Her saggy boobs or my perky boobs

Take a look at them and let me know what do you think.  I explain at next what I think.  You can agree or disagree, the choice is yours.

Women are sharing photos of their saggy boobs to make a very important point. Maybe I am behind, but I red it on Google’s news just now.

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According to the news, Chidera Eggerue used her Instagram account to encourage women to appreciate their body, especially when it comes to their unique set of breasts. For the past few months, she’s been sharing photos of herself wearing fashion-forward outfits using the hashtag  #saggyboobsmatter.

It is true, I cheeked her  Instagram account out, and there are more than few women share  photos of their saggy boobs.

The news states: “She started the campaign after realizing that there aren’t many pictures of “real” breasts in the media. ”

Media is a very big word, means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and  of course the Internet. Maybe she wanted to say Internet, or Instagram…

Either way,  I have to disagree with her above sentence.  There are a lot of pictures of real breast from real women on the Internet, even on our website and or twitter, etc. You can find saggy boobs and perky boobs and big boobs and small boobs, natural boobs and of course silicon filled boobs. Any kind of boobs, what ever you prefer. Seriously, saggy boobs, small boobs, big boobs, no boobs, different sized boobs, fake boobs and never being defined by whatever kind of boobs women have, you can find here all.

Also our members’ show and post more than their boobs’ photos. They show their saggy  butt or hard butt, even their pussy photos too. Like myslef on the next photo 🙂

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She try to encouraging women to wear whatever they want, and don’t give  a shit  about what other people might think. I agree with her in this case, every women should be proud of her own body, shaggy or perky boobs, make no difference.

Also she created a tutorial or advice line how  women with shaggy boobs should dress.   My comment on her advice line, it applies to every women, what ever their  boobs shaggy or not they should  wear their outfit, proudly.

What is my point? My boobs are not shaggy, in fact they are in really good shape. I am not in my 20s anymore, but as you can see on my photos, I have a set of boobs, that not a lot of teenager girls  have.  What is my secret? I don’t have, I guess its genetic…  lucky me.

However doesn’t not matter how perky my boobs are, I still have hard time to find 2 men to entertain me at  Valentines Day. No string, no attachment just clean Valentines Day fun, of course chemistry is must and some rules apply. Is it to much to ask? Two willing men to serve me one night. Okay we can make it for a weekend long, if  we agree on…

What do  you prefer, looking at her saggy boobs or play with me and my perky boobs? If we can develop some chemistry, you can do much more with my boobs than just  look at them. Did you ever heard of boobs sex?

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