Holiday Season Anal Sex Fascination

There is no better sex than anal sex and there is no better way to celebrate the any Holiday than a sex party, A sex party that will end up in anal penetration or if the mood is right an anal vaginal penetration is can be on the menu…

double penetration

Bored Housewives Looking for Casual Sex

Anal sex is not for everyone, I mean I might enjoy vaginal sex with someone but I never try to receive his penis in my butt.

Why not? There are a certain size, that my anus can receive with out pain. I enjoy anal sex, and I fascinated with anal sex, I can stop cumming and cumming form anal sex, but it should pleasure and if the penis is big, that is not a pleasure.

The second thing, I into anal sex only with men who I rust. Don’t do anything stupid and anything rough back there, because a lot off damage might happen.  My butt hole is not my pussy, my butt hole is no flexible, that is the reason for not to receive  big and thick erected penises there.

Anyway, I will host  an erotic Christmas party with few selected sex friend and than a more open New Years Eve Sex party. I hope it will work out, he same way how it worked out last year. Last year we had a blast…

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I Am Addicted to Anal Sex

My man love to be at the receiving end in anal play

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