sex friendship, it changes everything not always for the best either. Easy to find a good sex partner, but really hard to develop a long lasting friendship. Continue Reading…


Casual Sex AdsSince you want more, it could be a problem.

Emotions always are present, and can make issues.

Fuck buddies are fun, but I think you need a different relationship to start. Continue Reading…


My honest experiences with the “friends with benefits” scene is mixed. I’ve engaged in beneficial friendships with both past loves and platonic friends, and in my own honest opinion I believe “FWB” (friends with benefits) should be left between friends, not past lovers.

My reasoning is behind the fact that I’ve had amazing sex with a close friend of mine for well over a year, with no emotional strings or feels involved.

This let us be a little more free in what we decided to try and to talk bout. The cardinal rule between us however was if either one of us was to engage in a new relationship with someone else, then our sexual acts would be put on hold, to allow for that relationship to foster and hopefully fulfill more than just steamy sex.

Adult Dating AdsOn the other hand, my experiences with friends with benefits sex with a past girlfriend led to heartbreaking consequences. I saw it as great sex with someone I knew and was comfortable with, while she saw it almost as the other way around.

In her opinion it was great sex in the hopes of sparking another try into being together as a couple again.

Suffice to say, on one occasion I was confronted with an ultimatum, and my answer produced a deep rift between us that lasted many many years. (We just reconnected and are patching things over again, after almost 7 years.)

I’m not against “FWB” activities whatsoever, but I encourage anyone who may be thinking about it to remember both sides of the coin, and weigh the consequences if things were to go bad before even getting involved. Continue Reading…

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Adult DatingIt really depends on the two people involved.

It has worked well for me in the past.

However, I want more now and  won’t consider a FWB at this time in my life. Continue Reading…


casual sex adsI think “Fuck Buddy” is a great concept. However, I have yet to see it work out for more than a few encounters. Pretty soon, one or the other wants more and things get complicated.

When I was in college, I knew a couple guys who I liked to sleep with, period. Beyond that, I liked them, but nothing really romantic. I liked how they felt inside me and what they did for me.

They, however, wanted a girlfriend and there it got complicated. I wound up breaking off with both because I simply didn’t want what they did and wasn’t going to change. Continue Reading…

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