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Tips from women to find women for casual sex

I don’t know if this has been asked anywhere else, but from what I’ve seen, all the females have had real success getting a hookup here for casual sex, but males have all been off and on.

Anything that us guys should know to help the odds? What should we say or do to attract  that occasional female?

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nnsa datingThis is one of those questions men ask themselves in the, usually, vain attempt to find women for casual sex. However, the answer is most of the time simple and plain to see.

Women looking for in men a series of physical traits that are largely common and determined at genetic level and also certain features that vary from one person to another. The physical side is rather simple since physical beauty is hard-coded in our genes.

The tall, handsome man with a deep voice and a style that is practically oozing virility is guaranteed to be a hit with most women. His physical side is good. However, if he says something stupid every time he opens his mouth, then it is quite clear he is not the smartest guy here…

But for many women, almost any lack of luster on the physical side can be made up by another skill. Just as the basic physical attraction is almost always guided by the same principles, environment shapes people into different patterns.

A lot of women appreciate men who know how to carry an intelligent conversation and have good manners. However women, who are into casual sex, are not interested in anything but sex with as many interesting partners…

They are looking for men with those certain features mentioned above. One of the feature can be, for example talent in oral sex, or the ability to give multiply orgasm for any lady.

Can you give her multiply orgasm? Or do you know how to reach her G-spot? If you think before you answered any of that two question, you should educate yourself. I mean sex educate… Knowledge is power in sex. You can find at next anything that you need to know about sex. Visit the best sex guide on the net!

Also some of the women looking for confidence in men. It seems that most of the men with bigger penises are more confident in their own power of seduction and in their performance in sex.

Confidence is one of the keys to a successful sex life and is considered by many swingers women to be the most important feature in a man, aside from the physical endowment. One could say that confidence is an adjunct of penis size in the game of attraction.

It is pretty much a fact that most women simply like bigger penises. Bigger than average, that is. Just as not big enough is likely to be a crucial setback, a penis that is too big tends to scare women away. The key to success lies in a certain size range and, of course, in the right attitude. More info on penis size

Simply put, the odds for a man to succeed in satisfying his partner enough to have her come back for more are much higher if the man has a bigger than average penis. Despite sound bites such as size does not matter, or the key is how you use it, a bigger penis makes the job much easier for the man and brings more pleasure to his sex partner. Continue reading...

NSA sex datingNSA Sex Dating Ads

cougar lookingBe polite and respectful, take the time to read profiles. Treat women as you would in public, as we are still ladies even on a sex site…

You should have photo attached to your profile, and you don’t have. It mean, click <<< next>>> Also, please don’t send the goods in your emails unless asked for. Continue reading...


erotic datingThink about this. It is simple math. Every female that meets
a man here means that a man has had success. There are a lot of men here.

You need to be better than the rest of the pack. You aren’t.
You are near the bottom of the heap. That’s because you have no profile picture.

If you’re a Standard member, you are at the bottom of the heap. You don’t have unrestricted access to the site tools you need to meet women here. Continue reading...


NSA sex datingBe open and honest upfront, be polite and respectful, just
like in the real life.

With me it works every time Continue reading...


sex datingUpload some pictures sweetheart,  otherwise you have no right to complain.

I don’t  talk to anyone here, who don’t post pictures and I don’t want to listen to their excuses as to why they haven’t done it.

If they are too lazy to find or make a picture that is safe to post (without being recognized, if thats the issue) then how lazy are they in the bed!!! Continue reading...

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