Anal Sex at a Halloween Sex party

We got invitation for a Halloween Sex party. My husband told me, I should dress up like a hooker, and it will be a lot of fun… because all men going to try fuck me, and very likely few of them will… which I would not mind… not at all. Continue Reading…

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So, we are open about everything but the idea of anal sex doesn’t get much of a response from him when I bring up. And I did few times, I did last night too. I told him I will dress up like a very cheap hooker, but he have to fuck me in the ass… Boy he wasn’t happy at all.

I want to experience anal sex really badly. Should I do at the Halloween Sex party with someone and not let him know?

Should I do it and tell him afterwards? I don’t think thats a good idea. I’m really wanting to go there bad!

He has reached back there when we had sex last night and he has slipped his finger in my ass and I enjoy that so much as it made me achieve an orgasm immediately and I want more and want something bigger in there. Continue Reading>>>

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At first, you get fucked in your ass, or you don’t, it is your ass, and it should be your choice.

At second, don’t ask you hubby anymore. Instead have him watch you get fucked in the ass by another man at that Halloween Sex party and he will see your reaction.

If you like it, he may like it too, because of your excitement, if you don’t like it, just drop the subject. Continue Reading>>>


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Agree with the above post. Since you are an open couple that plays together let someone else do it while he watches…. Once he sees your response he’ll get on board.

Tell him, Halloween is a time for people to dress up and try being someone completely different for a night. He might try to be different…  Continue Reading>>>

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Get a dildo with a suction-cup that attaches to the linoleum or tile floor and give it a go by yourself to try how it actually feel like, and if that works out for you, do it again in front of hubby, and let him really see you get into it and get off on it.

Maybe he’ll see the light of joy in your eyes and want to contribute that to your fulfillments with him. It can’t hurt to try, if nothing else is working. Continue Reading>>>


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Cheating or doing it behind his back is never the answer. If you guys are up for lots then see if he would like to watch you with another as he fucks you in the ass.

Maybe it’s because it scares him, maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to get brown, maybe it’s because it doesn’t thrill him, maybe it was a bad experience in the past.

Who knows. But doing something behind his back is not the answer. We can’t get everything we want and so if you can’t respect him by agreeing to the commitment you have made to each other with the terms with each other then maybe you shouldn’t be with him at all. Continue Reading>>>


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If you have an open relationship like you say talk to him,
give him alternatives, maybe it would be better if he didn’t
watch, or maybe he wants to watch and just not do it!

Ask him and find out why he doesn’t want to do and what he thinks
about it. Express your opinion why you want it and what it does to you! It could make all the difference.

It sounds like you are great together so why ruin a good thing! TALK TALK TALK, communicate, communicate and talk and communicate some more! Continue Reading>>>


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If he is really not into it, I certainly wouldn’t pressure him. Talk to him about trying it with him watching and you playing with another man. This could go either way. Make sure you find a guy who has experience and knows what he is doing with anal. Continue Reading>>>

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