Our erotic fantasy is groups sex type of NSA sex, like an Ancient Roman Orgy

My wife and I have been working on trying to have some groups sex type of NSA sex… We tried all of what we could come up, to make this fantasy of our real group sex… You need to know, we are living in a small city, so our possibilities are limited…

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There is no swingers club around here, so we try to find similar couples and singles in our area… and in a close by bigger city.  Anyways we keep try this for a while, about 1.5 years or so.

We have had a couple of NSA dates with few people, and we had few NSA sex parties but have trouble finding a way to keep all  people having fun together, like we saw how it was done a long time ago in Ancient Roman Orgy

We just can not make it happen… People break in to couples or couples plus 1, they have threesome,  instead of the orgy style we are looking for.

At this point I am kind of wondering, is it worth so much trouble? Is anyone here, who managed to have group fun? How was it and how did you set it up? Continue Reading…


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I can tell you, group sex, or as you said the  Ancient Roman Orgy  is more than amazing.  Believe me, I been  there (we been there, my partner and I) and done that, but I would not do it with new couples or strangers.  I did it and will do it only  with a group of really close friends though!

It’s an extremely satisfying sexual experience… You can do more things than with just one or two other person!

A group sex more than a lot of penetrative sex, of course the penetration is part of it… and good and very enjoyable part…

How we set it up? We always invite more girls than guys. The girls keep the guys going. If more guys than girls, than guys get tired of it fast…   A group sex will be good only if , the guys are a bit outnumbered by the girls! I know, it is something that very hard to set up… Well you just have to work on  it.

I have been the only girl at once, and having more than one guy make love to you is a really intense and incredibly erotic experience. I was extremely nervous before my first orgasm… but I was at the center of attention for 5 guys in the whole time and it’s  really good….

Yes, one guy after another guy is great, and having two cocks in me at once is mind blowing.

Anyways, with out getting into too much details here… when I was the only girl I seem to have an endless supply of incredibly powerful multiple orgasms – just one huge climax after another, loads of really strong contractions every time, it’s indescribably good.

I was worn down and  exhausted afterwards, but at the time it just goes on and on and I never want them to stop! Something unexplained want me to have more and more…

Anyways, we enjoy it, and I am sure you will too, if you once will get it right… Continue Reading…


If your wife say, she want to get into sex partner swapping, group sex, making erotic videos, wouldn’t you really be horrified?

I like big man. Big cocks, I mean, big cocks on regular size men.

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.


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I don’t think my was group sex… but we done it with another woman and three guys…

Well it was a lot of fun… but with few more person, it can be even more fun. It is number one fantasy of mine… I think one day I may try. Continue Reading…


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We had one at Christmas time last year, and it was an interesting experience. I would do it again if there will be another bi woman involved.

I am bisexual, and with a two bi women involved seems a bit more fun than having a bunch of guy and just strait women  there to play with. Continue Reading…

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NSA sexdoubledeeplover

It takes some time to get an individual and their likings. Sometimes they don’t exactly match yours, and it takes some give and take to satisfy both ends. Now with more people, it just gets more complicated.

I don’t think it so much about the couple you are partying with, but also about seeing
them more than once and helping each other explore and get to know you and your fantasy.

The truth is that your first time having sex with them was probably nothing spectacular but once you try and learn it most definitely gets better.

We have one rule in group sex and it works really well for us.

The rule is; Each time you meet, the group pick one person that shall be the center of attention and spoiled in a full night of attention and all out pleasure serviced by the whole group.

That makes sure that all are involved and that the ones the are exempt because they straight know that they are ‘secondaries’ for (at least part of) the night. Everyone knows their role and can easily fall into it.

And if someone want some extra play as a couple, still can play, but the person in the center of the attention needs to be entrained by others… Continue Reading…