Have you fulfilled your wildest erotic fantasy yet? Introduce the thrill of erotic fantasy to your bedroom.

adult sex adsEveryone has them a nasty wild kinky taboo erotic FANTASY. But have you made yours come true yet?

Have you shared your fantasy with a lover, partner or spouse? Did they help you fulfill theses nasty wishes?

Are you embarrassed by how kinky you really are?  Or do you want
everyone to know?

Tell us some of your wildest one’s please. Who knows maybe you will give us some new fantasies to work on. Also tell us how did you talk your partner in?

Go on close your eye’s reach way back into that dirty little mind and call up your dirties fantasy… How did you make it real? Continue reading...

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Let’s take them one at a time. Yes and  No…

Erotic Fantasies are a uniquely individual things… Everybody have their own and everybody’s will be a little different, from the activities in which they engage, to the people they find hot joining them.

Now, playing the Advice Police, may I point out to you that in this very magazine,
there’s another section filled with fantasies.

You can even post your own, add comments to others, and vote on their erotic fantasies and or responses to their erotic personal ads.

If you’re kind enough to take this to the appropriate place, some of our standard members who need advice would be able to get it before the page gets filled up with polls and dick-size questions and their answers are lost before they can read them. Continue reading...


adult dating adsLets talk about your erotic fantasies? Have you made yours come true yet?

The fantasies we can reasonably anticipate to be possible without unforeseen wealth have been fulfilled.

For me it was being done by a woman with a strap-on. For him it was sex with two women.
Now, of course, they aren’t fantasies anymore.

Have you shared your fantasy with a lover? Yes

Did they help you fulfill theses nasty wishes? Yes

Are you embarrassed by how kinky you really are? No

Or do you want everyone to know? Don’t really care.

Tell us some of your wildest one’s please. We’d love to, but haven’t got the time right now. Keep in touch because we’ll re-visit this question later. Continue reading...

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Our wildest erotic fantasy,

We are trying to get a mfm threesome with a well hung man and never happen yet. Actually sort of gave up on it now.

I did not think it would be that hard to get the right guy to have sex with us. We’re looking for well hung nice man (skin color is not an issues, but the penis size is!) or maybe two men in the heat of the moment but never happen yet.

Yes we talk about it sometimes, when we are having hot sex, what would I do with two big cocks.

Oh I would find for sure something to do with two hard cocks. I asked him to bring one of his friend home and I could  take care of both of them, and my pussy gets so wet just think about it!

But he said all of his friends’ cock is average or smaller then average…

We talk about subjects like, who gets to go first? I think the extra guy… should go firsts because we may not see him or them again. Or they can do me both at the same time.

He should treat me well with that big cock of his, then he and my hubby will just switch around and take turns at different places. Or maybe double penetration…? Hummmm…!

So if we could get the ice broken it would be fun for all, if we could find the right man
the right time and place we would enjoy.

We thought we had a guy, he showed up on the date. Everything went fine, we took him to the hotel and he got no “big bamboo” at all.

I was very disappointed and pissed off, but I wont screw with small dick and big mouth man… Continue reading...

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How did you talk your partner into your erotic fantasy? You did not? How should you talk about it.

You’ve mastered the sexual basics, and you’re ready to up the naughty ante and experiment. But before you introduce the thrill of fantasy to your bedroom, there are three main things you need to know:

How to Suggest It

Plan A: Wait until you’re both feeling relaxed and intimate, then say you had an amazingly sexy dream last night. Tell your partner what happened in the dream (which is actually your fantasy) and wait for their reaction. The more detail they ask for, the more interested they are in giving it a go. So take their enthusiasm as your cue to confess it’s actually been a fantasy of yours for ages.

Plan B: Rent a film with a scene that features or resembles your fantasy. Watch their face as it’s playing. Do they look intrigued or horrified? If they are watching avidly, snuggle up sexily and say, “How hot is this?” If they are joining in and looking at you mischievously, move in for the kill.

Plan C: Buy your lover a sex book with a fantasy theme as a present. If they are shy, let them read it alone first before asking them to tell you their favorite parts. If they are secure sexually, stick Post-it notes on the pages or pictures that particularly appeal to you.

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