Halloween Sex Party

Why not take Halloween into your own hands and celebrate it with open minded style? Halloween is coming, and nothing you can do about it. You can like it or don’t, but it still coming.

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All of us know, on the night of October 31, we celebrate Halloween. The question is how do we celebrate?

There are a variety of ways to celebrate Halloween, including trick or treat, pumpkins carving, ghost tours in hunted house, for the younger generation. Adults usually partying, that might be a costume party or a hunted house costume party. So the next question what kind of costume party and who hunt… what for?

Halloween is the day to celebrate. But what we do celebrate at Halloween? Historians believe Halloween originated from Ireland and the Celts celebrated it first, approximately 2000 years ago. Their New Year was on the first of November and they celebrated their New Year the night before the New Year’s Day. But this is just a theory and there are many others.

You can celebrate for what ever reason, but just because Halloween is 2000 years old, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to make the night memorable. Remember, what ever reason you choose for Halloween, it is just a reason to justify the celebration. Even if you won’t hand out candies or other goodies as trick or treat, there are plenty of ways to spend Halloween’s night if you’re open minded and want to have a good time.

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Pick up that phone and call your friends. It is even better if your friends are open minded too…. If they horny, that makes it even easier. Have a masked Halloween Party, spiced up with sex! What can be better then a Masquerade Halloween Sex party. If those mask are good enough, and no one can recognize who is who… Well that can be a lot of erotic fun. Call up all your friends and have a blast. Have some drinks, dance a little, and then cap the night off with pure adult fun.

Make this year’s Halloween night memorable by taking it easy with your close friends. This is a great option if you don’t want to spend the night hand out candy for the kids, or watch horror movies at the front of the TV with your mother in law…

Of course if you’re invited to a party, you should go! You do not have anyone to party with? You do not have a sex partner? Check out our sister web site’s adult dating personal ads! I am sure you’ll find someone, young sexy and horny from your neighborhood!

Nobody said that, you have to watch horror movies with your older family members, at Halloween night, just because you don’t have a casual sex partner. Remember Halloween night is a night to celebrate. Sex is the best way to celebrate… You won’t believe how many people are like you, looking for sex only. No promises, no commitments, no expectations, just casual – no commitment sex.

People think about sex around Halloween. Over the years, questions are like a ghost – keep coming back. One of them is “I do not mind to organize an erotic Halloween party but I am not sure how should I start…”

Organize your own Halloween Sex Party. What should you do if you diced to organize or attend to an erotic Halloween Sex Party? Continue Reading…


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A “friend with benefits” (FWB) can turn a chilly autumn into the hottest season of the year. Find yours by browse our members… they are people like you, looking for erotic fun. How about someone like the next lady?

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Here’s the trick: Find people looking for the same thing you are – then you can swap times. Maybe a new friend will know someone looking for a date tonight near you. Or, vice versa.

Keep the good karma rolling and you could be rolling around with a new FWB in no time! If you are serious enough, it might you might go to partying at Halloween with your new friend with benefits.

What kind of benefits? Better then any medical (better for your health) benefits… because sex is the best natural medication…

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Erotic dating Establish the rules ahead of time. Sit down and really talk about what you are both comfortable with when it comes to erotic party, sex party or the threesome.

Some people say no penetration, others say no oral sex, and still others say no kissing. You need to define for and with one another what the limitations are.

Also if you are the host, then you can set up rules, like no vaginal penetration in the living room, and you set up an area for your guests, who want to go all the way.

Or you can make an other rule, no intercourse on the premises. Also you can make a no rule – rule, which states, everything is allowed, only NO mean no.

If you are a guest with your partner, than very important that you talk about this before hand so you know where you both stand so that the experience can be enjoyable instead of hurtful.

Before you jump into anything, that later on you will regret, take your time. Take your time choosing the right person to play with.

Many people make the mistake of choosing the first available erson or someone that they are close to just because it is convenient. Take your time and give some serious consideration to who you choose to play or have a threesome with and what, if any, problems this may cause afterward.

Give as much as you want to get. Many people get very selfish when it comes to having sex play, threesome or more some at an erotic party. If you just sit back and you expect to be pleased without giving anything back, chances are you will end up a spectator in the whole thing. Give as good as you want to get!

Don’t hurry through the process. If you rush through the process of having some kinky fun it’ll be over before you know it.

Instead, take your time, enjoy erotic games, dance what ever others do. Don’t try to get into anyone undies with out long foreplay. The foreplay and the build up, because once it’s over–it’s over!

Many people are far too excited and the result is that they don’t enjoy themselves as much as they could have.

Be safe and make a clean yourself break. Of course, when you have sex with multiply partner or a threesome you need to be sure that you are as safe as possibly. You use protection to protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy perspective. Continue Reading…

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This should be your top priority whether you have been together in the past before, or not. Safe sex or no sex!

An erotic party only fun if you keep your boundaries in place and protect yourself throughout the process! Continue Reading…


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I’ve been in a few hot party and I had few FFM threesomes, and I think they happened too quickly. We didn’t spend enough time establishing rules.

One threesome became problematic because I had no idea that I would object to tongue kissing between my partner and the other gal.

The other threesome bombed because my partner was too directive and bossy. I agree with you that it’s essential to establish hard, fast rules before embarking on a threesome! Continue Reading…

Would you like to know more about how can you organize your own erotic Halloween Masquerade party? Read about it here!

Halloween Sex Party

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