How do I convince my husband to go to a sex party?

Actually it can be a swingers sex party or a party at a swingers club… Around Christmas would be a perfect time. I’m very adventurous and love to explore new things. I’ve been really wanting to have a lot of no string attached sex with different men lately.

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Maybe it is, because I am getting older (I am 43) and deep inside me, I know my expire date is getting closer and over 50 it will be harder to have nsa sex. Right now I can catch men attention very easy…

The only problem is my husband. He’s bi sexual 15 years older than me, and has a lot of sexual experience.

I am his second wife, we are together in the last 13 years and according to him, since we are together he did not have any bi sexual play. But with his first wife, they were into nsa sex and swingers club, and he was openly bi and practiced bi sex at that time.

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They divorced and the reason is related to swinging… than we met and we were married 6 months later. I know his pass and I had my share of nsa fun too, and he knows my pass too, so there is no problem wit the pass.

The problem is the present, which is; I need more sex with more men. He said if we go to sex parties he would not be able to control his bi sexuality anymore, and deep inside he does not want to practice bi sex.

He suggested we should try  cuckolding. I mean the today’s cuckolding. He would watch as I play with one or two men, which is sound appealing, but I want more.

Plus I don’t want to  bring home any men. I know there are hotels and motels, but that is extra cost… a lot of sex a lot of cost, so sex parties would be better.

Due to his heated past with the topic of sex parties and swinging, I would love to have this kind of experience, but  he just does not want to come with me, and I wont do it alone…

What should I do? Continue Reading…


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Swinging and sex parties  is not for everybody, and for some reason, your husband thinks, it is not for you….

The play is supposed to be a fun diversion from life or a great addition to a relationship. Your husband has a bi sexual experience, that he does not want to repeat, and his marriage was destroyed by  his bi sexuality or sex partying, either way  his marriage was over because of the lifestyle.

Your choice, but I would not consider him a good candidate to bring other couples or people into your marrige. If you do choose to, make sure he have no problem with it, or it might destroy your marriage too… Continue Reading…

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I know a man… I know more men, but this one is divorced from his wife and freind of ours. In fact they divorced more than few years earlier.

They was into casual sex during their marriage and according to him their divorce have nothing to do with sex. Anyway, their friends circle, after divorce – before divorce are the same. They  are still into no string attached casual sex and sex partying and sometimes they even had sex with each other. I find strange divorced people have sex…

I think some of those guys who partying with them, don’t even know they used to be a married couple… Continue Reading…


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I am divorced too and I think our  divorce had nothing to do with sex. There is an other reason behind our divorce…

Also as your freind as I had sex with my X too since we divorced.  It happened more than once. It always happened at parties or some kind of other get together with friends.

Sex with an X is a very bad idea… because at one pint she tried to re-build our marriage and I had to make it very clean, I never go back.

Leave together or just have nsa sex, does not mean the same… Or just because nsa sex is  good, it does not mean a rebuild  marriage will be good too. Since this happened, I did not  see her and did not hear anything from her. Continue Reading…


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I don’t know how can you manage into your husband sex partying again.  he burned himself once, and does not want to do it again… but maybe  there is away.The problem is you do not want to take anyone to home…

Somehow you have to set up a surprise sex party for him. Just a one time deal. If he does not like it, than don’t do it again, or it will damage your marriage, but he might like it… and if he does, than you do not need to talk him into anything…

Or you can ask him for Christmas present… Sex party for Christmas present, I think this would be you best chance… Continue Reading…

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You’d better ask first. If my wife pulled that on me, I’d be sleeping somewhere else. Because bringing someone else into your bed, unless you have an open relationship — is cheating.

Doing it without clearing it first,  yeah, it sounds like a porno fantasy, but real relationships aren’t just about fucking, real relationship we love each other and make love and communicate…

Talk to him or take your chances on blowing everything. A lot of people have outrageous fantasies that they would never want to fulfill in real life. Continue Reading…


Tips for hosting a sex party. Practice makes perfect, you know the people you invite to your party, better then we know… so use your imagination. Continue Reading>>>

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys at a holiday sex party.

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