NSA Sex At Full Moon

A full moon is today,  and it is Friday the 13th to boot. Two of my favorite things. I am not superstitious but must admit some pretty damn good things have happened on Friday the 13th., mainly on NSA Sex At Full Moon… Continue Reading

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Probably not more than any other party day, except it was noted  because it was supposed to be a bad luck day I look forward to them even
though the have no power.

Full moons are just awesome all together. On a weekend awesome gets better… on a Friday the 13th? The perfect set up to have wild sex…

How superstitious are you and how would it affect your choice in a mate?

What do you think directs fate? Faith in a god, karma, luck, superstition, luck of the draw or something similar to STAR WARS’ force? Continue Reading


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Friday the 13-th… For those superstitious or believe in luck can you share some of the superstitions and lucky charms.

For me… It is not actually a good luck charm, but I have a round wooden “coin” given to me by my grand pappy when I was a child. It has TUIT etched into both sides it.

He told me “any time I held it in my hand he would be there to help me get around to it, whatever it is”. It has no supernatural power but it energizes me. I’ve held that coin tight a few times in my life. It had no super natural power but it soothed my soul.

I guess that is the goal of a charm. Continue Reading

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Don’t forget everyone when is full moon, every women horny… I am sure you can remember… When is full moon the gravitational effect is at it’s most balanced; The moon one side of earth reflecting the suns light from the opposite side, rather than the pair of ’em pulling together on the one side.

Therefore,  today is the best day to have that wild party… fool moon and Friday the 13-th.  Can not get any better than this… Continue Reading


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Superstition causes people to get hurt and robbed by psychics. It’s not harmless fun, it’s what caused people to burn women long ago as witches. It’s ignorance….

But the Moon phase isn’t superstition so that’s OK. It’s a primal effect and when I was gigging we noticed gigs on full moons were great and no moons were weird…. It is fact, first night of  a full moon make us horny… Continue Reading



A lot of men would be surprised if they find out how many women fantasize about having sex with two guys under full moon… Read the article…

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I think Friday the 13-th is like any other day. But if something goes wrong, than we say…. because Friday the 13-th is an unlucky day.

The full moon… I don’t know why, but I do know full moon affect our mood and usually at full moon women are more willing to play… to bad, we have only one full moon in every three weeks. Would be nice if full moon at every weekend… Continue Reading


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The moon has always played a prominent part in people’s beliefs about sex. Primitive tribes conduct elaborate fertility rites when the moon is  full.

The peasants of southern Germany, southern France and Spain believe that the best time to conceive a child is during a crescent moon. Police chiefs alert their sex squads for trouble when the moon is full.

Whatever the basis for these beliefs may be, there is no doubt that they have persisted with many variations through a great deal of history…. So I think full moon’s night is a good night to partying… but any day is a good day for partying…  Continue Reading

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A lot of people looking for erotic fun here… at anytime. Full moon or not Friday the 13-th or not… These days just give us a reason to keep or try to do what made us to come here…

On the other side… Friday the 13-th alredy sounds like a horror movie, and if we add full moon to th mix… well than tonight would be a perfect night to have a costume sex partyContinue Reading